What to give a 14-year-old boy for his birthday: gifts - delight

The article presents various options for presenting a boy for his 14th birthday. You will find ideas of both simple and original, both budget and expensive gifts. After reading this article, you will know exactly what to give a boy for 14 years. You will definitely not come to your birthday empty-handed!

fitness bracelet

Fitness bracelet - for tracking physical activity. Not just a useful thing, but also a fashionable youth accessory

What to give a boy for his 14th birthday?

What to give a boy? 14 years old is the age when a boy begins to noticeably grow up, but do not forget that he is still a teenager and the gift should be appropriate. For example, you should not be stingy with a present, but you should not choose the most expensive gift that will be more acceptable for your 18th birthday.

You shouldn't just give money in an envelope. After all, any amount is a kind of responsibility, which means that such a gift is suitable for a more adult person, besides, it is much more pleasant to receive surprises.

From parents

If you don’t know what to give a boy for 14 years, then choose some universal gift from the list:

  • Guitar... Almost every boy thinks about learning to play the guitar.
  • A laptop... 14 is the right age to own your own laptop.
  • New phone.
  • EBook... True, such a gift will come in handy for a teenager who loves to read.
  • Clothes or shoes... But such a gift can be made when you know for sure about the preferences in the style of your child. And this does not mean all clothes or shoes in a row, but, for example, some well-known brand that a teenager dreamed of.
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wireless speakerWireless speaker - you can connect to your phone and listen to music at full volume anywhere

monopodMonopod - allows you to shoot video blogs, take joint photos without fear that the floor of the screen will be covered by your hand

balance boardBalance board is a device for an active guy. Can be used as a workout before riding a skateboard, snowboard or as a separate hobby

  • By bicycle, videos, skateboard or skates... Such a gift will appeal to any mobile teenager. Or if the birthday person has not yet found his hobby, then such gifts will help him find a hobby.
  • Watches... But the main thing is to find a middle ground so that the watch does not have status, but you should not choose too cheap either.
  • Jewelry... By the way, young guys tend to prefer silver over gold.

By hobbies

If a teenager is fond of sports, then give him gym membership, boxing gloves, pear or home horizontal bar... Gadgets are also suitable, for example, pedometer or fitness tracker.

The intellectual will like literature. For example, science or science fiction.

For those who like to spend time at the computer, purchase mouse pad, wireless mouse or headphones.

Give a musical teen mini speakers or LED musical ball.

Present to a friend

Who said that a boy cannot be given a bouquet? Especially if this the bouquet is assembled from socks... Both fun and useful, and most importantly - a wonderful gift from a friend. Friends, like no one else, know exactly what the birthday man is dreaming about. For example, he wanted a new video game? Present it to him, he will be delighted. Cup with an interesting design or photo t-shirt - also a great choice for a gift to a friend.


fingerboard- a fun toy that calms the nerves and helps to tune in to study


What to give a 14-year-old boy for his birthday? If he loves various games, then choose a gift from the list below:

  • Board games... Such a present is perfect for a lover of noisy gatherings. After all, usually, such a game is played by companies. A variety of strategy, entertainment or financial card games will do.
  • Radio Controlled Toys... There are a huge number of such toys: tanks, cars, helicopters, boats and so on.
  • Weapon simulators... Rifles or cannons are perfect for a gift for a 14-year-old teenager. The boy will definitely like such a gift, especially if he is accompanied by a set of simulated bullets and targets.
  • Board sports games... For example, football, hockey or mini-billiards.
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Cool gifts

14 years is an important date, because a boy at this age receives a passport. You need to make his birthday memorable, so choose an original gift to surprise him.

As an original gift for 14 years old boy will fit dumbbell alarm clock... To turn off such an alarm, you must raise it 20 times. Another interesting present is piggy bank in the form of an ATM or a safe. and how about magic ball? It is enough to ask him a question and shake it well, the ball will surely answer the question. Also fit Night lightprojecting the starry sky on the ceiling. If a teenager spends a lot of time at the computer and even dines there, then give him USB-a vacuum cleaner for the keyboard.

uhtyboxSurprise box - a box with impressions, opening which the birthday boy will certainly say “Wow!”

printed sweatshirtSweatshirt with a print - stylish comfortable clothes with funny drawings

flip clockFlip clock - like in old Hollywood movies. Such a gift will make the guy's desktop unique.

Commemorative Presents

What to give a teenager for another 14 years? A boy on his birthday may like a memento, for example, photo collage with funny photos from childhood. Can be made whole videocompiled from small passages. Personalized gifts are also suitable, for example, T-shirt, case on the phone, bathrobe, slippers and so on.

Cute little things for a guy

Give a guy headphones for twoso you can enjoy music together.

If you like movies, then take the guy to the cinema, the main thing is to choose a movie that, first of all, will be interesting to him.

If your boyfriend loves sweets, then give him sweets "Tasty help".

Do not forget that any gift should be accompanied by non-stereotyped, warm and sincere wishes.

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