What to give a 23-year-old boyfriend: 37 best ideas for a loved one

Boy or girl

People who occupy the heart usually remain the most important to a person. Therefore, it is not surprising that loved ones want to please the most; there is probably no more responsible choice of what to give a 23-year-old boyfriend. It is in order to facilitate this choice that this article was written: after reading it, each reader will have several reliable options for a gift to his beloved.

with love

With love and tenderness.

Geek gifts

Now the geek and pop industry is becoming more and more popular. More precisely, now she is experiencing a rebirth and ascending to the Olympus of popularity, and, despite the fact that the current geek movement - contrary to stereotypes - is more often represented by girls, guys are still interested in this.

  • Comic fans picking up a gift is easy. You can find something simple - another comic Marvel or DC; you can get confused by ordering from America (or another country, Japan with its own manga will also do) rare specimens with favorite characters of your chosen one... If you want something original, you can buy comics of the Russian publishing house Bubble or something less "poppy", for example, tales of Fables... They are very popular with men and boys.her, so the hit will most likely be one hundred percent.
  • For lovers of manga and anime, in turn, can be donated Death Note Collector's Edition... An alternative to Death Note may be some Madoka Magiki's Magical Girls Edition or "Evangelion".

Anime fans

  • For those who are more inspired by TV series and series of films, you can donate linens or towel in the style of "Game of Thrones". However, mugs и T-shirts with "Star Wars" will do too.

Almost any geek now wants to have a toy from Funko... Perhaps, when choosing what to give a guy for his 23 birthday, you should still pay attention to these dummies that are sold in every comic-shop. They come in the form of characters from completely different franchises.

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Gifts for gamers

Computer games are incredibly popular among young men. You can try to pick up a gift from this category, especially if your loved one sits at the computer for hours.

  • First, you can give him a quality креслоwhich will ease the strain on his back. Also fit set of gamer mugs: these are especially needed by players in MMO RPGs who cannot be distracted from the game for a second.
  • Secondly, you can take a closer look at the games themselves. Collector's Edition "The Witcher", pre-order "Cyberpunk" or new part of "Assassins" - there are many options. Or maybe you should find something iconic or just donate annual subscription to WOW.


If the loved one is a gamer, the game will delight him.

  • Thirdly, do not forget about the hardware. Console - a great gift, albeit an expensive one; more suitable for computer gamers video card as a presentation. You can pay attention to the good gaming keyboards, mouse, headphones и camcorder: The latter is especially important for those whose hobby is streaming their games.

And, of course, a special place in the category of desirable gifts for gamers takes VR helmet, or, as it is also called, "virtual reality helmet". It costs a lot, plus you need additional joysticks to it, but this is definitely one of the most unusual and interesting gifts.

Gifts to the athlete

Sports are still popular with men, especially young men. Therefore, a gift in the form gym membership or pool - to which the young man is more predisposed - it will be very useful.

You can also take a closer look at the shells. Snowboard - perfect; Skiing - fabulous! Skates or videos - it depends on what the guy likes best.

In general, thinking that to give a guy 23 years old from a girl for his birthday, if he is an athlete, it is worth seeing how he goes in for sports in general:

  • Perhaps it will suit him better pilates mat.
  • Or, for example, he lacks tape recorderto practice yoga with authentic music.

pair skating

Riding together can help strengthen the relationship.

  • Nice sneakers - a great gift for a runner. Tent, warm sleeping bag, set of camping utensils - respectively, the hiker. You can also give him a hiking hatchet и spinner-fishing rodwith which he will provide himself with food on the long passages.
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A good option would be exercise bike - either bike, good, high-quality, - depending on whether the athlete prefers to sit at home and pull dumbbells alone or look out into the street.

Well, and the most important thing to remember when choosing a gift for a guy is that individuality is above all.