What to give a guy for 5 years of relationship: 40 ideas

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Relationships are a very important part of any person's life. Girls are often ready to give all of themselves to their beloved and only boyfriend, it is logical that the best gifts are chosen for them. Nevertheless, quite often the question arises of what to give a guy for 5 years of relationship, because for so much time, it seems, everything that is possible has already been presented. This article is intended to help you deal with this issue and choose the best presentations for a guy at this stage of the relationship.

Funny mugs

Funny mugs.

Impression gifts

Recently, the so-called experience gifts have become more and more popular. But in the case of the boyfriend and the anniversary of the relationship, the usual and standard gifts-experiences - for example, balloon flight or Sledging, harnessed by horses - not very suitable, even if they will be a good option in themselves. It is preferable to pay attention to those gifts-experiences that highlight the community as a couple. For example:

  • Pair photo session: such a gift is not cheap, but it will be able to capture the most tender moments of the relationship on film, and even in good, beautiful locations.
  • A good presentation option would be riding a pair of horses... Horses - and horses as well - are smart, wise and kind animals, and therefore such a walk simply cannot become sad or unpleasant.
  • Car ride, retro party - for which you can pick up costumes for yourself and your boyfriend, is also a very memorable event. However, if you single out something where there is dressing up, it is worth mentioning the festival of post-apocalyptic culture: dressing according to the rules of the festival and booking accommodation on it, you can really please the guy, because many of the guys will be happy to live a little in the harsh world of post-apocalypticism.

Party in style

Gatsby Party.

  • For active guys, if the girl herself is active, you can consider the option days on the go-kart track... A romantic ride on ATVs, in fact, will not give too much romance, but any man, young or not, will like it.
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Travel gift

A very expensive gift option, but, nevertheless, bright and interesting. So it's safe to say that it is well worth the money.

Of the options, first of all I would like to think about Paris, but among young men and men it is more popular Munich... Especially if the guy loves to drink, it is advisable to go to Oktoberfest: contrary to popular belief, by the way, most of it takes place not in October, but in September. Also a good option from countries other than Germany are Austria, Greece и Italy... Special connoisseurs will be happy to visit Czech Republic or Estoniaand Latvia и Belgium, but the latter options are more suitable for lovers of measured relaxation.

Travel to Czech Republic


It is to this category of gifts that girls most often come, thinking what to give a guy for 6 years of relationship. And no wonder - this is a simple and very good option, which, moreover, is still very cheap:

  • You can play on the fact that all men, in fact, deep down in their souls are still boys. Radio controlled car - a great gift; better - helicopter... Such a present will delight any man, even the most adult. There is also a more practical and necessary in everyday life version of such a gift - quadrupter: with its help you can shoot interesting videos, deliver goods. It will be especially good as a gift for a young video blogger.
  • Don't forget about gamers. New joystick or gamepad, and ideally - console or video card (depending on his personal preference) is a very good option.
  • The athlete can give gym membership, gym or pool, and climbing training certificate... Many guys will be happy with a gift like flight in a wind tunnel.

Flying in a wind tunnel

Flying in a wind tunnel is for those who lack adrenaline.

  • Watches, flash drive, calendar и a pen (preferably firms Parker) will suit a business guy or someone who loves practical gifts.
  • Quest - also a great gift. As well as something about, so to speak, "love" between a guy and a girl: joint photo album or little filmif the girl knows how to edit.
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Well, the top of the gift amateur performance is erotic dance performed by her beloved, although exotic (and erotic) dinner - this is also a very, very good option.

The main thing to remember when choosing a present for your chosen one for the next (anniversary) anniversary of the relationship is that it should reflect how well the girl knows her beloved. And with her love, the rest will follow.

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