DIY gift for a guy - best ideas

There can be any reason for a gift to a loved one, for example, a birthday, an anniversary of a relationship, or any other date. Although, sometimes a gift for a guy with his own hands can be made without a reason - to pamper your beloved boyfriend. To bring joy to a man, to make a surprise, you can invent an unforgettable evening on your own or use the "tips". The ideas below can be copied in full using the step-by-step guide or as a basis. A gift to your beloved with your own hands will be much more memorable if you add personal details to one of the ideas.

Boyfriend gift

Such a gift will easily cheer up your man.

Gift Certificate

Today you can buy certificates for visiting beauty salons, spa centers, etc. But if you are thinking about what to give a guy with your own hands, why not present a certificate for personal services that you will definitely like?

You can make a gift certificate for the following services:

  • Private dancing.
  • Romantic dinner for two.
  • Classic or intimate massage.
  • Bath with foam and champagne.

Also, it can be more original services for a man:

  • Preparation favorite dish.
  • Watching football with friends.
  • Evening with colleagues in the bath.
  • Beer evening.

There are a lot of ideas, it all depends on each individual person and relationships within the family.

To make such a certificate, you will need a beautiful envelope and a colored sheet of paper. A commemorative, original text should be written on it, for example:

“To my beloved man, in honor of _____, because he is the MOST, _____ is offered. The possibility of use is one-time. "

Thermo mug elGustoThe elGusto thermo mug is a practical and necessary gift for any man
Gift set of passport cover and cardholderGift set from a passport cover and a cardholder - a gift for a real fashionista
Light frameA light frame is a gift worthy of a real romantic

Sweets and "goodies"

Homemade baked goods or candies are a gift for all time. It is not difficult to prepare a gift, and the delight of the gifted person will be provided.

To prepare a "tasty" gift you will need:

  • Baked or purchased sweets (candies, bars, etc.).
  • A piece of styrofoam.
  • Flower pot with a picture.
  • Culinary skewers.
  • Artificial moss.
  • Super glue.
  • Congratulatory card with wishes.
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Gift making instruction is simple:

  1. Glue the selected candies on skewers.
  2. Cut to size in the pot and place the styrofoam.
  3. Place artificial moss on top for decoration.
  4. After the skewer with sweets, insert it into the pot.
  5. On top of the sweets, you can attach one or more gift, greeting cards.

Topiary with coffee aroma

What to present an original and fragrant gift to your beloved with your own hands ideas, the design of which can be spied on the Internet, you will need to prepare the following elements in advance:

  • Coffee beans.
  • Cardboard.
  • Paper.
  • Wire.
  • Flower pot.
  • The thread is thick.
  • Harness thread.
  • Glue.
  • Styrofoam.
  • Brown paint.
  • Decor (ribbons, flowers).

DIY gift for a guy

Let your man choose the gift himself.

The step-by-step tutorial looks like this:

  1. Fold a sheet of paper in half and draw half a heart on the folded side. Expanding the sheet, you get an even pattern, which must be cut along the contour.
  2. Cut out a dense cardboard base along the resulting heart.
  3. Prepare wire -2 pcs., Wrap it with paper and glue the resulting structure to the cardboard heart.
  4. With the help of cotton pads, create volume for a future gift by gluing them to the base.
  5. Wrap with thread and paint over the base with brown paint.
  6. After complete drying, glue the grains one by one.
  7. Prepare a flower pot or a tin can, decorating it with ribbons, flowers.
  8. Place polystyrene at the bottom of the pot and insert a coffee heart, which can be decorated with artificial flowers and ribbons if desired.

Original declaration of love

An original and timeless gift is a declaration of love. An interesting option "A jar of confessions". To do this, it is enough to prepare oblong strips of colored paper, for example, 50 or 100 pieces. On each strip write a characteristic or a message to your loved one, For example, “I love you for willpower,” “you are my dream,” “the most gentle and kind”.

Twist the strips, tie them with a bright, beautiful ribbon and put them in a gift box or jar. On top of the box or on the side of the bank, you need to attach the inscription: "Why, I love you?"

Quest certificateA quest certificate is a great gift for an active and adventurous man
Poker setPoker set - a present for gamblers
Photo blanketPhoto blanket - for a guy who appreciates pleasant memories

Knitted and sewn gifts

This is a traditional, interesting and "warm" present made with love with your own hands. It is possible for a loved one, with a little experience and skills, to easily present knitted or knitted beanies, scarf, mittens or pullover... It will look very stylish handkerchief with embroidered monograms.

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A young man, if he loves, can present a hand-made one soft toy... To emphasize the solemnity of the moment, you can tie it to a toy air balloonsfilled with helium.

Photo collage

A frame with a commemorative photo, a photo collage or a film created from photographs will be the most memorable gift:

  • The plot of the film you can include images of general pastime, victories (sports, social, at work). You can supplement the video sequence with a photo with memorable music or the guy's favorite composition. For more professional editing, you can use programs such as Pinnacle Studio, Avidemu, Adobe Premiere.
  • Collage of photos in the form of a picture will proudly hang on the wall, and resemble the time spent together every day. To make the photo more original, you can cut and paste the photo in the shape of a large and loving heart.

A brutal gift for a real man.

  • Painting on canvasdrawn from the photo. It is quite difficult to make such a gift with your own hands; it is better to give preference to professional artists. The originality of this gift will be given by the background, for example, ancient costumes, the appearance of astronauts, etc.
  • Wall clock with a photo or family motto... This is only at first glance a difficult gift, having figured it out you can do it yourself. It is necessary to purchase the simplest mechanical wall clock and disassemble it. In place of the dial, cut and glue the photo to size and reassemble the mechanism. Now it will be much more pleasant to count the last minutes before the meeting.
  • Mug, pillow, T-shirt with a photo... To do this, you just need to find a quality photo studio.

Creative gifts

Who doesn't love getting an extreme, original and unforgettable experience as a gift? There are a lot of ideas for such gifts, for example, if someone dreamed in childhood dive deep or jump with a parachute... In this case, there is a great opportunity to fulfill the dream of a loved one and present a really creative gift for a guy with your own hands.

Men themselves, even brave ones, do not always decide on such a feat, so it is better to give him certificate for one of the services... This experience will be the most memorable moment in your life.

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Named robeA personal bathrobe is an indispensable thing for a lover of steam
BBQ setA barbecue set is a great gift for gatherings with friends
Certificate for dinner in a restaurantRestaurant Dinner Certificate - Give your man an evening in a pleasant setting

Gifts-impressions may not be associated with risk and danger, and for example, taking into account the interests of a man to be more romantic. For such gifts, a loved one will not need to contact specialized organizers, enough of your imagination:

  1. Private dance, for example, striptease or belly dancing, simple elements on the pole, etc. You will have to prepare for such an evening in advance, even if it does not look professional, but from the heart and original.
  2. Excursion surprise on romantic or memorable places, maybe an excursion to the sights of the city. It is worthwhile to prepare information on the Internet in advance, draw up a map and prepare small surprises at each point. If you have the financial opportunity, you can prepare a tour of another city, in which the couple has not yet been.
  3. Massage amateur or professional, several Thai or erotic massage techniques can be learned. This will surely not go unnoticed, will make a great impression on your loved one.
  4. Romantic dinner with the man's favorite dishes. You need to cook something tasty with your own hands, make a table setting, light scented candles and put on a beautiful dress. To create the desired atmosphere, you can also turn on light, unobtrusive music.

Boyfriend gift

So that your beloved legs are always warm.

Flash mob

Encourage friends, if there are enough, or start a post on social networks and ask for help to make your loved one a do-it-yourself gift for your loved one. This is an original surprise, in which the whole crowd, prepared in advance, begins to dance well-known movements, give gifts, congratulate. Such a gift is limited only by the girl's imagination.

Quest - "hunt for a gift"

Any gift, for example new phone, set of tools and even socks can be beautifully presented. To do this, you need to come up with your mind original quest and with your own hands prepare a card with tips for the guy.

Place a variety of questions, puzzles, tips in each pre-selected memorable place. It is these tips that will help a man get to his gift.

This will be an unusual gift that will certainly intrigue a man, if there is an opportunity, you can expand the scope of the quest to the whole city and persuade friends and work colleagues.

Do-it-yourself gifts for a guy will demonstrate the depth of your feelings, give the holiday more fun and originality.


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