What to give a Scorpio, taking into account his character: 14 options

Gifts by horoscope

It can be difficult to pick up something for a person with a specific zodiac sign, especially if the donor is not familiar with esotericism and horoscopes. Therefore, quite often the question arises of what to give Scorpio. Scorpios are purposeful, serious, "warriors" for whom the appearance of the gift and its packaging are very important. This is worth remembering when choosing a present. Well, directly what will be inside the beautiful packaging, this article will help you choose.


Scorpios are strong people, so the present should highlight their qualities.

Gifts symbolizing Scorpio's masculinity

Scorpio men are extremely courageous, and they love to emphasize it. You can choose a present based on this knowledge.

So, for example, Scorpios - at least the overwhelming majority for which this is typical - are quite interested in gifts such as rare weapons. And - no, it's not about firearms or pneumatic weapons, no; talking about the medieval. Swords и halberdsand spears (do not forget about shield) will suit Scorpio very well. If you don’t want to donate a weapon, you can provide it as a present armor: now even a chain mail made to order by a master blacksmith will cost a lot. Therefore, Scorpio will be delighted with this gift, especially if the armor will not stand behind glass or in the closet, but will be used for its intended purpose in any games, performances.

Paintings with the image of strong, muscular men, as well as a demonstration of masculine strength (and victory), will also please a birthday man with this zodiac sign. A great piece of furniture will highlight his testosterone craving.

An interesting painting "Samson in a fight with a lion" is an excellent gift for Scorpio believers

It is worth giving a chance and books, and books not only about weapons - it's pretty commonplace - but also about men's cooking. This zodiac sign is incredibly fond of cooking, and especially meat; therefore, good leadership will not only accentuate and please his ego, but will also be a great help for dinners - alone or with his beloved lady.

Gifts with the element of "freedom"

Scorpios are quite proud by nature, so you should respect their desire for independence. Thinking of what to give to a Scorpio man, it would be nice to limit yourself to conditional gifts that will allow a person to choose the perfect present for himself.

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So, it is believed that Scorpios love money, especially - to receive them as a gift. This will allow the scorpio man to acquire exactly what he has long wanted for himself. For the donor, this is also quite convenient, the main thing is not to sell too cheap.

Will not be superfluous and gift cards... So, gift cards from sports stores will definitely appeal to those representatives of this zodiac sign who love sports. Gift cards of restaurants or cafes - Scorpions who love to eat.


Steak with beef - the meat eater will like it.

Luxury gifts for Scorpio

Scorpio men overwhelmingly love luxury - this is typical for this zodiac sign. You can play on this, choosing a gift for him: the main thing is that an expensive thing looks stylish, and not cheap.

The first option is watch... Not necessarily a Rolex, just a good, high-quality watch that will look impressive and will be both comfortable and useful in everyday life.

chinese rolex

A gift comparable in value to Rolex may be motorcycle... Its cost is not so much important, you can buy a second-hand one, the main thing is that it looks like a brand new one, be stylishly painted and, as they say, “20% cooler than everyone else”. Sometimes motorcycles assembled on the knee by dexterous craftsmen turn out to be much more frisky animals than a purchased conveyor, but branded motorcycle. Of the colors, it is better to dwell on the combination of red and black, since it is these colors that are the favorite colors of the Scorpio men, in addition, they look great together and will emphasize both the Scorpio's inner rage and his ambitions.

Very good and not cheap suit Scorpio will also like it. Especially made from quality fabric, the suit will emphasize Scorpio's status at work, corporate parties and business meetings. A pleasant addition, although, however, it can be a separate gift cufflinks (after all, they can be precious too). The main thing is not to overdo it with the "chic" and high cost of the appearance of the suit, because a man with this zodiac sign is unlikely to wear something that will look tasteless.


Gold cufflinks for the Scorpio musician are graceful and stylish.

Perfume - or rather, perfume, - can also be an excellent present in this case. It is worth choosing smells that are harsher, however, not to the degree of cologne, so that the scorpio man makes a good impression on both colleagues and ladies, just entering the room. It is worth remembering that when choosing eau de toilette, one should not forget about moderation.

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Gambling gifts for Scorpio

Excitement is what is characteristic of this zodiac sign. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the various gambling gizmos that can be given to Scorpio as a present.

The simplest and even somewhat banal option in this case is poker set... Where else can you realize Scorpio's interest in games of chance, if not in poker - and nowhere, perhaps, with the exception of one much more interesting, but complex and less common game. The name of this game is Riichi mahjong; it is a combination of Chinese culture and - exactly! - poker. The only difference is that riichi appeared long before poker. A mahjong set should be presented to those male scorpions who are fond of Asian culture - ideally Japanese, because it is in Japan that riichi is popular - or loves esotericism: unusual symbols on the tiles of the set will definitely attract his attention.

kayak trip

A ticket for an extreme trip, for example, kayaking, will give you a lot of impressions.

Excitement can manifest itself in life. The adrenaline that gamblers (including Scorpions) are chasing can be thrown out in many ways. So, hang gliding - this is an excellent gift that will awaken in Scorpio not only interest, but also his courageous, bold features. Diving courses are also great. And here Skydiving и mountaineering club membership - very specific things, it is worth giving something like this only in two cases: when it is known for sure that the scorpio man is not afraid of heights, or when he himself expressed a desire to try something unusual.

One way or another, thinking about what to give a Scorpio man for his birthday, it is worth remembering the peculiarities of this zodiac sign. So, for Scorpios, water is a native element, they also love things made from natural materials - metal, wood and bone. Self-development, mystery and gift design are incredibly important for this zodiac sign, so you shouldn't forget about beautiful packaging.

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And, of course, you should pay attention to the aesthetic side of the birthday scorpion: love for aesthetics in them is combined with an attraction to the practical use of things, so trinkets - albeit mystical, beautiful - are still not worth giving. And in all other respects, the main thing is to remember: the scorpio man is extremely proud, but in fact, deep down, he is happy with any gift.