What to give a guy for 19 years: a combination of seriousness and youthful enthusiasm

Choosing a gift for a man is never an easy task. The stronger sex prefers that the presents are not only pleasant, but also practical. At the age of 19, young people feel older and more serious, but still retain youthful enthusiasm and are not averse to having fun. This article contains ideas of what to give a guy for 19 years to make him happy.


"Wrong" sweatshirt with asymmetric pattern and lock


There is nothing easier than choosing a gift for 19 years old guy who plays sports. First of all, it is worth starting from what kind of sport a young man is fond of. Boxer - sports gloves, tennis player - a new racket.

There are also more versatile options. Every man who goes to the gym and leads an active lifestyle will be happy with the new model. sneaker. There are never many of them, and they can come in handy even in everyday life.

During and after class you always want to drink, so stylish and roomy bottle for water or thermo glass - always the right gift for an athlete.

Another win-win option - smart watch. This state-of-the-art device counts calories burned during a workout and measures your heart rate. With their help, you can monitor activity and health indicators.

If a young man is an ardent fan of some kind of sport, you can give him match ticket or try get an autograph of his favorite athlete.

For car enthusiasts

At the age of 19, many young people dream of their own car and want to learn how to drive. A practical gift will be a certificate for training in a driving school.

If the guy already has a car, then you can pick up some kind of device or accessory for it. If you want to choose something from technology, then a useful gift will be DVR, antiradar, navigator or car vacuum cleaner. You can also consider the option of seat covers or a set of tools for the car. Before buying a gift, it is better to find out what the young man definitely does not have yet.


Options for giving a guy 19 years old from a girl for his birthday can be very different. It might be something romantic. For example, movie tickets for two.

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If you want the gift to be symbolic, buy something paired:

  • sweatshirts,
  • t-shirts,
  • bracelets
  • cups,
  • key rings.

For key rings, you can additionally order engraving and write the date or your initials. Such a surprise will remain for a long time and will remind you of this day.

With a gift, you can show how well you know your loved one. For example, collect a box of his favorite sweets or buy a new one player or Flash drive and upload his favorite music there.

Mp3 player

With such a compact MP3 player, it is convenient to play sports, as well as take it with you on hikes or long trips.

For those who think what to give a guy for his 19th birthday from a girl, and are ready for bold decisions, more intimate and frank options are suitable, which you can go to a sex shop for. Take a closer look at sex toys: whip and handcuffs have already become classics, however, always relevant. An interesting option is the Kama Sutra sheet. It is very effective to give such a gift.


There are a huge number of options for what to give a friend for 19 years. Can throw a surprise party. Location can be selected depending on the number of guests:

  • book a table in a restaurant,
  • book a sauna
  • rent an apartment or cottage.

Decorate the room, take care of food and drinks, and secretly bring the hero of the occasion there.

The original version of the gift from the company - going on a quest. This is a great opportunity to get together and have fun.

Which guy doesn't love speed and adrenaline? Gift a friend karting certificate - he will surely be delighted to drive mini-mobiles on special tracks. Another alternative is certificate in shooting gallery. There you and your friend will be able to shoot with real weapons and test your accuracy. It's also a great way to relax and let off steam.


A karting certificate is a great gift for a lover of racing, cars and fast speed

Versatile options

If you are not puzzled over what to give a guy for his 19th birthday, you can use ideas that everyone will like.

An immortal gift is book. Think about what the young person is interested in and choose the perfect book. It can be a biography of his idol, a guide to the country he wants to visit, or a tutorial for the language he wants to learn.

Almost no holiday is complete without a cake. Take care of its purchase and order a cool cake with a photo of the hero of the occasion or decor that reflects his passions. For example, if he is fond of photography, ask the confectioner to make a camera out of mastic.

Every modern person has a phone, so giving him case, you definitely can't go wrong. Even if the birthday boy already has it, sooner or later he will get bored or become useless. In addition, the cover is a rather practical gift, and if you choose a design in a guy’s favorite color or with a favorite movie character, it will also turn out to be symbolic.


Phone case made in the style of judo - an idea for a martial arts athlete

A gift that will definitely come in handy during the party - table game. Even at 19, no one minds playing a little. In addition to the familiar "Monopoly" and "Mafia", there are a lot of options: table bowling help you relax and chase balls without leaving your home, «Imaginarium» will make you turn on your imagination and come up with unusual associations to pictures, and "Alias" puzzle over how to explain a word without naming it.

There are a lot of ideas what you can give a guy for 19 years. It all depends on his tastes and your capabilities. But the main thing to remember is that it is not the gift that is important, but the attention!


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