What to give a third grader for his birthday: 18 ideas

Gifts for children are one of the biggest concerns for adults. Their tastes and desires often have not yet had time to form, and the children themselves rarely can express what exactly they want to receive as a present, because the horse that the conditional Sema wanted last week will become a brand new Lego set next week. It is in order to facilitate the choice of parents when buying a gift for their child that this article was written: after reading it, the question of what to give a third grader will certainly not be so difficult and scary, and everyone who reads will have several win-win options for what can be presented their child.


Globe - to an inquisitive schoolboy

Birthday gifts

What to give a third grader for his birthday is a good question, and the answer to it, in fact, is not too complicated. It is necessary to give priority to the interests of the child; Also, from the whole variety of Wishlist, you should select and filter those that have been of interest to the child for a long time. In other words, you should buy a gift that will not cease to be interesting for a third grader after a couple of weeks, because traditionally the most expensive gifts are given on a birthday:

  • For example, boys often like to play musical instruments, mainly guitars and drums. If they go to a music school, they probably already have an instrument, but a new one - for example, a specific guitar of a certain model and released by the young musician's favorite company, it will definitely become an excellent present.
  • Sport is also an interest. In third grade the kids still love Bicycles и videos, but quickly grow out of them, alas; perhaps it is by his son’s birthday that his bike will become completely small for him, and then it will make sense to buy a new one.
  • New prefix for the third-grader gamer, as well as joysticks и gamepads - great choice. You just need to remember to set parental controls so that the child does not buy a game of the 18+ category.

Cycling is always a joy

A bicycle is always a joyful purchase for a child.

Gifts for Knowledge Day

When thinking about what to give a third-grader at the beginning of the school year, it is worth remembering that traditionally on this holiday - which for most schoolchildren, in fact, is considered a day of mourning - they give something related to knowledge or school. Portfolio or a new set of trigonometric cribs in the form of rulers - a good option, but it is unlikely to cause delight in the boy. His sadness about returning to school after the summer holidays is best brightened up with a little more interesting and a little less neutral gifts:

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  • So, for example, a third-grader who likes the world around him - a school subject - can be given book with plants middle lane. Some of them - especially those whom their father or grandfather (or other family members) take in the autumn to pick mushrooms in the forest - will prefer mushroom guide. There are also animal lovers.
  • If your son prefers to look at the stars - and he will not have physics and astronomy for a long time - you can give him telescope or atlas of the starry sky. An avid history buff will also enjoy books on topics of interest to him.

book about insects

Book about insects with "live" pictures

  • Convenient lunch box can turn from a dull everyday gift into a joyful and interesting one if the box itself has a print with the third-grader's favorite characters - for example, with Spider-Man. He will gladly have breakfast from it at recess. The same goes for shoe covers: having found a case with the image of heroes from your son's favorite cartoon, you can give him a present that is both joyful and useful in everyday life and school.
  • Do not forget about pencil cases: to find now not only comfortable, but also beautiful, is not at all difficult. Given the interests of third-grader boys, it is preferable to give priority to pencil cases with characters from the Marvel and DC universes, as well as the cartoon series Gravity Falls or any other that the birthday boy loves.

Gifts for the New Year

Gifts for the New Year is always a long-awaited event for a person of any age, and especially for a schoolchild. It doesn't matter if he still believes in Santa Claus or not - he will be delighted with the present anyway. Parents can go wild when choosing Christmas gifts, so here are some great options.

  • New Lego set - a great gift that is best suited for quiet and diligent boys. Sets are not cheap now, but if you wish, you can snatch quite interesting ones at a big discount, especially for the New Year sale.

Lego set

Constructor for schoolchildren dreamers

  • For more active and less sick third graders, there are two amazing winter options - snow scooter и cheesecake. The main thing is that these gifts should not just lie in the pantry, but near the house there should be a place or a hill where the boy could ride on these presents; otherwise, they will only stir up his dream, and this is not very cool.
  • New Year costume for Christmas trees and gatherings with friends, it can also be an excellent present. You just need to choose for the third-grader boy the image that suits him the most. It is worth remembering that, despite the growing popularity of superheroes, costumes of pirates and monsters from horror films will always be in fashion. Most likely, the third grader has already watched Freddy Krueger, even if he is not supposed to, so he will be delighted with Freddy's own costume.
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The main thing to remember when choosing a gift for a third grader is that all children are individual. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at your beloved boy: perhaps he has long dreamed of a complete collection of the Harry Potter book series. It is worth giving preference to those gifts that will please not the parent, but the child himself - and then the love of the son will be provided to the donors.


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