Birthday present for a child at 6 years old: boys and girls

For children

Everyone from young to old loves holidays, because they are associated with positive emotions, fun and, of course, presents. Children with a special desire are waiting for their birthday - on this day they give the best and most desirable gifts. But for adults, the joy is a little less, because they have to think about what to give a child for 6 years, and this is not an easy question.

By this age, babies already have their own tastes and interests, they become more curious and intelligent, so giving anything is not worth giving. Before choosing, be sure to ask the parents what the child most wants to receive as a gift.

Birthday gifts for 6 years should be interesting and enjoyable specifically for the child. It is important that he is disappointed when he receives socks or underwear from you. However, do not think that choosing a present is completely impossible - there are hundreds of options for excellent congratulations.

Birthday Gift Ideas for a 6 Years Old Girl

At 6 six years old, the girl is already trying on the role of an adult girl, a housewife and a mother, becoming more mature and responsible.

There are a lot of presentations at this age, since you can give completely toys, and more complex objects.

Here are some options for the best gifts for a six-year-old girl:

  • dolls - you can give a classic Barbie or something from more modern options: Lady Bug, Moana, and so on. In addition to the dolls themselves, a dollhouse, tiny clothes and furniture will also be a good present;
  • soft toy - at this age, the girl will still be delighted with a teddy bear or other animal and will even make him her best friend;
  • creator's Kit - soap making, diamond mosaic, decoupage, jewelry making and much more. With the help of such presents, the girl will show creativity and receive a unique thing, created by her own hands;
  • Jewelry - for example, beautiful little earrings, pendant or bracelet with the name of the birthday girl. It is important that the gift does not cause allergies, so choose jewelry made of gold and silver. It is not necessary to look for expensive accessories with large stones, choose small but beautiful jewelry;
  • set of baby cosmetics - of course, the girl wants to be like her mother in everything and also apply makeup. To protect mom's cosmetics from encroachments, you can donate a baby kit. It is important to choose the option for children, since it is easier to wash off and does not cause allergies;
  • hair accessories - You can give a child a girl for 6 years and all sorts of useful things for the hair. For example, a special spray for combing, a nice comb, a few hairpins or rubber bands.
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Also, when choosing a gift, you can focus on the girl's hobbies and preferences:

  • Active child you will like rollers, jump rope, hula hoop, ball and everything in that spirit. Since you are going to present this on the DR to a six-year-old girl, you should choose bright and colorful items.
  • Hostess as a presentation, it is worth presenting beautiful potholders, baking tins or dishes with a pretty decor.
  • Little lady will definitely be delighted with the new outfit and shoes. If the girl prefers a sporty style more, pay attention to the sneakers with illumination.
  • If the birthday girl likes drawing, it is worth giving her a large set for her hobby. Typically, these kits include paints, felt-tip pens and pencils.
  • Romantic nature will like a personal diary with a key, where it will be possible to write down the most intimate secrets and desires.

You can also give a girl a beautiful flower in a pot, for which she will look after. This will help develop a sense of responsibility in her, as well as independence.

What to give a boy for 6 years

At this age, boys also become more mature and curious. A 6-year-old boy can no longer be surprised with a soft toy; for a holiday he wants to get something more interesting. Here are some good options for congratulations:

  • toy transport - This huge category includes prefab cars, radio-controlled helicopters, railways and much more. Choose the option that you can afford for the money, and that the birthday boy definitely likes;
  • tool kits - if girls copy their mother, then the boys want to be like their father. A set of children's tools not only guarantees the safety of father's, but also protects the child from unforeseen events. So he can feel like a master and not get hurt with a real screwdriver or hammer;
  • cross on a chain - this is especially true of believing families, where such accessories are held in high esteem. It is important that the chain is long enough and made of hypoallergenic materials (eg silver).
  • binoculars - many boys wish to receive this little thing as a gift, because it will allow them to see much more. Try to find binoculars that are not very heavy so that the child can handle them without any problems;
  • toy weapon - there are also many options. Particularly popular are pistols with built-in illumination. You can also give a bow with arrows with Velcro, a sword (including a light sword) or a slingshot.

6th birthday gift for a boy may correspond to his character or hobby:

  • If the child is addicted military theme, a set of toy soldiers would be an excellent option. You can also donate khaki clothes, a military helmet or a walkie-talkie.
  • For sports birthday boy can look at the attributes of sports team games. For example, sportswear, special sneakers, balls, and so on. Any kind of transport is also suitable as a gift: scooters, bicycles, rollerblades or skates.
  • If the boy loves more time to spend at home, then you can donate a monopoly or other interesting game. Other good options would be tabletop versions of sports games: football, hockey, air hockey, and so on.
  • The boy is addicted science? Don't lose sight of this - present him with an experiment kit. Such kits allow you to safely conduct a small experiment at home and get the most unforgettable emotions.
  • Children, and especially boys, at this age love dinosaurs... And if the hero of the occasion can list the names of many prehistoric creatures, then be sure to use this. You can give such a child a toy, a small set of figures or an encyclopedia about dinosaurs. In any case, he will love it!
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Also give a six-year-old boy for his birthday can be a quadcopter. Such a present will cause a storm of emotions and feelings, because the baby will feel like a completely grown-up.

It is best to choose a simplified model so that the child does not get confused in control.

This gift will not only acquaint him with the principle of operation of flying devices, but also teach him how to take good care of his toys.

Universal 6 year old baby birthday gifts

There are presentations that will delight both the boy and the girl. These options include the following:

  • Lego constructor - one of the most desirable gifts for a child of any age. The legendary toy can be entertained by all family members, even adults. In addition to motor skills and imagination, such a designer develops perseverance and logic, teaches you to negotiate with others and cooperate;
  • the electric toothbrush - an interesting and useful present, which is especially useful if the kid is not very willing to brush his teeth. Now the daily routine will turn into an entertaining game;
  • trampoline for children - not only save money for parents, but also help develop the child's coordination of movements, endurance and a sense of balance;
  • children's microscope - in childhood, many people want to take a closer look at objects and find out their structure. Such a toy can captivate both children and adults. Although a children's microscope does not give a high magnification, it is still interesting to see. As an experiment, you can look at a cut of a leaf, a thread, hair, a scale of a bulb, and even a midge;
  • play tent - a wonderful surprise for a child of any age. Owning your own, albeit small, space is the subject of dreams of many children. A tent or hut with toys will allow the kid to feel like an adult and significant, which is not so little in the modern world;
  • night projector lamp - a good gift for guys who are afraid of the dark. Falling asleep with soft light and floating stars on the ceiling will not be so scary;
  • learning tablet - such devices are equipped with a camera, a large selection of educational games, songs and coloring pages. And although many parents are now against the use of gadgets in childhood, at this age it is already necessary to acquaint the child with such devices. You can get the most out of it if you put a time limit;
  • 3D pen - a small analogue of a modern 3D printer. The device will be especially interesting for creative children who like to draw or model. With the help of the device and plastic, the child will be able to create amazing volumetric products and fully reveal their abilities.

If you still don’t know what to give your child at the age of 6, then choose money! But don't even think about the envelope, hand him a nice and interesting piggy bank. This will help your baby learn to save money and save for something meaningful.

Inexpensive gifts for a child's birthday at 6 years old

It also happens that there is very little left to do for the holiday. However, this does not mean that you will have to deprive the hero of the occasion even a small congratulation - hand over a small present. Here are some good ideas for those who are broke:

  • Ice cube or snowball - the perfect present for a winter birthday boy.
  • A set of soft and bright plasticine, kinetic sand or Play Doh dough - a good option for a creative child. Such plasticine does not stick to hands and does not cause allergies, so parents need not worry.
  • Inflatable ring, vest or armbands - if the birthday takes place in the summer, then such a gift will be very useful. You can also present your baby with a mask and fins to make swimming on the sea even more interesting.
  • Kite - in addition to the fun of snakes, it will also benefit from the child's stay in the fresh air.
  • Pajamas with your favorite cartoon characters - warm and cozy pajamas will definitely delight the baby, because it will be decorated with his favorite characters. Be sure to check with your parents about the size so that the birthday person is comfortable sleeping in it.
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In fact, there are much more options for presenting boys and girls for 6 years, so if you have not found anything suitable here, do not despair. Stretch your imagination a little, search the Internet and you will definitely choose an excellent congratulation for a young birthday boy. Also, do not forget about the sweets. If your child has a sweet tooth, be sure to supplement your present with sweets or cookies so that your birthday will be a success!