What to give a friend for 18 years: cool gifts for cool guys

In this article, we will consider the best gifts for a friend on his 18th birthday. It picks up a variety of unusual things by interest and price. After reading this article, you will never again have the question of what you can give a friend for 18 years on his birthday, and you will be able to decide on the best gift for the birthday man, which will definitely stand out among others with its brightness and originality.

What to give a friend for 18 years

A cheerful and noisy surprise, in the form of a party - a cool and pleasant gift

The best gifts for interests for a man

If you still didn’t have a couple of good ideas, and you couldn’t answer the question of what to give your best friend for 18 years, then below you can choose a good gift from the list of the best gifts for a man, according to his interests.

Computer lovers

Most men love computers and various gadgets that are at least somehow connected with them. Therefore, such a person can be presented with a computer headset or other trifles:

  • folding table under a laptop;
  • Flashstorage device
  • laptop bag;
  • Webcam;
  • wireless mouse;
  • кресло on wheels;
  • folding board;
  • case for tablet;
  • Printer or scanner.

For the music lover

If your friend loves to listen to music and cannot live a day without it, gifts with a musical inclination are perfect for him:

  • wireless headphones;
  • player;
  • column;
  • music Center;
  • disk favorite artist;
  • ticket to the concert.

For an athlete

For someone who goes in for sports, a gift associated with it is best suited. Such a gift to a friend for 18 years can be found quite simply:

  • match ticket;
  • nominal sport suit;
  • football ball;
  • pedometer;
  • skates;
  • jump rope;
  • skate;
  • dumbbells;
  • boxing gloves.
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For the fishing lover

An avid fisherman always needs expensive and high-quality accessories. Therefore, for such a person, perfect:

  • expensive fishing rod;
  • folding chair;
  • elite set bait;
  • fishing net;
  • set spinners;
  • set floats;
  • fisherman clothes.

If the guy likes to play

All men are small children at heart, who sometimes like to play pranks and play with children's toys. Therefore, when choosing a gift for your best friend, pay attention to various toys and sets.

Gifts for a computer game lover:

  • playroom keyboard;
  • gaming headphones;
  • steering wheel for car racing;
  • licensed the key to any game;
  • console;
  • spectacles virtual reality.

Gifts for the board game lover:

  • chess;
  • Monopoly;
  • Scrabble;
  • darts;
  • sea ​​battle;
  • desktop hockey;
  • billiards.

What to give a friend for 18 years

If your friend is seriously into chess, give him a unique and inimitable handmade set

For car owners

If you have a question about what you can give a friend for 18 years who loves cars, then you can buy him special accessories for transport:

  • training certificate in a driving school
  • book "100 best cars in the world";
  • stickers on the car;
  • seat covers;
  • navigator;
  • powerful speakers;
  • set of tools.

Elite birthday gifts

If your best friend has succeeded in his years, and already occupies a fairly serious position, or he is a real businessman and his whole life revolves around work, then you can give him an elite and expensive gift that will help him in his work:

  • expensive Wrist Watch;
  • Luxury a pen;
  • notebook in leather binding;
  • belt from crocodile skin;
  • organizer dark wood;
  • gold chain.

Inexpensive gifts for best friend

If you have a limited amount of money or simply do not have time to look for an expensive gift, you can give the birthday boy an inexpensive but unusual present:

  • annual set of socks;
  • Crystal Ball;
  • Electronic Cigarette;
  • alcohol roulette;
  • chocolate set from various tastes;
  • flask;
  • set for saunas;
  • good Eau de Toilette.

What to give a friend for 18 years

Beautiful and stylish accessories - the perfect complement to the image of a gentleman

Original gifts

It's no secret that many people want to give their best friend a bright and unusual gift that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. But how to arrange such a surprise and not spoil it? First you need to decide on the type of activity that your friend prefers:

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A good answer to the question of what to give a friend for 18 years who does not like to sit still and loves to do extreme things will be certificates from this list:

  • extreme driving;
  • training flight by plane;
  • прогулка on ATVs;
  • aero tube flight;
  • journey to Alaska;
  • Master Class riding a motorcycle;
  • windsurfing;
  • Zip-line flight;
  • fighter jet flight;
  • paintball.


If your birthday boy does not like to risk his life and prefers peace and quiet, then these gifts are perfect for him:

  • horse riding;
  • dinner with unlimited meat;
  • SPA in Turkish;
  • Master Class yacht management;
  • flight on the air balloon;
  • jazz evening;
  • painting master class;
  • contact zoo.

What to give a friend for 18 years

Create a gift with your own hands - collect a set of necessary things for a friend and pack it beautifully


If your birthday boy loves adventure and wants to experience vivid emotions, then an excellent answer to the question of what to give a friend for 18 years is original, there will be special trip vouchers and certificates:

  • passing quest;
  • visitation 3D cinema;
  • Tickets to a rock music concert;
  • visitation water park;
  • visitation sports match.

Among the ideas listed, you will definitely be able to find the best gift for a birthday man who will not leave him indifferent. The main thing when choosing a present is to rely on the interests of your friend, and then the question of what you can give a friend for 18 years is an original inexpensive one that will disappear forever.


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