What to give your son for 11 years: gifts for hobbies, jewelry, gadgets

At the age of 11, the boy enters adolescence. He wants to be older and tries to act like an adult.

It is best to give your son for 11 years what he dreams of. If it is unrealistic to fulfill a dream, do not be discouraged - an alternative can always be found.

Original gifts

For your 11th birthday, you can give your son:

  • aqua farm. This is a special aquarium, the upper part of which is intended for growing plants (dill, parsley, lettuce). Such a gift will be very useful if the boy is fond of biology.
  • "Star" plaid. As part of a warm, cozy blanket there is an organic phosphor. There are no harmful additives like phosphorus in the composition. The blanket is easy to care for and safe for health.
  • interactive pet. For example, you can give your child a robot dog. This toy, controlled by an application installed on a mobile device, supports the game, accompanies the owner everywhere and executes simple commands.

Accessories: jewelry or watches

Give your son a watch. Do not give expensive branded models. When choosing, be guided by the style and lifestyle of the boy.

A boy can be presented with a gold pectoral cross on a strong chain or string. Also, the cross can be copper, brass or silver.

Alternatively, you can give a pendant with a teenager's patron saint.


The best birthday present for an 11-year-old son is a new iPhone model. If your son already has a mobile device, give him:

  • Smart Watches. The availability of functions depends on the nature of the birthday person, as well as on his hobbies and degree of employment. If the boy attends training, choose a waterproof watch with a chronometer, heart rate monitor and other options useful for athletes.
  • Flash drive. Choose products of the original form. It will be great if you give your son a personalized flash drive.
  • Column. A teenager will surely like a trendy speaker equipped with LEDs.
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Sports Gifts

A good gift for my son for 11 years will be:

  • dumbbell set. Choose collapsible dumbbells: so the teenager will be able to regulate the weight himself. This will prevent the risk of straining the tendons and ligaments, joints and muscles, as well as serious injury.
  • Swedish wall. This is a special simulator with which the son can exercise at home and perform exercises that work all muscle groups.
  • Balance board. Classes on a balancing board strengthen muscles, improve coordination of movements. This is a great gift for a boy who loves to surf, snowboard and ski. The main advantage of a balance board is that you can ride it in the off-season.
  • Stunt scooter. Such a gift will be relevant if your son is actively involved in sports and knows how or wants to learn how to perform tricks.

Focus on your son's needs. A good gift would be high-quality sneakers from a famous brand, a sports uniform or a bag. If possible, give the boy a ticket to the match of his favorite team.

Useful gifts

For 11 years old son, you can give:

  • Metal detector. This device is a great alternative to a computer and an iPhone. The opportunity to find some value is a great motivation to break away from the monitor and start looking. Playing with a metal detector develops important skills, and it's also a way to make good friends.
  • interactive globe. With this device, you can travel without leaving your home and without resorting to gadgets. Interesting information about sights, nature and people living in a particular country appears on the screen of the device in 3D format. Additionally, there is an opportunity to take part in a quiz.
  • LED flashlight. This is a small wear-resistant device, useful on a walk, on vacation and in everyday life.
  • Wireless headphones. They provide high-quality sound of music and allow the teenager to always be in touch with you. With the noise canceling function, you can talk on the phone even in noisy places. The weight of one earphone is about 4 grams. Thanks to good fixation, they stay in the ear even during active training.
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Creative gifts

A good gift for a calm boy would be a home shadow theater. This toy develops fine motor skills, imagination and abstract thinking.

If the boy is interested in drawing, give him picture for coloring by numbers. This activity does not require special skills. At the same time, it improves memory, attention, develops imagination and reveals the creative potential of the child.

If your son is trying to write poetry or stories, present him with a reusable notebook.

Cheap gifts

If the budget is limited, for your son's birthday you can give:

  • Ant farm. Such a gift will be very useful if a teenager is interested in the world of animals and insects in particular. The bottom line is that the boy will be able to independently develop an ant colony from scratch and organize observation of it.
  • ferrofluid (stored in a container with a neodymium magnet). Under the influence of a magnetic field, the liquid takes on various shapes and forms different patterns. A neodymium magnet allows you to divide the liquid into several parts and drag it in different directions. The product develops intelligence and relieves stress.
  • Keychain with search function. This is a great gift option for a boy who often loses things. To activate the key fob, you need to make some kind of loud sound. Having found the lost thing, the product emits a signal and notifies the owner with light.
  • tree growing kit. The kit comes with seeds and growing instructions. A great gift for a boy who is interested in plants.

What else can you give

A musical child can be given a guitar, digital piano or drum set. A good gift for a young music lover will be a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist.

If the boy is intellectually developed, give him interesting board games. If you like bright emotions, pay for participation in an interesting quest or give a dream trip.

What is better not to give

Do not give your son things that encourage him to do something. If a teenager is indifferent to reading, do not give him even interesting books. You should not give an overweight teenager, passionate about creativity or science, sports equipment: it will still gather dust.

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An XNUMX-year-old boy is definitely not happy with plush toys.: He considers himself old enough for such things.

Another bad gift idea is school supplies: don't give something for your birthday that you will buy your son anyway.


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