TOP 40 ideas of what to give a young man for any occasion

Gifts are a very bright and important part of any relationship between people, whether they are at least friendly, at least loving, at least related. What to give a young man, a young man, for this or that holiday is a good question, especially considering that banal options end quickly. This article is designed to help you choose a present for a friend, boyfriend and brother, and one that he will definitely like.


Fitness dumbbells

Gifts to the athlete

Usually picking up a gift for a young man is easy. Dumbbells, subscription in the pool or gym, towelto dry off after a workout - the options are not bad, but still somewhat banal. There are more interesting proposals: for example, new snowboard you can paint according to the sketch of a group of friends, and it will be already unusual.

Good for extreme sports enthusiasts skydiving и base jumping. The latter, however, is often organized illegally, so it is better to look for places that are more expensive, but at the same time safer.

Wetsuit for long swims in cold rivers - also interesting. Ski gloves are also needed, and for those cyclists who still ride in a helmet, you can give a funny and funny crest, they are easier to order from abroad than to buy in Russia.

Gifts for a loved one

What you can give a young man, being in a relationship with him, is a simple question, in fact. It is still preferable to proceed from his own interests, but if you want to give something specifically on the topic of love and relationships, there are a couple of good options.


coffee set

Linens - a very good option. An almost intimate gift, while being very functional and pleasant, and now you can order any print/print in the printing house if you wish.

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Frank and somewhat vulgar gift - sex toy. Presents of this type are preferable to give if the young man is predisposed to such interests and has a good sense of humor.

Photo Frame or pillow with a printed photo of a couple - pretty boring, but T-shirt - interesting. In addition, it can be worn, it will not just lie in the closet.

Gifts for a professional

It happens that the whole life of a young man is his mission, study, work. This is especially true for mechanics, doctors and teachers with teachers. It is also possible to pick up a gift for them by profession, you just need to look a little.

For a male doctor, especially a surgeon, a new surgical suit. If he works in pediatrics, you can show your imagination and find something with a funny and cute print: bears, bees and funny birds. Also, the vast majority of physicians need beanies: the main thing is not to make a mistake with the size of the head.

steering wheel candy

Candy steering wheel

It is highly discouraged for a teacher and lecturer to give pens and notebooks as gifts: he will no longer want to see them on business. And here's the new one vase suitable for a huge number of colors as well as psychotherapy courses to calm the nerves after a hard day's work. And from what is convenient in everyday life, many teachers lack projector.

Mechanics love cars more than anything. Repair kits - cheap and cheerful, but good and convenient rollersurfer now it will cost more.

Geek gifts

Young people are becoming more and more involved in the popular culture of the geek industry. In modern times, young geeks no longer always look like classic nerds, and it’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard or seen a single Marvel or DC movie. About what you can give to such young people - below.

The simplest and laziest option is clothes. Superhero T-shirts, stormtroopers from Star Wars and Crash Bandicoot are sold on every corner; the same goes for backpacks и sneaker with prints. Fans of the popular franchise can find a simple and convenient gift in any clothing store.

book holder

book holder

Mugs and plates with loved ones characters - a popular option, but often such things are done rather clumsily. More expensive and, accordingly, interesting options are usually done well. Can be ordered from a blacksmith  witch medallion, in some stores it is possible to purchase phantom print rug. Thermoses with images of characters is also now not so difficult to find.

Collector's editions - games, art book, figurines and books - are usually characterized by rather biting prices, but you will definitely like it.

Gifts for the traveler

Travel is different, and this category of gifts is quite extensive. It is worth choosing them quite individually, because everyone has different tastes.

Many young people still go hiking. For them, a new option would be an excellent option. tent: True, it is worth choosing proven options and beware of fashionable automatic tents, since for them you need to additionally buy an awning. Camping backpack - also a worthy idea: the main thing is to make sure that the backpack itself is not too narrow inside. Another important factor in choosing a good backpack is the presence of a solid back.

Stylish suitcase

Stylish leather suitcase

Gas-burner - an indispensable thing on a hike. It is also worth paying attention to sleeping bags. For kayakers will not be superfluous new oars, and for climbers - "cats".

For young men who love more civilized and mundane travel, there are also options. Suitcases on wheels, small hair dryers – in case the young person has long hair, – and portable batteries usually very useful when traveling.

For those who spend their holidays on the seas and hot islands, they are suitable as gifts Beach bags. It will take a lot to look for one with a design that will suit a young man. Snorkel masks suitable for divers coral slippers - those who often rest in the zone of distribution of coral reefs.

In principle, in any gift the main thing is attention. If you choose a present personally for a particular young man, he will definitely be appreciated. This is the most important thing in gifts.


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