What to give a daughter for 7 years: charming gift ideas for a little princess

A birthday is an important and joyful event for a seven-year-old girl, and the desire of parents to please their baby with a pleasant surprise is quite natural. I would like to make this day the brightest for the little princess and give her 7-year-old daughter an unforgettable experience of surprises and the fulfillment of cherished desires.

Sometimes choosing a gift for a daughter is much more difficult than for adult family members, because child's wishes can change quite often, given the constant expansion of the range of interests at a given age. The task of finding interesting options is not easy, but quite real, if you do not forget about the age of the girl and her range of interests. Some children voice their wishes in advance, making whole lists. But if your daughter does not belong to this category, you can use a number of tips we have provided and simplify the search task for yourself.

A bouquet of flowers in addition to the gift will be a nice surprise for your daughter, so it is advisable not to miss this detail.

Original gift for daughter for 7 years

So that the gift does not disappoint the girl, seeming too simple and banal, you will need to use your imagination to find an original and interesting solution. A surprise in an unusual performance will surely surprise and delight the birthday girl. Girls at this age try to imitate their mothers in many ways, so they will definitely be pleased with things associated with beauty and elegance:

  • Beautiful tiered organizer box with numerous compartments for storing hair clips, rubber bands and other accessories to help take care of your hair. You can add to the gift comb set, mirror and lots of cute trinkets.
  • A set of cosmetics will be a pleasant surprise for a girl, as many of them at this age begin to take care of their appearance. Baby Care - the dream of many little ladies who yearn to look like real princesses. Packing it in a beautiful cosmetic bag, you will bring a lot of pleasant emotions to your child.
  • Exclusive handbag or backpack, decorated not with a simple children's drawing, but with an original print or rhinestones.
  • Jewelryincluding cute earrings in the form of a flower or droplet, pendant with a zodiac sign on a thin chain or hairpin in the form of a bow Swarovski crystals. You can give gold or silver braslet with natural minerals.
  • Beautiful fluffy dress as a gift to her daughter for 7 years, like a little princess who goes to her first fabulous ball. You should not forget about shoes for the birthday girl and a stylish handbag for storing important little things.
  • Aquarium with goldfishwho will be able to listen and fulfill the most cherished wishes of the birthday girl. At the age of 7, girls still believe in miracles and fairy tales.
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For girls of this age, the main standard of femininity is the mother, so the stylish outfit received as a gift, of the same model and texture as the mother, will lead the young lady to indescribable delight.

By the age of seven, girls turn into little ladies, seeking to emphasize their elegance and femininity, so you should not forget about jewelry when choosing outfits.

A baby can be incredibly pleased with a trip to the beauty salon... Plain manicure и weaving original braids will be unforgettable for the girl, because she had the opportunity to visit that fabulous place where adult mothers are made stylish and beautiful.

Useful and educational gifts

For a girl of seven years of age, things should be selected that correspond to her interests, hobbies and inclinations. It is necessary to take into account the nature of the child and the level of development. Some children still love to play dollswhile others prefer modern gadgets.

Among the useful and interesting gifts for the daughter that contribute to her development, one can note:

  • Painting set in a suitcase with paint, album, markers and a collection of colorful markers. This will allow the baby not only to color the finished pictures, but also to develop her creative abilities by drawing the world around her.
  • decorative globe, which will allow you to learn about the location of all countries and continents, going on an interesting journey. The presence of illumination on the globe will allow the child to navigate faster and make the journey visually more exciting.
  • Tablet for drawing suitable as a gift for a 7-year-old daughter on her birthday, if she is fascinated by this type of creativity. Most devices are made by manufacturers to be ultra-light and have a simple interface that even children can understand. The presence of a stylus makes it easy to create drawings and even sign them. The tablet runs on batteries and does not need regular recharging.
  • kinetic sand is an innovative material that allows the child, by creating a variety of fantasy masterpieces, to develop children's motor skills.
  • Skates or rollers will better strengthen the vestibular apparatus and make the child's entertainment more active from a physical point of view.
  • Trampoline - this is the gift that brings many joyful minutes to children. Jumping on a trampoline, the baby perfectly develops coordination of movement and gets a lot of positive emotions.
  • A diary for personal records, where girls keep all their secrets and cherished desires. Such a gift teaches the baby to form her thoughts and express them consistently on paper.
  • Board game. Such games allow the daughter to receive useful information about the world around her and develop many useful communication skills. The ability to admit mistakes and defeat without tantrums, as well as to rejoice not only in one's own victories, can be very useful for a child.
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The chosen surprise should be age-appropriate, visually tangible and bring joy to your baby here and now.

You should not rely solely on your own taste and choose as a gift for your child those games that were interesting to you as a child. The community is progressively developing and children's hobbies after some decades may become irrelevant.

A selection of nice and inexpensive gifts

It is not necessary to choose exclusively expensive things. Sometimes cute umbrella bright colors with the characters of your favorite cartoons will bring your daughter more joy than electric scooter or bag chair.

Many girls are happy to make all sorts of crafts, collecting beads, baubles or beaded earrings. Children's stores sell special creator's Kit any size and configuration, from the simplest to the professional. A little expert will always perceive such a set with delight.

Also in the selection of inexpensive gifts can be noted:

  • 3D night light;
  • children's watch;
  • headphones with cat ears;
  • fluffy slippers;
  • children's manicure set;
  • projector alarm clock;
  • nursery kigurumi pajamas;
  • lamp with music;
  • skipping rope with a counter;
  • case for phone;
  • play kitchen utensils set;
  • Lego constructor;
  • radio control toy
  • electronic butterfly in the bank.

All these gifts will not be burdensome for the family budget, but will be a pleasant surprise for the child if they coincide with his desires.

Dolls as a gift

Even at the age of seven, girls do not cease to be interested in dolls, but the game has a slightly different character. Now dolls they not only make friends and visit each other, but also visit a beauty salon, do fitness and cook dinners.

There is a huge selection of different options and you can give your daughter for 7 years not only the original doll, but also a number of items related to the gameplay:

  1. Collection of clothes and accessories for the doll, where they will enter Dresses, shoes, stylish coats and even handbags.
  2. Children's sewing machine for those who want to independently create a collection of clothes for their favorite doll;
  3. Themed set includes board и desks, and the doll acts as a teacher;
  4. Toy coffee set or teaspoonful service.

It is important to purchase toys in specialized stores that supply certified products of well-known brands that guarantee the quality of their products.

And what is the result

If you're having trouble picking a gift for your daughter because you're already tangled up in her room-wide collection of toys, you can have a fun party with unforgettable memories, and there are never too many. Not everyone can afford to visit with a child Disneylandbut organize a costumed kids party many can.

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The choice of thematic areas here is incredibly large:

  • can organize a small circus show with the performance of invited clowns;
  • fabulous ball with a real fairy;
  • pirate adventure with the corresponding attribute.

It all depends on the wishes of the child and the imagination of the parents, and the invited animators will simplify the task and make the festive event incredibly fun and memorable.


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