What to give a son for 12 years: basic recommendations for choosing a present

Birthday is certainly an important moment in the life of every person. Depending on the age, the requirements of the birthday man for the desired gift change. If a small child is easy to surprise, then with a teenager, choosing a surprise turns into a real quest. He is harder to please, so parents often face the question of what to give their son for 12 years.

Here are a few tips to help you quickly decide on the best presentation:

  • The most optimal way is to carefully find out from the future birthday man what he is talking about. dreams.
  • Pay attention to it hobbies, for example: give a young musician a musical instrument or a souvenir with his favorite band; perfect for an active boy Sports equipment (bicycle, dumbbells, punching bag, etc.). The guy-erudite at the time will be a new logical table game.
  • By the age of twelve, adolescents are actively using various gadgets. You can surprise the birthday man with a modern device.
  • Originality and creativity. Teenagers often like to show off new products and measure themselves in steepness. Think about what makes your child stand out from the crowd.

The difficulty of choosing a surprise lies in the fact that the child is going through a period of hormonal surges and is in an active change in the perception of the world, character, habits. The first two of the above tips will help you not to miscalculate with a present.

Gift ideas for a child's hobbies

Parents always try to help their child find a hobby to their liking, develop abilities in an already found interest. Hobbies are a win-win direction for choosing a present.

  • The artist will never be superfluous with a new set of tools: brushes, colored and pencils, albums, easel. It would be a good idea Graphics tablet.
  • A musician will certainly be delighted with consumables, for example: strings for a guitarist or violinist, sticks for a drummer. You can buy a modern microphone for a singer, and just a music fan will appreciate an item of clothing or a mug with his idol.
  • Pathfinders and travelers at the very time will need equipment for hiking and survival: a paracord bracelet with a compass, a tent and a mat, a tourist set of dishes, a creative backpack, a Power Bank and a thermal mug.
  • For a young IT specialist, a very practical gift is a comfortable computer chair, table lamp or watch with wireless charging function.
  • A lover of making and inventing will be delighted with some interesting set: a wood burning kit, a 3D metal puzzle in the form of technology.
  • The book lover won't give up Certificate to the bookstore. So you will be sure that the birthday boy definitely liked the surprise.
  • A fashionable gentleman will go well with a beautiful silver chain.
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A few examples of how easy it is to find a clue in a child's hobbies in order to choose a useful gift for his son on his 12th birthday.

Ideas for original surprises

Teenagers are very impressionable, and what is the most chic gift of all time? Of course, emotions! A practical and useful souvenir is not always the most long-awaited. But the presents that can cause children's laughter and sincere emotions, nothing surpasses.

So, what original and creative can you give your son for 12 years? Here are some ideas:

  • Backpack with built-in LED display. With such a gift, you can safely show off in the company and cause surprise among peers. The bottom line is that with the help of a special application on the phone, you can display any picture and video.
  • bubble machine in the form of a machine gun or a blaster. Boys love shooting games since childhood. Why not give the child the opportunity to arrange a safe war.
  • Snow scooter. Almost everyone in childhood had rollerblades, skateboards and scooters for entertainment in the warm season. But not everyone has a snow scooter. With such a surprise, you will give not only a lot of impressions, but also the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
  • Junior Spy Pack. To successfully hunt down the enemy in the war, you need to arrange surveillance. Without certain gadgets, this will not be possible. The spy kit will not only help you survive the battle, but also help develop tactical skills and logical thinking in your child.

Perhaps your son is a collector. It can be anything: cars, cartoon or TV series characters, animals, etc.

If you have access to items that he already has, you can gift him something that isn't there yet. The figurine of the limited version will cause special admiration for the birthday boy.

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Perhaps you have an original and positive family that always plays harmless jokes on each other. Then you can easily come up with an interesting gift that will help your child set up new traps for you.

Adult surprises for a real man

The teenage period is the most difficult: the birthday boy is no longer a child, but not yet a man. He's just getting ready to be. Therefore, already now you can pay attention to things that will help him plunge into the world of adulthood.

  • Original piggy bank. The child, as a rule, spends his pocket money on all sorts of sweets and toys. To teach your son how to properly manage finances, a piggy bank is perfect. In stores, you can choose an interesting design that can attract a child to form their own budget.
  • Diary and wrist watch. Children do not yet have an understanding of punctuality and daily routine. Instead, parents do it. Such gift options will help a teenager learn how to properly manage time and make plans for the day.
  • Set for virtual racing. A great option to teach a guy driving skills and traffic rules.

As a separate item, you can withdraw Jewelry. These include bracelets, chains, crosses and even cufflinks. For a twelve-year-old guy, silver options are suitable, not very massive. You can also pay attention to bracelets with the addition of leather.

Bad gift ideas

It is worth remembering that for a birthday, we all want to get something unusual, creative or long-awaited. This desire does not depend on age and gender.

There are several directions of surprises that can upset a birthday teenager. For example:

  • Do not give your son everyday things. Wardrobe items should be bought without reference to any holiday. An exception may be creative outerwear. For example, a T-shirt or sweatshirt with your favorite character or idol.
  • School and stationery. Just as in the case of clothing, these products are bought regardless of the celebration.

Tip: pay more attention to what your child is excited about in everyday life. It can be the latest generation of gadgets, a new hobby, or stories about what a friend has but does not have.

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If no one but people lives in your house, then most likely your child has asked for a pet more than once. A separate category and sometimes a painful topic for parents are our smaller friends. You can safely give your son a 12th birthday animalHowever, there are a number of things to keep in mind:

  • Such a step should be taken not only for the sake of the child, but also for yourself.
  • Be prepared for the fact that the responsibility for such a gift will lie with you.
  • Be very serious about choosing the type of animal.
  • Make sure your child is interested in caring for a pet.

It is also worth remembering: children are far from fully understanding what responsibility is. Animals are a great way to develop this skill in a child.

Suitable for a twelve-year-old birthday:

  • A parrot. Feathered pets do not require much time to care for them. In addition, by acquiring a breed that can talk, you can teach your son how to deal with a bird. In addition to responsibility, the child will acquire patience and consistency.
  • Kitten. The most common type of pet. They require a little more time in care and need proper education.
  • Puppy. Probably the most desired four-legged pets among children. Give preference to small or medium breed. Since a birthday person may not be able to cope with a large breed without proper knowledge.
  • Turtles and fish. The quietest and most peaceful types of pets that do not require constant attention. They are believed to have a positive effect on very active children.
  • Hamster, rat, guinea pig. A group of these rodents is also common as pets. A great option for parents too: they do not damage the house, they are not demanding in care.

In no case do not give a child an animal of exotic origin!

To make it easier to decide on a surprise for your son's birthday, be interested in what he is fond of, what he dreams of. The best gift for a child is positive emotions and a bit of a miracle.