What to give a boy for 7 years for his birthday - unusual and traditional gift ideas

For children

Thanks to the article, you will learn about what gift to choose for a boy of 7 years old. Picking up a gift for a little birthday boy may seem like a difficult task, but given his hobbies, interests, hobbies and based on this article, you will never go wrong with a present. Here are gift ideas for sports boys, for fans of computer games and new gadgets, for young explorers and talented musicians. After reading the article, you will not have to wonder what to give a boy for 7 years for his birthday if you suddenly received an invitation to the holiday.

Birthday gifts for a boy for 7 years

The seventh birthday is a great occasion to gather friends

Birthday toys

The first thing that comes to the mind of the invitee is toys. Entering a children's goods store, adults are lost: the choice is so huge that it is almost impossible to stop at just one. What birthday present for a 7 year old boy to buy? At this age, they prefer more complex toys, take a closer look at radio-controlled models. It can be Robots, cars и airplanes. Purchase constructorsuitable for this age group. pay attention to Board exciting games for a big company. It can be not only a Quest-style game or a familiar monopoly, but also table soccer.

Modern children prefer virtual games on a computer or console, so do not be afraid to make a mistake when purchasing a couple of new ones. discs with games birthday gift. Just check if the parents have similar games and the genre that the child prefers.

Gadgets as a gift

A brand new gadget will also please a 7-year-old child, although I would like to include this category of gifts in the latest options, insisting on educational games, kits, and sports equipment.

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remote control toyThe remote control toy is a fun activity for the whole day
GiroskuterA hoverboard is a great alternative to walking
Techno constructorTechno Constructor - perfectly develops logic and imagination

Мобильный телефон, board, player What else does a seven-year-old girl need to be happy? Before buying such a gift, it is strongly recommended to consult with the parent whether it is worth buying such an expensive gift for a 7-year-old boy for his birthday, whether a new toy will distract the child from lessons and an active lifestyle.

In many families, primary school children prefer to buy models that do not have a wide range of functions. As they say, the main thing is to call so that children are not distracted at school by music and games. Parents can also be cool about buying game consoles and other gadgets, so be sure to discuss the gift idea with the parent before buying.

Educational gifts

Another thing is gifts that develop, intellectual and logical. Children at the age of 7 dream of growing up quickly and consider themselves too old to watch cartoons and play with cars. Give them new books and kits to help them explore the world. For such large children, the choice is clear: the new encyclopedia in at least 100 pages about the ancient world, dinosaurs, knights or robots with bright saturated pictures will delight the birthday boy. Exactly like young chemist set, crystal growing kit. Also children's microscope or small children's telescope Might be the same toy.

What to give a boy for 7 years

Birthday in the family circle - with warmth, love and care

As you home planetarium for a little astronomer? The child will be able to observe the stars and planets in his own room, learning about the cosmos.

Support your child's hobby

At this age, the boy should have some personal interests. Based on them, get that gift for a 7-year-old boy for his birthday, which will turn out to be pleasant and useful. If the child is fond of music, give an instrument or an addition to it, if one already exists. If the child likes outdoor activities, sports, give ball, Sports equipment or pool pass.

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For a young fishing lover, the right paraphernalia will be to your taste - a small compact fishing rod, tackle set, and the little artist will be infinitely grateful paint set, pencils, felt-tip pens or present easel for children. For a lover of cinema or computer games - new discs or certificate to purchase.

Gifts for a sports guy

Of course, the development of intelligence, logic, new hobbies in a boy is an important part of the formation of a personality, but do not forget about an active lifestyle and full physical development. In today's world full of gadgets, TV channels and games, it is difficult to get a child to go outside to kick a ball around the field. Stimulate desire by giving a new sports paraphernalia. If the birthday boy is already attending sections, donate something necessary for his classes.

Children's experiment setChildren's experiment kit is a great way to instill a love of science from childhood
Prefabricated modelPrefabricated model - develop fine motor skills and modeling skills
Instant cameraInstant camera - the perfect solution to remember a birthday

Give a gift bike, new videos or scooter. If a child was born in winter, then the answer to the question of what to give a child for 7 years to a boy for his birthday is extremely simple, get children's skis or skates. Just do not forget about additional protection on the knees, elbows and hands.

Alternatively, they may fit punching bag, trampolineif there is a summer cottage, badminton, mini golf, set of skittles.

Give unforgettable emotions

Consult with a parent before choosing what to give a 7-year-old boy for his birthday. If the child has everything that came to your mind, give him emotions. Emotions are a priceless gift that will be remembered for a long time. What could it be? Buy tickets to a new cool movie, with special effects, oh superhero. You can please a child ticket to the circus, the atmosphere there will not leave indifferent neither a child nor an adult! Dolphinarium, Oceanarium or petting zoo A great way to introduce your child to wildlife.

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Buy Now museum ticketstaking into account the taste preferences of the child. Halls dedicated to paleontology, anthropology or ethnography, overflowing with dinosaur skeletons, models and models, objects of ancient life of people who lived several thousand years ago, will capture the boy who knows the world. Wax Doll Museum may also be of interest to a boy who is fond of games and movies, famous personalities.

Gifts for a boy for 7 years

Happy child, happy parents

When buying a ticket, check at the box office, often large museums have a program for elementary school children, which includes not only viewing the remains, but also various quizzes, contests, games, cool master classes and no less cool prizes.

Choosing a gift for a 7-year-old boy for his birthday seems like a difficult task. Ask your parents what their son is interested in or ask the birthday man directly what he would like to receive on his holiday. By approaching the issue wisely, you can choose the best gift at affordable prices that will definitely please the boy.