What to give a daughter for 10 years from parents: choosing the best

Soon my daughter will be ten years old - this is her first little anniversary, and your task is to do everything to make it wonderful. Invite as many of her friends as possible, decorate the house, bake or order a cake, and of course find the perfect gift. And to do this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

There are a lot of options for what you can give your daughter for 10 years. You just have to choose the one that best suits your child in terms of interests and character.

TOP 10 universal gifts for 10 years daughter

The presents from the list are most often bought by young ladies, because they are best suited at the age of ten. However, do not think that gifts are ideal for absolutely all girls. Everyone's hobbies and desires are different, so be sure to consider the individuality of your child.

The list of the best gifts includes:

  1. Earrings - jewelry will become a favorite accessory for adults and an indicator of your trust. Try to choose small items made of precious metals that will not cause allergies. It is also better to give up expensive gems, because the girl may still not keep track of them.
  2. Wrist Watch - another status decoration that will help the child to navigate in time and better plan his day. Choose from a smartwatch, a delicate rhinestone piece, or a model featuring your favorite cartoon character.
  3. Flip flop set - with its help your daughter will be able to make an amazing picture or her own portrait on her own. Such works look very impressive and bright.
  4. Chameleon cup - choose the one with the girl's favorite hero. When the hot water warms up the cup, the thermal lining will become transparent and allow you to see the picture.
  5. Butterfly farm  - the kit includes a doll and instructions on how to grow and care for a butterfly on your own. So the child will be able to get to know the amazing creature better, hold it in their hands and even feed it from a spoon!
  6. Coloring book-roll - the perfect gift for a creative girl! Complete the roll with colored pencils or felt-tip pens, and your child will spend hours decorating interesting pictures.
  7. Magic Crystals Is a great way to try yourself in a new business. The kit includes everything you need for growing: powder, container and a special stick.
  8. The tablet - the child will be interested in playing games, reading books or watching something on his own tablet. And since the screen is larger than that of the phone, then the eyes will be less tired.
  9. Set of baby cosmetics - every girl dreams of starting to paint and being the same as her mother. And to protect your mother's cosmetics, you can give your daughter her own set. It is important to choose a children's kit, since it does not cause allergies and is not so pigmented.
  10. Lego construction set for girls - one of the most popular options is the Disney princess series. These are sets based on all famous cartoons that will delight your child with cute doll houses and beautiful designs.
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When choosing a surprise for your daughter's 10th birthday, be sure to try to listen to the child's wishes. Try to remember everything your daughter said or asked for. This will help make the holiday the most memorable and give the girl exactly what she wants.

Gifts for the future lady for 10 years

If your daughter loves to dress up and imitate her mother, you should pay attention to this. Perhaps her hobby is fashion and beauty. Then a birthday present for a daughter of 10 years old may be as follows:

  • multi-colored braids with kanekolon - These are weightless faux strands that are easily woven into your hair to create a voluminous and vibrant hairstyle. And the most important thing is not coloring, so you can safely experiment with a shade of hair;
  • set of transferable tattoos - are stickers that can be easily washed off with plain water. Bright and beautiful tattoos will be great fun for girls and girlfriends;
  • low heel shoes - a perfect gift for a little fashionista. The main thing is that the shoes are not only attractive, but also comfortable. And if your daughter prefers sports shoes, you can always give her cute sneakers;
  • soft hair hoop and set of hairpins - beautiful hair accessories will not only delight the girl, but also help to make her hairstyle more accurate;
  • braslet - stylish jewelry will definitely interest your daughter and become one of your favorite accessories;
  • beauty box from your favorite blogger - an ideal present for a modern child. Such sets for children include a lot of interesting things, as well as goodies, so that the girl will definitely appreciate the congratulations.

You can also look at a jewelry and memorabilia box as a gift. Even adults like such products, so they will definitely charm the birthday girl.

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Creative gifts for a girl for 10 years from parents

Hobbies for girls at the age of 10 can be very diverse - drawing, music, handicrafts and much more. But creative people will always be happy to receive something new from their parents as a gift! Therefore, if your daughter is a creative person, then you need to give appropriate gifts. For example, something from the following list:

  • set for animation creativity - with its help, the birthday girl will learn how to create videos or even full-fledged cartoons. The sets include everything you need - unique figures, locations and accessories;
  • kit for painting on fabric - every girl dreams of creating her own design for a T-shirt. So your daughter will not only get a unique pattern, but also feel like a real fashion designer!
  • panels in the "quilling" technique - a simple technique consists in twisting strips of paper into spirals, and then giving them various shapes. Pictures in this technique are voluminous and colorful;
  • set for making soap - such kits will allow you to create a beautiful and unique soap that will charm everyone. If the girl is only interested in such creativity, choose simple options, and for the "advanced" you can buy kits with a large number of figures, flower petals and essential oils;
  • 3D pen - with its help, you can create three-dimensional figures right in the air, so this is a great gift for a creative girl.

When choosing a gift, be sure to consider the interests of the child. For example, if a girl is more interested in dancing and music, it is worth giving her a synthesizer or microphone.

Presentations for an active daughter for 10 years

Some children are not particularly assiduous, but you should not scold them for this. Perhaps they have too much energy that needs to be put somewhere. And sport is a great solution in this case. Here's what you can give a sports girl:

  • hoverboard Is a modern form of transport that is very popular with children. The gift is not cheap, but it will definitely be remembered for many years!
  • bike - a great present for an active daughter who loves to be outdoors. It is advisable to immediately purchase protection and special accessories for the city to ensure safety;
  • neuroskipping rope - consists of a luminous wheel and a soft mount on one leg. With a few simple movements, the rope begins to rotate, which strengthens the muscles and motor skills of the child.
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You can also give your daughter rollers, skates, skis and much more as a gift for 10 years. It is important that you help the girl to master a new type of transport, otherwise it will gather dust in the closet.

Pets as a gift for a daughter for 10 years

By the age of ten, children are already becoming more serious and responsible. Many people want to have a pet and beg for it from their parents. If your child has long dreamed of his pet and is old enough to take care of him on his own, then you can fulfill her dream. But before that, you should make sure that none of the family members are allergic to animals. In addition, parents should be prepared for the fact that the responsibilities of caring may fall on their shoulders over time.

Here's what to choose as a pet:

  • a parrot;
  • puppy;
  • Kitty;
  • hamster;
  • Guinea pig;
  • rabbit;
  • fish.

It is the fish that are considered the most undemanding, but they may seem boring to the child. Hamsters are especially popular, because they are not very picky and get along well with children.

Be sure to supplement your congratulations with a beautiful postcard and a small bouquet of flowers, and then the daughter's first anniversary will be a bang!


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