What to give a boy for his birthday: TOP of the coolest and most desired gifts

For children

In the article, you will learn what you can give a boy for his birthday and how to ensure that your gift is actually the best. We all love to receive gifts. It is no less pleasant to give them, but the one who does it with a soul probably knows how many problems are associated with it. And after reading our article, you will definitely quickly decide on the choice of a gift.

What to give a boy for his birthday

Ask the hero of the occasion in advance what he would like to receive

Where does the gift start?

Firstly, it is worth deciding how much you are willing to spend on a gift and at the same time not put the child's parents in an uncomfortable position. Secondly, the interests of the birthday person should be taken into account so that the donated item does not remain gathering dust on the shelf. Thirdly, the age of the person to whom the gift is intended plays a decisive role.

Gifts for a boy from birth to 3 years

The most unpretentious age. The child does not yet understand the essence of the holiday, but leaving him without a gift would be wrong. It is undesirable to buy clothes, leave it to the choice of parents. By the way, there will be toys that develop new baby abilities:

  • big puzzle,
  • bright cubes,
  • safe constructor,
  • colorful books with large pictures.

You can also choose means of transportation, such as:

  • baby car,
  • tricycle,
  • bicycle without pedals for the little ones,
  • rocking horse.

The kid will also like interactive sounding toys: musical rugs, developing cubes and panels, singing and talking puppies, robots or bunnies.

What to give a boy for his birthday

A great gift would be a scooter with a seat in case the kid gets tired

Gifts for a boy 4 - 7 years old

Consider what to give a boy for his birthday during the period of active formation of character, his cognitive, speech, creative abilities. Here, gifts should primarily contribute to the development of the child. Among the developing ones, one can distinguish various kinds of board games suitable for his age. Lego-type constructors, it is possible with smaller details for the development of the boy's motor skills. Sets for creativity (sculpting, applications, drawing, including light, kinetic sand and others). This includes a children's learning computer or tablet.

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Among the entertaining toys, you can choose a railway with a clockwork steam locomotive, a parking lot with cars or a remote-controlled car. Will please the young knight and a set of toy weapons. The idols of today's boys are characters from the blockbuster, so the figures of Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Transformer or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will also come in handy.

What to give a boy for his birthday

A garage with cars and a helicopter is every boy's dream.

Gifts for a boy 8 - 11 years old

Despite the fact that during this period the growing up of the child begins, the boys still do not lose interest in toys, but they must be appropriate for their age. From a helicopter or a radio-controlled boat, an electronic robot, a racing track, not only he himself, but also his dad will be delighted.

Among the gifts that promote intellectual development, one can note various kinds of encyclopedias, thematic series of books. This also includes kits for experiments in physics or chemistry, because every boy at this age will be delighted to conduct a scientific experiment on his own. A microscope or telescope would also be a great gift in this case.

You can choose a board game. It can be both classic table hockey or football, as well as modern games: Jenga, Crocodile, Monopoly, Twister. Moreover, they can be played with the whole family, which contributes to rapprochement with the child.

At this age, the child is actively developing physically. Therefore, if he is fond of sports, a ball, a punching bag with gloves, rollers or a skateboard, skis or skates are suitable as a gift.

What to give a boy for his birthday

Gyroscooter with lights and speakers will be a good companion for walking

Gifts for a boy 12 - 15 years old

As a rule, by this age the boy has already formed in personal terms, so the gifts should be serious. Let's figure out what to give a boy for his birthday on the eve of growing up. A modern teenager will be delighted with any technical innovation:

  • smartphone,
  • the tablet,
  • headphones,
  • computer mouse,
  • electronic book,
  • portable speakers,
  • wrist smart watch.
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An active young man can be presented with a segway or a gyro scooter, he will definitely be delighted. Creative gifts include an alarm clock with a target or a flying alarm clock that will not only wake you up in the morning, but also cheer you up, a 3D pen for creating three-dimensional models, sneakers with luminous soles and laces.

Universal gifts

Various sweet gifts are common today. These are prefabricated cakes made of chocolate and chocolate eggs with surprises. You can order a personalized cake with an edible photo or picture, a cake in the form of any fairy-tale character or figure. Souvenir boxes with sweets: filled with chocolate, cakes of various kinds and will also go with a bang.

You can purchase a certificate or ticket for a circus performance, a theater, a planetarium, a water park, a trip to an amusement park or a children's play center. In this case, the child is provided with a lot of new impressions and sensations.

What to give a boy for his birthday

Give a guy a sea of ​​emotions and adrenaline by sending him to karting

Another common category of gifts today is a custom item made especially for a birthday. It can be a photo book with important events for the birthday man. A fairly common service on the net is ordering a portrait or painting depicting the hero of the occasion, a T-shirt, mug or dish with his photograph.

Gifts that are not always appropriate

One of the most common gifts is a certain amount of money presented to the birthday person. However, he is also the most faceless. You can choose it as a gift if, by mutual agreement, an older boy collects the necessary amount for some expensive thing.

Also refrain from giving an animal as a gift, be it a kitten, puppy, hamster, or fish. Such a case must be agreed with the parents of the birthday boy, in addition, the child must be responsible for the pet. This is due to the fact that the animal must be fed, watered, cleaned up after it, and the dogs also need to be walked at a certain time. Not all boys are capable of this.

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In any case, having chosen a suitable present, think over the original packaging for it. And if you accompany his presentation with warm words spoken from the bottom of your heart and with humor, your gift for the boy will definitely be the best and most desired.