What to give a guy for 17 years: cool ideas for a modern teenager

In this useful, informative article, you will learn what to give a guy for 17 years to please the young man for sure. Here are the most popular gift options that will appeal to any young man. A 17-year-old guy is unlikely to want some simple gift, this article will help narrow down the options or give you a new idea. Having adopted the proposed lists, you definitely will not lose with a present.

virtual reality glasses

Every teenager dreams of virtual reality glasses. By choosing such a gift for a 17-year-old guy, you definitely will not miss

Universal Ideas

This is a fun, crazy age, so the question of what to give a guy for his 17th birthday is very difficult, I want to surprise the young man and please him at the same time, while giving something useful and practical, which will definitely come in handy both in everyday life and in upcoming work.

At the age of 17, the most interesting and useful gift for a young man is a new device or a multifunctional gadget. It might be new smartphone, board, player or a laptop. True, these gifts will hit your pocket hard, so if you don’t know what to give, take an interest in his hobbies and, relying on them, choose something from the list of universal gifts:

  • Hub with multiple USB ports;
  • Power Bank (multifunctional portable charging);
  • Desktop fan;
  • new column with a cool design and a large battery;
  • Audio system;
  • Camera и Gadgets for her;
  • Interactive toys on batteries or usb;
  • Loud headphones, wireless;
  • new PC mouse, for players - a special game room.

quadrupterA quadcopter is not only a powerful toy, but also a professional tool for capturing beautiful shots from a bird's eye view.

robot birdRobot bird - do not think that at the age of 17 a guy is no longer interested in toys, he will definitely like this

G-Shock watchG-Shock watch is a stylish device equipped with a compass-based heading sensor, a thermometer, a moon phase display, and a solar battery

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If the birthday boy you are going to celebrate loves computer and/or console gaming, he will definitely come in handy case for convenient storage of a huge collection of games. Strong for the student and travel enthusiast portable charger - exactly what is needed. Interesting device - alarm clock, there are so many models on the market that your eyes run wide. In the form of a car, ball, figurine, choose any, based on a hobby. The young man will also like a brand new player or steering wheel for games into racing.

Gifts from the clothing section

At the age of 17, you do not want to lag behind fashion. What to give a friend for 17 years if he prefers to dress fashionably and always looks stylish? According to the style of clothing he has chosen, choose a gift that he can wear. It may not only be interesting T-shirt or turtleneck, shoes. You can't guess with the sizes. Much easier to buy a new one butterfly or tie, cool, stylish baseball cap, belt or spectacles. If the birthday boy likes patches и patches, then purchase for him a varied set for decorating clothes.

When choosing clothes, be sure to rely on the preferences of the guy. If you don’t know anything about its taste or just don’t understand fashion trends, then get certificate to buy in some popular store.

pillow smartphone

Pillow-smartphone is a funny present that will definitely find a place in a guy's room

If a certificate as a gift is not suitable for you, then here are a couple more ideas on what to give a guy for a 17-year-old DR:

  • Laptop bag – a good present for a student;
  • Purse;
  • Case for phone with the seal of your favorite musical group, game, TV series or with the name of the birthday person;
  • Strong backpack;
  • Cover for documents also with the name, seal, quality material.
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A win-win gift for a guy is a present with a harsh, masculine theme. Any young man will be delighted if he receives for his 17th birthday:

  • Souvenir weapon;
  • Hunting knife or Swiss;
  • Survival kit.

Not only a memorable, but also a very solid gift - Wrist Watch, trendy or classic, smart, functional or casual, this is a very useful, interesting gift for a young man.

Building on a hobby

What can I give a guy for his 17th birthday, useful for his hobbies and hobbies. If the birthday boy is fond of sports, prefers to spend time outdoors or leads an active lifestyle, give him an appropriate gift. Rollers or skate - cool gift. The football fan will love the corresponding souvenir or statuette with his name engraved.

For an active young man, a good gift would be:

  • Roomy sport bag;
  • Sports glasses gloves;
  • Bottle for water;
  • Perfume set.

fitness braceletA fitness bracelet is a very convenient device for an athlete, it allows you to control physical performance

organizerOrganizer - for a serious collected guy who likes to control everything

compact playerA compact player is a great gift for a music lover, listening to music on the phone is not always comfortable, and such a small bright player will cheer you up even with its color

A lot of guys are fond of fishing, for a young fisherman an impressive tackle set, for night fishing flashlight и tent, folding chair. Costume or сапоги, roomy strong thermos.

Such a cool gift cake to order, the golden hands of the confectioner will create a magnificent cake: for a musician - with musical instruments made of mastic, a globe - for a traveler, and for a boxer - a ring or a punching bag.

Tips for girls

And what to give a guy for his 17th birthday from a girl, if you are in a close relationship with the birthday boy? Give him something that will warm his soul for a long time, reminding him how much you love him. For example, t-shirt, mug or figurine with a symbolic pattern or inscription. Pay attention to his hobbies, habits. If you often spend time on walks, then buy as a gift caps, umbrellas. If a young man takes care of his appearance, then a good gift for a young man is perfume, electric shaver, shower set. When buying toilet water for a guy, rely on his tastes, but rather ask what smells he likes: people have different tastes, it will be unpleasant if the guy puts your gift on the shelf and does not use it.


If you have the opportunity to purchase a hoverboard for your boyfriend, then decide on this particular purchase, your young man will be delighted with such a gift

To decide exactly what to give a guy for 17 years from a girl for his birthday, just by talking to him, quietly ask him what he dreams about, what he would like to receive in the near future. Consult with his friends, he could share his desires with them. Remember, maybe he mentioned in one of the conversations that he wants a new mouse or his old rug is worn out?

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The best gift is emotions

Make a gift unforgettable so that it will forever remain in the memory of the birthday man. Make a surprise for a young man, decorate a gift beautifully.

If you still haven't found a thing that you would like to give a young person, give impressions, for example, skydiving, trip to the flying club or bungee jumping. Karting, buggy, trip to tyre or ticket for the quest - this is a bunch of positive emotions, especially in a pleasant company.

And to make the gift really a success, do not forget to prepare for the celebration in advance.


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