40 best birthday gift ideas for a 3 year old boy

For children

Before the question of what to give a boy for 3 years - for his birthday, many relatives of the baby and friends of the family where the little one is growing face. Consider non-trivial ideas, which gifts will be useful and practical for the birthday man, and which ones will bring joy and pleasure.

3 years is just the beginning of the first experiments
3 years is only the beginning of the first experiments and creative hobbies

Sports gifts

Any physically developing items will come in handy for a baby who cannot sit still. Suitable for active crumbs:

  • Transforming scooter. A modern device that combines a scooter and a bicycle. Thanks to the retractable pedals, the baby will get a balance bike. On it, he will be able to run, sitting on the platform and pushing off the ground with his feet. And by removing it, you can get a scooter, which is interesting to ride while standing. Such a 3 in 1 gift will appeal not only to the birthday boy, but also to parents, as it will save their material resources for the purchase of additional devices. The presentation should be supplemented with protective knee pads, a helmet and gloves.
  • Tolocar. A large children's car, on which you can sit and push off with your feet, will also be a nice present for the baby. When choosing this option, it is worth considering the presence of glass parts and fragile interior items in the apartment, as well as the availability of space. A similar gift for a boy for 3 years will come in handy if the birthday boy lives in a studio apartment or a country house, where there is room for maneuver. When choosing a typewriter, it is worth considering the color preferences of the little one, the absence of small parts that can be swallowed, or sharp corners.
Funny car with a muzzle
A funny car with a chipmunk muzzle will become a favorite friend for a long time
  • Trampoline with balls. A plastic city with a slide and a jumping compartment will appeal to any boy. But before buying, you should pay attention to whether there is a place for such a gift in the parents' apartment. Jumping on a trampoline strengthens the child's muscles, develops coordination.
  • Sports complex with swings, sandbox and wall bars. A very useful item. It is especially relevant if the baby lives in a private house, and there is a place for a playground on the territory of the yard. Such a complex always causes joy in children, especially since it will be used for the entire period while the child is growing. If financial resources do not allow, you can donate one of the above.
  • For winter games, a pleasant surprise for a 3-year-old boy will be sled or snow scooter. They will come in handy for riding down the hill so that you do not have to sit on the cardboard during the games. The best option to give a boy for 3 years is a snow scooter, because it has a brake and a steering wheel. It is easy to manage, you can go around obstacles on the way, as well as a comfortable seat. Sledges are a more budget option, and will come in handy for trips to the kindergarten. When buying, you should pay attention only to these 2 options, you should not take an ice cube or tubing, as it is inconvenient for three-year-olds to use them.
plastic sled
Plastic sled with a steering wheel in the form of a car
  • Hammock swing or nest swing, which are attached to the ceiling, will be appreciated by the owners of a large spacious nursery. When choosing such a gift for a child for 3 years - a boy, you should pay attention to the dense fabric, and not the mesh. And also - on whether the ceiling can withstand the weight of a growing baby, in many high-rise buildings, additional loads are not provided. A hammock is good for giving or a house adjoining territory.
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Educational toys

At the age of three, boys are interested in interactive and educational things that will help them explore the world. It can be:

  • Constructor. This can be any option where you want to assemble a house or a car. Preferably without small parts and sharp corners. It is better if the material from which the designer is made is natural - wood or metal.
  • Children's fishing. A set of small wooden fish and "rods" with which you can catch them. This complex will develop coordination and ingenuity.
  • Railroad with clockwork train. A very addictive game for boys and even their dads. The train will serve as a vehicle for the numerous toys of the little one and will develop his imagination. Would be nice to have detailed assembly instructions.
The railroad is my favorite toy
The railroad is the favorite toy of boys of all ages.
  • Puzzles or cubes for little ones. As a rule, they are made of plastic or cardboard and have colorful pictures that are assembled according to the mosaic principle. During the game, the boy trains his imagination and uses logical thinking.
  • Large lace-up boot. This toy will help you lace up your sneakers in the future. The process will captivate the most assiduous kids. Finger training will be useful for a boy.
  • Children's tablet with music, rhymes or primer. May contain fairy tales or tongue twisters. Such entertainment for kids is another way to develop speech.

Games for boys

When thinking about what to give a boy for 3 years for his birthday, you should pay attention to gifts typical for this gender. It can be:

  • Remote control car or boat. Such a gadget will attract the attention of the boy. When choosing, you should pay attention to large models with a good radio-controlled function. At first, the baby will be able to play with her with the help of adults, and later he will master this art.
  • water mill. It has many rotating elements that communicate with each other. The mechanism will interest the most inquisitive little ones. Torsion occurs when water enters the mill.
Baby bath set
There are many options for bathroom play sets.
  • Magnetic parts constructor. From the attracted elements, a car, a house or something original is assembled. Usually there are stickers in the set that will make the process fun.
  • Set of water or land cars. For the future owner of various vehicles, it will be very interesting to have a boat, a tank, a boat, a motorcycle, etc. The set depends on the preferences of the baby.
  • Tape for games. This gift option will help lay paths for baby toys: trains, cars, buses. After the end of the game, the adhesive tape is easily removed.

Hobby toys

When wondering what to give a boy for 3 years, you should think about those games that will help determine the hobby of the crumbs and determine his further professional development:

  • Walkie talkie. Children's intercom that the baby can use during spy games. Such a device is worth buying if the boy raves about super heroes.
  • doctor game. A set of mini-tools, thanks to which the baby will feel like a doctor curing any sores. Experimentally, the boy can do veterinary medicine, then the kit may contain the appropriate tools.
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Game for the future dentist
Game for the future dentist
  • Playing chemist or physics. Includes a set of cones, beakers and glasses. From the available elements, several schemes can be assembled to “remove” the necessary substance. Perhaps the child will enjoy a variety of chemical reactions that are safe for babies - for example, blowing soap bubbles.
  • Breathing game - "football". The respiratory simulator consists of two gates, a ball and a tube. It is necessary with the help of a jet of air to drive the opponent's ball into the goal.
  • gardening game. Here the fantasy is not limited to anything, the child can pretend to grow various vegetables and fruits. The set includes a set of scoops and fruits, a watering can.
  • Musical Instruments. Children's versions of adult things: a piano, a guitar, a trumpet and much more will be needed by a kid who loves songs and melodies. If the budget allows, it is worth buying everything in the kit, then the boy will be able to choose the tool he likes the most.
  • Painting set: markers and pencils, finger paints, an album and whatman paper - all this can be included. With their help, the child will learn to express their emotions and reflect all this in the picture.

A good option might be slate board for drawing on both sides, such as an easel, as well as multi-colored crayons. This item will especially appeal to the child.

Children's easel for drawing
Children's easel for drawing with crayons on a board and paints on canvases

Gifts for learning

If there is anything to give a 3-year-old boy for his birthday, these are the items that help him become smarter and develop creatively. Thus, preparing for school:

  • Decals set. Available stickers can be placed on any children's surface: a table or chair or a T-shirt. When choosing, it is better to focus on colorful stickers, which can then be easily removed.
  • home planetarium. Interesting toy for a 3 year old boy. Develop baby's interest in the stars and planets. The planetarium is interesting not only for small children, but also for older children.
  • Writing workbooks. They help to master the drawing of simple shapes and lines. Some teaching aids for three-year-olds contribute to the development of speech, the development of the grammatical rules of the native language.
  • Sand table. Drawing on glass with sand trains children's imagination and promotes the development of fine motor skills. If there is a backlight, then the pictures can be viewed and admired. The boy will be able to develop his creative abilities.
Sand play set
Sand play set
  • Big book of fairy tales with pictures and music. The perfect gift for kids and their parents. Colorful illustrations with the sounds of various animals or rhymes also take place. When choosing, you should opt for options with stickers or sound, coloring pages.
  • bubble gun. The budget version of a gift for blowing soap bubbles, although not original, will give pleasure. The item can be used while swimming and playing in the yard.
  • Children's gaming laptop. The subject will prepare the child to work with information technology such as a personal computer or laptop. Such a gift will develop mathematical abilities, the ability to count.

Edible Gifts

Everyone loves goodies, and this is exactly what you should give a child for 3 years to a boy if nothing else comes to mind. Such gifts can be with chocolate, sweets, juices and much more:

  • Candy Cake. Made from Kinder Surprise and chocolates, such a present will please the little one. Of course, it is worth making a good decoration to it and adding good helium balloons.
  • Set of pastries with filling. Shortbread options, small cupcakes or muffins with creamy filling, dragees and other tasty things are what you can give to a child. A good idea is a personalized cake or cookie.
  • Basket of baby purees and fruit juices. The case when the set can be used after the birthday for a healthy diet. Such a gift for a boy for 3 years - for his birthday will not spoil his appetite, and will fill him with vitamins.
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Kinder gift
Sweet gift 
  • Bouquet of berries and fruits. Before ordering, it is better to check if the child is allergic to the ingredients: strawberries or something else. The composition of the bouquet may include blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, blueberries and many other berries.
  • Bouquet of nuts and dried fruits. It will be original if the nuts are folded in the form of the number “3” and placed on a pedestal.
  • Edible toy and candy cake. This is one that will be remembered for a long time. The birthday boy will eat sweets, and the toys will delight the baby for several more years.

Gifts for love and care

The best option, what to give a boy for 3 years old, should be not only practical, but also sincere. Such a gift will help develop a sense of responsibility, kindness and caring. Top ideas for this:

  • A pet like a kitten or a puppy. If the parents of the baby do not mind, then such a present will be the most durable. The pet will delight the child. Growing up, the baby will be able to take care of him: feed him, train him and play. In any case, next to a dog or a kitten, the baby will not feel lonely.
The dog will become the best friend of the baby
The dog will become the best friend of the baby, but only if the parents are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for another family member.
  • If the place in the apartment does not allow, then you can give the baby another gift, for example, trip to the petting zoo or zoo cafe with rabbits. Bunnies are the safest for communicating with crumbs, the child will love to feed and stroke them.
  • Interactive pet. The case when the baby wants a dog or cat, but there is no way to provide the animal with full care. Some options may make similar sounds and mimic going to the toilet.

When choosing gifts for a child for 3 years for a birthday, you should pay attention to the needs of the baby in physical development. Among the items that will help in this are sports accessories like sleds, bicycles and balance bikes.

Toys for boys are next in importance: various railways, cars and buses, including those that you can ride on the birthday boy himself.

Also, a three-year-old can pick up gifts for mental and creative development. These include primers, tablets, books and drawing kits. As soulful and emotional presents, you should choose pets or a trip to the zoo or anti cafe.