What to give a girlfriend for 17 years: inexpensive gift ideas, jewelry, impression gifts

Seventeen is the age of making big decisions. At this age, many think about their future profession, gain experience in relationships with the opposite sex. You can give a girlfriend for 17 years something cool, or vice versa - a present with meaning. Most importantly, the thing should evoke positive emotions.

How to choose a gift

Usually the best friend is always aware of her friend's preferences. But if in doubt, ask what she would like to receive for her birthday.

If you want to arrange a surprise, start preparing in advance. Start a conversation about who received what gifts for past birthdays. Most likely, a friend will tell you about her preferences, and you will know in which direction to move.

Classic gifts

A good birthday present for a 17 year old friend is:

  • Large flash drive. The product can be decorated with precious stones, or equipped with a combination lock.
  • Wrist Watch. Focus on the style of a friend and her preferences. If she has no special preferences, choose bright models decorated with rhinestones. If possible, order a nominal engraving from the master.
  • Phone stand. Choose models with a column, or with a built-in stand.
  • Jewelry. A cool gift for a 17-year-old friend will be a silver jewelry: a ring, earrings, piercing, a chain with a pendant, a bracelet or a name medallion.
  • BOOK. Give books that suit your friend's tastes. If she is studying foreign languages, you can give her a work of your favorite author in the original.

For face and body care

You can give a girlfriend for her 17th birthday decorative cosmetics and skin care products, as well as perfumes. If you don't know your friend's preferences, don't risk it.: better specify in advance what products and smells she likes.

Options for good gifts for your best friend on her 17th birthday:

  • Clutch. Choose products made in a minimalist style, with a small amount of detail. The following things should fit in the clutch: phone, house key, express cosmetics.
  • Makeup brushes. Give a set of professional brushes: it includes both small and large products.
  • Scarf. We recommend donating silk items from well-known companies. Most importantly, the product must match the style of the girl.
  • Bijouterie. An elegant handmade product will become an interesting accessory and complement the image.
  • Decorative cosmetics. Focus on the tastes and needs of a friend. You can give her only mascara or lipstick, or a set of cosmetics. Pack a present in a stylish cosmetic bag.
  • Manicure set. Give a set with an electric machine.
  • Hair accessories. If your friend wants to get rid of curls, give her a flat iron. If she likes to experiment with hairstyles, present her with a professional hair dryer with several modes and attachments.

If you really want to give a perfume to your beloved friend, and you kind of know her preferences, choose perfumes with a light floral, orange, pear-apricot, or tangerine aroma.

Gifts for hobbies

You can give a friend something related to her hobbies for her birthday (17 years old):

  • Blogger gift a subscription to a photo editor or an action camera.
  • Lover of cooking feel free to present any kitchen utensils. A good gift would be a stand for spices or sweets, a set of knives, a set for making sushi, baking molds, a mixer or a blender.
  • gamer you can give a massage chair cover, a set of monitor care products, a mini vacuum cleaner, Dancing Fountains speakers, or a backlit keyboard. You can also give your friend a high-speed mouse, creative headphones (with cat ears or with a pattern), a mug with a USB heater, or a tablet holder.
  • Needlewoman Give a wicker rattan yarn storage basket. If a friend likes to knit, give her a knitting kit with patterns and a set of threads. You can also give a photo puzzle, or a set for embroidery or laying out a picture with rhinestones.
  • Traveler (lover of outdoor activities) you can give a picnic set, a beach bag, or a stylish hat.
  • Artist give a professional set of pencils, paints, a set of natural brushes, markers, felt-tip pens, a sketchbook. If a friend is just looking at drawing, present her a picture for coloring by numbers.
  • Sportswoman you can safely give dumbbells with a small weight, a set of rubber bands for fitness, a sports uniform, or an aerobics mat (with an anti-slip coating).

If a friend leads a healthy lifestyle or wants to get the perfect figure, give her a book with a lot of diet recipes.

Original gifts

Here are some options for original gifts for a girlfriend for 17 years:

  • Lightbox. Upload interesting photos of your friend there: she will be pleased to receive such a present. If possible, choose a model with original lighting.
  • Photo plaid. Such a gift will be especially relevant if your girlfriend is very romantic. It will be great if the brightest moments from the life of a girl are captured on the photo of the blanket.
  • book with secret compartment. In this department, your girlfriend will be able to store things dear to her heart.
  • cool slippers. If your friend has a good sense of humor, give her slippers in the form of animal paws. You can also donate heated slippers.
  • Instagram. Such a gift will be relevant if a friend has an Instagram account.
  • funny cartoon. It should be written from a photograph that evokes warm emotions in a friend. Be sure to put the gift in a beautiful frame.

Impression gifts

For 17 years, a friend can give:

  • photo session. Focus on the tastes of a friend: you can order both a thematic photo shoot (vampire, gaming), and a photo shoot in the fresh air.
  • Flying in a wind tunnel. If a friend likes bright emotions, she will surely like the free fall effect.
  • Certificate for passing the quest. Depending on the preferences of a friend, the quest can be scary, detective, or fun. Complete the quest together: then you will definitely have something to remember.
  • Master Class. Depending on the interests of the hero of the occasion, give her the opportunity to attend a class in sand painting, scrapbooking, pottery, cooking, needlework, painting, photography or dancing.
  • horse ride. Such a gift will come in handy if a friend loves horses, or has long dreamed of getting into the saddle. It will be great if the walk is organized in nature.
  • Cinema ticket (concert, theater, opera). Alternatively, you can go to a museum or art gallery together.
  • Karting. Such a gift will come in handy if your girlfriend loves extreme sports. Alternatively, you can give her the opportunity to fly a hang glider, or skydive.

Cheap gifts

If the budget is limited, give a friend:

  • Eco cosmetics (for example, a set of creams).
  • Scarf snood. Choose not only warm, but also stylish option. It will be great if you tie it with your own hands.
  • Photo album handmade. Put there pictures that evoke warm feelings in the hero of the occasion and be sure to leave a free space: his girlfriend will fill it herself.
  • Acrylic stand for decorative cosmetics. Additionally, you can purchase a similar box for shoemakers or cotton buds in the kit.
  • A set of hair clips (or rubber bands). Choose cool and rare models. Hairpins that increase volume are always relevant.
  • Chameleon mug. Alternatively, give a mug with a funny pattern. If a friend likes tea, present her a large mug.

What is better not to give

Don't give your friend a living creature unless you're sure her parents won't mind. Of course, you can give her a butterfly or ant farm, or, for example, fish, but be sure to check how the birthday girl's household will react to this.

Things with specific jokes are also not the best gift, even if you have been friends for many years. On your birthday, you still want to get something special.

Don't give your friend acne-fighting products: even if you know about the existence of a super drug, report it on any other day. The same goes for any other cosmetics: dandruff shampoo, whitening toothpaste, creams for flaky skin are not the most appropriate birthday gifts.

Do not give trinkets like key rings and souvenirs: such presents are appropriate for people with whom you have a neutral relationship, but certainly not for your best friend.

Give up the idea of ​​giving your friend some clothes: if the present is small or large for her, neither she nor you will be pleased.

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