Gift for daughter for 20 years from parents: 20 best ideas for a modern lady

For children

Twenty years is a serious age. Therefore, a gift for such a date should be serious: after all, the first anniversary in adult, conscious age. True, it can be very difficult to pick up a gift for a daughter for 20 years from her parents: in the end, in their eyes, she still remains a little girl. In order to smooth out this awkwardness, this article was written: after reading it, each of the readers will have several ideal and win-win options for what to give their daughter for the first serious anniversary.

forest flowers

Forest flowers are the best gift if your daughter loves natural, simple beauty.

Gifts that leave an impression

Gifts things - this is history. Presents that will leave an impression are in fashion now, so when thinking about what to give your daughter for her 20th birthday, you should think about this option:

  • Of course, a concert of your favorite band (especially when it comes to foreign performers) is the best and best option. An active girl of about twenty is happy to “dance” on the dance floor or in the fan zone (it’s better to be in the fan zone, it’s calmer there, and the performer is better seen, even if such a ticket comes out at a much more expensive price), while her favorite Hatters or Powerwolf will perform on stage.
  • Unusual, almost extreme experiences are valued by some ladies more and higher than boring pastime. If health allows (if there are no problems with it), and the daughter herself is very brave, it may be worth giving her a parachute jump. If her spirit is not enough for this, but she has long dreamed of experiencing the feeling of flying, there is a way out - a wind tunnel: safe, absolutely not scary and very interesting and exciting.

parachute jump

The first jump is best done in tandem with a friend.

  • A small trip with friends to the so-called "survival camps" will also not be to everyone's taste, but if the daughter still manifests herself as an extreme person, why not. In the end, if she considers herself to be a stalker subculture, why not give her an excursion to Chernobyl: it’s safe there now, and her daughter herself will be delighted.
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Gifts in the form of jewelry

Precious jewelry is not only a beautiful gift, but also a wonderful investment in the future of your daughter. Precious metals and stones are, after all, much more stable in price than any currency. Well, yes, it’s still beautiful, so it’s quite possible to give jewelry to your daughter for twenty years.

The choice of metal is platinum and silver. The choice of precious stones is sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and brilliants. Not everyone likes rubies, but if your daughter has had periods of goth or vampire hobbies in her life, she will certainly be delighted with ruby ​​jewelry. The main thing is not to overdo it with sizes: today's youth prefer elegant jewelry with small stones, rather than huge beads with giant stones, as it was fashionable and popular twenty or thirty years ago.

decoration emerald

Still, it is better to choose smaller stones, although there are no comrades for the taste and color

Electronics as a gift

Twenty years is a serious age, so the gift should cost accordingly. Thinking about what to give your daughter for 20 years, it is worth considering:

  • Maybe she needs a new laptop. Or a desktop computer.

The main thing is not to miss the mark: now a good laptop can cost much more than a desktop computer, so buying junk for twenty pieces is useless: money is wasted, and the daughter will not be happy at all with a non-working old box. In this case, it is better to update its old system unit: buy, for example, a couple of hard drives or a video card.

This proposal is especially relevant for female gamers, of course, however, students of architecture and physics students, as well as engineering students, often use the power of their hardware directly for their intended educational purpose.

  • A new phone, however, will not be superfluous either. You can also give him a bumper (or a cover, depending on what the young lady prefers). New headphones are always a great accessory, but on such a date (anniversary, after all, twenty years) it will not look very presentable (to put it mildly). Although if all together, it will be even very good.

smartphone gadget

New gadget - smartphone

  • If a girl is fond of video blogging, a high-quality video camera, as well as a quadrocopter capable of shooting video, can be a good present.
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gifts for lady

If your daughter is a stereotypical glamor lady (or, as they are also called, a socialite), you can give her a good perfume. He is always valuable. But, of course, a new fur coat made of natural fur will be an ideal gift: any lady (except, perhaps, a zookeeper) will be delighted with her.

Good cosmetics also do not lie on the road, so a premium quality palette is very, very suitable as a present, like some very expensive branded lipstick. But it is better, of course, to give several items of cosmetics at once, because one palette or mascara looks somehow scanty for such a holiday as twenty years. A hat and shoes with a handbag, of course, will also please the birthday girl.

Well, the main thing that parents can give their twenty-year-old daughter is love. And it will be nice if at least a small bouquet of flowers will be attached to it.