What to give a guy for 25 years - unusual and traditional options

If you want to know what to give a guy for 25 years and how to choose the right present, then read this article. It contains gift options for her husband's beloved boyfriend, colleague and friend. There are ideas for both simple, practical, and original, personalized gifts.

How to choose a gift?

25 years old is an age when a guy is still on the road of personal growth, so a gift should be not only practical, but also interesting. To choose the right gift for a 25-year-old guy, you need to remember the following tips:

  1. Pay attention to the hobbies and hobbies of the young man and make an appropriate present. For example, a lover of computer games will like wireless headphones and a mouse. Present office souvenirs or interesting stationery to a business guy. For a hiker - a tent, a sleeping bag, etc.
  2. The 25th anniversary of the hero of the day should be remembered, and a surprise in the form of adventures will help in this, for example, parachuting, rafting on the river or riding a jet ski.
  3. The modern generation cannot live a day without gadgets and other electrical equipment. Maybe you should choose a new smartphone, laptop, tablet or e-reader. Usually gifts from this category cause the happiest emotions in birthday people.
  4.  Pay attention to the daily life of the hero of the day. After all, gifts for a party lover and a present for a library lover will be significantly different.

Birthday gifts for a guy for 25 years

On this day, the birthday man should not deny himself anything.

Here are some more ideas:

  1. All men love cars, especially young and active ones. If the budget allows, then get the guy a new car. If not, then car gadgets, car wash passes, covers and accessories will do. If a young person does not yet have a license, then pay for his driving lessons at a driving school.
  2. A young man at the age of 25 already has every right to be called a man, and you can emphasize this status. For example, present him with a set of tools, a screwdriver or an electric drill.
  3. At the age of 25, a young man likes to be in the spotlight, that is, to become a participant in the celebration, and not just to receive a series of gifts and congratulations. Organize a holiday for him in a cafe, restaurant or a party in a country house, on a yacht, etc. Invite the leader or favorite singer of the hero of the day, then his emotions will overwhelm him.
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Remember that gifts for a married guy and gifts for a single guy should be significantly different.

Don't give your boyfriend unnecessary trinkets or cute little things that are more suitable for girls. The exception is the fact that the hero of the day collects some gizmos, for example, small car models or figurines.

Gift set LACOSTEGift Set LACOSTE - a great gift for a fashionista
Touch keyboardTouch keyboard - an unusual and advanced device will surprise even the most avid gamer
Transformer table with coolingA folding table with cooling is a great gift for a lover to work in bed

Gift for boyfriend or husband

A girl or wife should make such a gift to really please her man, because almost the entire family budget is spent on necessary and practical things, and all sorts of entertainment or pleasant little things are slowly relegated to the background. Remember what the hero of the day dreamed about all this time, what he really wants. If you still don’t know what to give your husband for his 25th birthday, then these tips will help you:

  1. Surround a man with love and care, it will be much more pleasant for him to receive as a gift romantic dinner under the moon than even the most expensive tie or fashionable watch.
  2. Give the day to your loved one. Buy tickets to the theatre, an exhibition or even a football match and go together. Alternatively, you can purchase trips abroad, for example, for the weekend.
  3. Organize a noisy party for your man. Perhaps you have already managed to completely immerse yourself in family life, so a little unloading will come in handy. Arrange in advance with his friends and relatives. Keep the organization of the celebration secret from the young man, so that it would be a real surprise for him, then he will experience an unforgettable experience.

Gift for 25 years to a guy

The main attribute of the holiday is a delicious cake

  1. Buy lots of small gifts (diary, phone case, headphones, etc.), pack them in beautiful boxes and put them around the house. Leave notes, arrows so that the young man knows where to look for the next gift. Let him play a little.
  2. Give him electrical engineeringe.g. laptop.
  3. Delicious dinner favorite foods and cake.

So, we have considered what to give my husband for 25 years, now let's move on to the next section.


A gift should bring not only joy, but also benefit. He should help the guy make life more comfortable, cozier and better. The birthday boy will be delighted with the present, which will combine modernity, comfort and practicality.

  • If a guy spends a lot of time at work, in the gym, plays hockey, or just loves an active lifestyle, then most likely his legs start to get tired by the end of the day, so give him a small foot hammock. By the way, such a little thing will help an avid gamer or IT specialist. The presentation will be useful and original.
  • Home trainer - Another necessary thing in the house of any guy. The simulator must be chosen multifunctional so that the birthday boy can work out all muscle groups.
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Martial arts training certificateMartial arts training certificate - will allow your boyfriend to always stay in shape
Vintage shoe shine setVintage shoe shine set - a luxurious gift for someone who takes care of himself
Robot dogRobot dog - suitable for a guy with a sense of humor who wants to have a pet
  • Travel bag Useful for travel both on the go and at home. You can choose a travel bag in an interesting masculine design: made of wood or leather.
  • Multi tool- a rather necessary thing in the arsenal of any man, it will last a long time, which means it will also become memorable. A multifunctional tool may include: pliers, an opener, various screwdrivers, knives, and more.
  • Alarm clock with target. The alarm clock can be silenced either from the first or from the fifth shot (as you set it). So the guy will be able to do specific exercises for the eyes in the morning and wake up faster.
  • Umbrella. Yes, the gift is rather strange, but a quality umbrella will not hurt anyone, and a 25-year-old guy hardly thinks that he needs to go and buy it.
  • Thermos useful to the hero of the day if he goes on frequent business trips and is constantly on the road. Along with a thermos, you can present a small travel kit. By the way, to make the thermos a memorable gift, make an engraving on it.

From colleagues or friends

What to give a guy for his birthday? 25 years old is an age when, most likely, there are already well-established hobbies, and who, if not friends, knows well about them. But there are some universal gifts that a friend or colleague can give, for example:

  • Housekeeper и leather wallet or case for storing documents.

Gifts for a guy for 25 years

Balloons for a festive atmosphere

  • Belt, spectacles, watch or tie. The main thing is that the wardrobe items are of high quality, and also suit the taste of the hero of the occasion.
  • If a guy watches his figure and goes in for sports, then present him sports bag, кроссовки, pedometer, dumbbells or pulse meter.
  • Office souvenirs, organizer etc.
  • Beads (The gift is more suitable for a friend than a colleague).
  • Certificate to a men's clothing store.
  • Subscription access to the fitness room or swimming pool.
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Original presents

As a non-standard presentation, you can consider the following options:

  • Portable lie detector (will bring a lot of impressions and benefits);
  • Table hockey or football;
  • Mouse pad in the shape of a woman's breast (a fun gift, besides, it allows you to keep your hand in the right position);
  • Figurine in cartoon stylemade from a photograph (only for those who can laugh at themselves);
  • Game "Drunken Roulette"";
  • beer helmet;
  • Oscar "First in everything";
  • Oil portrait (a guy who has a share of narcissism will especially like it).
Virtual reality helmetA virtual reality helmet is a great gift for a gadget lover
silver chainSilver chain - suitable for a close friend or loved one
Body painting kitBody painting kit - a sensual and candid gift for your beloved


If you are wondering what to give a guy for his 25th birthday to really surprise, then this section is especially for you. No gift can replace real human emotions when the adrenaline rush is such that you want to move mountains. A young man will become the happiest for at least one day and will definitely remember such a surprise.

If a guy likes romance, then arrange for him hot air balloon flight, horse riding or boating.

If he is for an active lifestyle, then he will like kart racing or River rafting.

If he likes to discover something new, then he will definitely want to go down under the water or walk through the caves (of course, in the presence of an experienced instructor).

If the hero of the day is still a child in his soul, then he will like it a day spent in the amusement room.

If a young man celebrates his birthday in winter, then invite go skiing or snowboarding, then go to the bath, and after - to the celebration.

So that the hero of the day can relax, get for him massage course or visit certificate SPA-salon.

What to give a guy for 25 years

A watch, a pen and a purse - a gentleman's set for every man

Engraving for memory

If you don’t know what to give a man for 25 years, choose a memorable gift with an engraving. Engraving can be done on almost anything:

  1. Nominal a pen. On it you can write wishes, a phrase or the initials of the hero of the day.
  2. Nominal Cup "Happy Birthday".
  3. Diary with wishes (here the choice is great: you can give a few ordinary ones or one, but in a leather cover).
  4. Lighter, on which a cute phrase will be written.
  5. Cufflinks with initials or jewelry accessories.
  6. Box with a bottle of wine, which will say "Happy 25th birthday, dear ...".
  7. Флешка in the form of a key with the name of the hero of the day.
  8. External battery for a smartphone with engraving (such a gift is quite necessary).

Do not forget about warm words, wishes, care, tenderness.


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