What to give a guy for 18 years and how to make a wonderful, bright and unforgettable day of his coming of age

Boy or girl

The article presents many gift ideas for a guy at eighteen. After reading it, your arsenal will have a lot of ideas for original and practical, expensive and budget gifts, as well as hand-made presents and impressions that you can give a guy. You will learn what to give a guy for 18 years from parents, close relatives, girlfriends and friends.

What gift to choose?

A few tips before you start thinking about what to give a guy for his birthday at 18?

  1. Although the birthday boy turns 18, he still remains a boy, which means that he dreams of some certain things and is waiting for the fulfillment of desires. Relatives can "surreptitiously" try to find out what the guy is dreaming of and fulfill one or more of his desires.
  2. Coming of age is a significant event, so the gift should be such that it will be remembered for a long time. For the same reason, you should not skimp on a gift or rush to choose it.
  3. Any young guy will love the technique. Therefore, if you don’t know at all what to give him, then visit an electronics store.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 years

Still have time to look into the electronics store, most importantly - a cake for an adult. Make sure it is tasty, big and very positive!

Expensive gift for son

What can you give a guy for 18 years for his birthday from his father and mother? The question is quite relevant, so let's look at the most popular gifts:

  • Expensive camera;
  • Voucher abroad;
  • Jewelry, as an option - with engraving;
  • A laptop, smartphone or board;
  • car (such a gift will definitely make the birthday man’s heart beat faster, because all guys dream of rights and a car).

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsPoints 3D for deep immersion in the world of virtual reality. For an exciting journey, you only need a smartphone. Attach it to your glasses, launch one of the hundreds of official apps, and enjoy! Another gift that is equally interesting to a teenager, a guy at the age of 18 and an adult who does not get bored.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsThe splash-proof Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker system produces powerful, high-quality stereo sound, and thanks to the battery and power bank built into the speaker, your adult music lover can listen to music for up to 15 hours while simultaneously recharging their devices.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsMonocular for macro and micro photography for smartphones of all sizes. The birthday girl will be able to see and capture the most remote and interesting objects. An image magnified 10 times with a monocular is also magnified by your smartphone at least four times!

what to give a boyfriend for 18 years3D magnifier - a stand that enlarges the phone screen 3 times. Now your eyes do not get tired, and your favorite cartoon and movie characters are much larger. Yes, and video communication is more convenient to communicate from the big screen.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsA selfie case with a built-in stick and a footrest for convenient communication with girlfriends via video call is a dream come true. The monopod case will protect your phone from scratches and damage in case of a fall. And at the right time, it will assemble and disassemble in 2 seconds.

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From brothers and sisters

Almost everything will do here, for example, if the rhyme is yours, then dedicate it to your brother poems or the song. Can you dance? Surprise him with something interesting dance. From material gifts, suitable Gadgets, huge money box, steering wheel (as a sign that he will soon have a new driver status), caricature (if the brother with a sense of humor is all right) and so on.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 years

The steering wheel of your favorite brand of candy is both symbolic and delicious

From friends

Friends can make one common gift, as an option, it will become a party. You can hold not an ordinary party, but in some interesting style.

If friends give gifts each from themselves, then it would be appropriate to give something that the birthday man dreamed of. After all, he definitely told his friends if, for example, he dreamed about football match tickets or similar. The same applies to all sorts of little things, for example, MP3 player or mini speakers.

original present:

  • Nominal coin - quite an interesting gift. The craftsman mints the profile of the birthday person from a photograph on one side of the coin, and the name and date on the other.
  • Belt with knife buckle. Suitable for hikers.
  • Toilet paper with jokes and funny wishes. Even the most pessimistic guy will definitely laugh.
  • Hookah.
  • Quadrocopter.

Practical and useful:

  • Sports accessories;
  • Brazier or a picnic set (unless, of course, the guy likes to relax in nature);
  • Tool kit for auto;
  • EBook.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsThere are a huge number of DVRs, buy a compact latest device with high quality HD720p recording, equipped with a lens for high-quality night shooting and motion detection that automatically activates recording when there is movement near a parked car.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsSmart thermo cup holder - a small accessory can perform two functions at once: it cools or warms up your favorite drinks. The trip immediately becomes much more pleasant when your favorite drinks are at a comfortable temperature.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsThe device is an assistant, protector, savior, the essence of which everyone knows, including those against whom he is friends. The new generation radar detector operates in all ranges known today and detects any devices for fixing traffic rules, even those with concealment technology installed. It has two modes of operation, equipped with circular scanning technology.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsSmart watch is a fashionable word today applied to technically advanced devices. It means stylish design, super ability and multifunctionality. A durable, reliable watch made of steel and a rubber strap performs more than a dozen useful functions, including additional ones: 4G, alarm clock, browser, calculator, calendar, notifications, contacts, pedometer, sleep control, sedentary reminder. 

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Beloved guy

What to give a guy for 18 years from his girlfriend? Cook him romantic dinner. Invite to ride horse riding, boats or ice skatingdepending on what the weather allows. Give him some photo frames with photoswhere you are together. Alternatively, interestingly packaged alcohol, because the birthday boy has already reached the age when you can use a little.

Emotions as a gift

A gift for 18 years to a guy who loves adrenaline can be like this:

  • Trip to quad bike;
  • Racing on karting;
  • Walk on yachts or helicopter;
  • jump from parachute;
  • Flight to paragliding;
  • Interesting quest;
  • party in bowling.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsSmall and compact with an ergonomic design, the camera was designed for high-quality shooting in extreme conditions. The key advantage of an action camera is its versatility. With 12 mounting hardware included, this unit can be mounted anywhere. Therefore, the camera is an ideal shooting device for fans of outdoor activities and extreme sports.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsStylish functional item will suit any style of clothing, whether it's a beach T-shirt and shorts or an expensive suit. Being simple, but with an interesting design, the practicality of the bag is off the charts. Your birthday boy will be able to put everything you need in the bag as compactly as possible, whether it's a purse, money, passport, driver's license, plastic cards, small change, various documents and gadgets.

By interest

If the birthday boy wants to learn how to drive a car, give him driving school certificate. If he already has a car, then gadgets will do, for example, DVR or navigator. If a guy is passionate about a computer, present him wireless mouse и headphones, Flash drive with large volume. For the musical guy speakers. Also, based on the guy's hobbies, you can give him certificate on any Master Class. If he is passionate about any sport, then he will like skate, snowboard, Skiing, skates or, for example, punching bag.

Commemorative Presents

The section contains examples of what you can give a guy for 18 years to remind you of such a wonderful day.

  • Statuette from a photo in cartoon style, a guy with a sense of humor will like it.
  • Jewelry "Zodiac sign"Suitable for romance.
  • video film with excerpts from childhood will enliven evening gatherings.
  • name plate with some nice phrase or wish.
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what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsA very practical device is an electric pulse lighter. It is charged via USB, and a fully charged device allows you to make about 300 cigarettes. You no longer have to spend money on standard products and on the constant purchase of liquids for refilling. Your device will never let you down! Works when you need it. The lighter can be used during strong winds, snowfall and even rain.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsThe wireless headset is equipped with a noise reduction system, endowed with amazing clear sound and nothing extraneous. No wires, no hassle, easy and convenient to use anywhere.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsThe wireless luminaire with a motion sensor can be easily installed on any surface, both indoors and outside. Thanks to the movable base, you can focus the light in the direction that suits you best. Turns on when motion is detected within a radius of up to 25m and turns off when there is no movement for 30 seconds. The lighting part rotates 360 degrees.

what to give a boyfriend for 18 yearsThe touch keyboard is a gadget of the latest generation, equipped with color and white LED backlighting. The keyboard works wirelessly, so there is no need to tangle in wires, no additional drivers are required. You can control your devices from a long distance. The battery is easy to change and charges quickly. Perfect for Windows, PC, Pad, Google Android TV Box, Smart TV, HTPC, IPTV, XBOX, PS, etc.

With your own hands

You can prepare a comic issue of a personalized newspapers, where there will be photos with the birthday boy and funny articles about him.

Prepare something tasty for him, because any man or guy loves to eat deliciously. Bake big cakeif he likes sweets, do ice cream dessert, but you can do both, let there be a lot of sweets.

Bind something warm for him. For example, pullover interesting design and socks. You can also do bouquet of socks and accompany it with interesting wishes.

Especially attractive will be a gift for a guy for 18 years, from a girl who will make it with her own hands. After all, it will be performed with special tenderness and love.

And of course, 18 years old is still a boy who still loves toys. If yours is like that, please the boy!

Adulthood, although it is more correct to consider it not 18, but 21, is an exciting date, both for the birthday man and for relatives, friends and relatives. It would be great to highlight this particular date in particular. Fill the holiday with surprises, play, joke, have fun with all your heart together with the guy officially entering the adult world!