What to give a child for 9 years: TOP-30 best gift options

For children

At the age of nine, the child's interests begin to take an active interest in communicating with peers. This is not yet a teenager, but no longer a toddler. When deciding what to give a child for 9 years, age and individual characteristics should be taken into account. After reading this article, you will find out for yourself how to choose the right present for a nine-year-old boy or girl according to the interests of the birthday boy.

What to give a child for 9 years

On his birthday, the child will be happy with any gift.

Universal gifts

Creator's Kit. This can be set of paints, tools, ceramic clay for modeling, chemical reagents... The creative kit will allow the birthday boy to paint his favorite cup. You can add to the gift certificate for attending a master class or special courses. Such a present can provoke the development of abilities, or channel the energy of a young talent into a peaceful channel.

Musical Instruments... This presentation option, together with payment for a tutor or courses, will help the child organize his leisure time and develop his abilities. For high achievements, it is necessary to attend a music school from the age of 5, but nine-year-olds can also learn a lot. This will add confidence to the birthday boy.

Animal... This gift must be agreed with the parents of the birthday boy. Can be donated hamster, a kitten, puppy, aquarium with fish or chinchilla... A living being will teach a child to take responsibility.

Educational games... The industry offers a wide variety of games that develop a child's abilities - thinking, memory, logic, speech, creativity. Such a toy will allow the child to get distracted from computer games and spend more time with friends.

What to give a child for 9 years

A set of a young chemist is the best gift for an inquisitive child.

Real instruments or appliances... At the age of nine, children are already beginning to be interested in various professional activities. Telescope, microscope, jig saw, set of carpentry tools will help you realize your desires and find a hobby. Young chemist kit, with which you can grow crystals will direct the child's interest in the right direction.

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Books... Nowadays, children rarely read, namely reading helps to develop abstract thinking, fantasy, imagination, improves memory, increases vocabulary, increases erudition, and improves literacy. The adventures described by such authors as Jules Verne, Rudyard Kipling, Astrid Lindgren will impress children of this age.

A practical gift... If you decide to make such a gift to a child for 9 years, then each present should carry an emotional load. If this backpack, or clothes, then these items should have your favorite cartoon characters, idols or jewelry. It is better to coordinate such a present with the birthday person in advance. It is advisable to buy clothes or shoes with the child.

What to give a child for 9 years

Before choosing a backpack, be sure to specify which one the birthday boy likes.


In order for the holiday to be remembered for a long time, it must evoke vivid emotions. When deciding whether to give a child for 9 years that, it is not necessary to acquire a significant thing that requires large investments. You can make your birthday unforgettable by spending it with the whole family in an unusual place.

  1. Hike in dolphinarium.
  2. Horseback riding or riding lessons.
  3. Tour to an unusual place.
  4. Hike in amusement park.
  5. Jumping on the trampoline.
  6. Ticket for karting.
  7. Passage quest.
  8. Visit rope park.
  9. Rock climbing.
  10. Waterpark.
  11. Snowboard master class.


Despite their rather adult age, nine-year-olds are still children, and are actively interested in toys. In this case, a gift for a 9-year-old child should be entertaining, interesting, and fun for peers.

  1. Monopoly... This game will teach you how to manage finances, plan your actions, and will help you have a good time with the whole family or in a friendly company.
  2. Flying fish... An unusual toy of a large size can fly through the air thanks to helium, a motor and a special weight. The durable material contributes to a long service life.

What to give a child for 9 years

A construction set with a lot of parts is every boy's dream, especially if you are assembling a robot.

  1. Darts... There are options for playing with magnetic and conventional targets. Such a present will help develop an eye, hone coordination of movements, relieve nervous tension. This game can be played as a team or alone.
  2. Magnetic Constructor Puzzle... This version of the presentation will not only relieve nervous tension, but will also contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the hands, logical thinking.
  3. Projector... A device with which you can see a star map, view planets or the solar system, easily turns into a night light.
  4. Kite... This option will help you have a good time outdoors with friends.
  5. Lotto of smells... This is a very unusual game in which the senses will be involved. It is fun to play with peers or the whole family.
  6. Neo newtonian fluid... An interesting chewing gum for hands with different aromas and unusual properties will interest a child. There are options that you need to do yourself, following the instructions.

What to give a child for 9 years

An excellent gift will be a set for assembling LoftBox - we develop spatial thinking for the guy.

Unusual presents

It is very difficult to surprise modern children with Internet access. But if you decide what to give your child for 9 years old and want to make a surprise, then you can choose one of the following options.

  • Webcam in the form of a soft toy;
  • toothpaste dispenser;
  • aqua farm;
  • column in the form of a car;
  • electronic money box;
  • ant farm;
  • 3D lamp;
  • flying alarm clock;
  • binoculars;
  • electronic constructor;
  • set "DIY pendulum clock";
  • set "Liquid light";
  • microscope.

Modern devices

This type of present is very popular and in demand. All children at the age of nine are fond of various equipment, the Internet, computer games.

  1. A laptop or board... If you choose a budget model that performs standard functions, then it will be an excellent gift option for 9 years.
  2. Mobile phone... This gadget requires responsibility and constant monitoring.
  3. Special gadgets for gamer... It can be an unusual computer mouse, joystick, multimedia keyboard.
  4. Electronic interactive pet.
  5. Virtual reality glasses.
  6. Light tablet for drawing.
  7. 3D pen.
  8. Флешка.
  9. Camera... You can add to it the attendance of special courses.
  10. Kids watchthat will help you find out the owner's location and contact him. Such a device will allow you to monitor your child at school, in the pool or in training.

What to give a child for 9 years

The interactive globe will tell the young traveler everything about any country he is interested in.

Gifts for girls

At the age of nine, the young lady already has her own preferences, interests and hobbies. When choosing a gift for a child for 9 years, you need to reckon with the opinion of the birthday girl herself. At this age, the following presents will be in demand:

  • ornamentation for hair;
  • bomb for Bath;
  • plant growing kit;
  • stationery;
  • dance mat;
  • apparatus for making cotton candy;
  • casket for decoration;
  • ornamentation (bracelets, brooches, beads, pendants);
  • picturewhich is drawn by numbers;
  • game "Twister";
  • linens;
  • a porcelain doll;
  • creator's Kit (embroidery, weaving from elastic bands, knitting, decoupage);
  • videos.

If you do not know about the hobbies of the birthday girl, then you should definitely inquire unobtrusively. At the age of nine, most of all, children do not like if their opinions are imposed on them.

Gifts for a boy

Boys of nine years old love active games. Various puzzles or experiments are no less exciting activities. When choosing what to give a child at 9 years old, it is necessary to take into account these age characteristics. You can choose one of the following options:

  • skate;
  • complicated constructor;
  • robot radio-controlled;
  • snow scooter or skates;
What to give a child for 9 years
Be sure to pack the gift beautifully and unusually.
  • table soccer;
  • braided braslet;
  • warmer toy;
  • trampoline;
  • bike;
  • boxing gloves and punching bag;
  • 3D puzzle;
  • set for experiments (chemistry or physics);
  • bag chair;
  • protective equipment;
  • nominal flash drive;
  • football uniform;
  • ball;
  • set for weaving from elastic bands;
  • computer mouse or speakers.

Gifts for children 9 years old should be interesting, develop creativity, logic, thinking. At this age, children have their own values ​​and preferences. Money or a certificate will help in the event that it was not possible to find out the preferences of the birthday person. Such a present will help you count on a specific amount, teach you how to properly manage your finances. At the age of nine, children need to be given freedom of choice, to develop independence and the ability to defend their opinions.