What to give a friend - ideas for different occasions

For friends

Everyone has a person to whom you can tell the most terrible secrets, cry on your shoulder or ask for advice when you don't know what to do. This person is the best friend. Because you can't tell your parents about some things, and you can't cry with your male friends.

And no matter what they say about female friendship or friendship between a man and a woman, it still exists. And in order to please a friend, you need to not only pay attention to her, but also give gifts. Of course, you know much better what to give your friend, because you are very close.

gift to girlfriend

A true friend is a loyal comrade in arms. It is very rare and lucky to have a close friend, and a gift to a friend is a way to express your recognition.

What types of girlfriends and to whom what gift

But what if on March 8 and your birthday you have come up with a gift, and there is still New Year, Christmas, and the day of your first meeting, which you also celebrate? Then a “friendly classification” will help to choose a gift for a friend. For example, your girlfriend ...

gift to girlfriend

Every woman at any age has a little girl. A round box with a gold bow, delicate roses and a soft toy is a brilliant touching realization of a gift.


Can your friend name the exact date of the release of Marina Tsvetaeva's first collection, recite a couple of poems by Omar Khayyam by heart, and her favorite topic of conversation is the poetics of Nabokov's artistic language? Or do you sometimes do not understand half of the words with which she easily appeals? This means that your friend is a very smart and well-read girl.

For such a book is the most desirable and necessary gift. A battered volume of Tolstoy from a second-hand bookstore, a new edition of Ray Bradbury, an audiobook or e-reader - all this will come in handy. You yourself know about her tastes and preferences. And if a clever friend also has an excellent sense of humor, you can present her with a photo with the caption "Monument to the last reading person" or a book of fairy tales.

gifts for girlfriend

Lingerie organizer and girlfriend will be happy, incredibly convenient and beautiful thing. It is unlikely to buy for itself, to receive it as a gift - just right.


It is very easy to distinguish a fashionista from others. Her cosmetic bag is always full of different brushes, jars, tubes, wardrobes are full of clothes, and the shelves are full of fashion magazines. She has a bag for every shoe, she will never wear jewelry with gold jewelry, and anyone can envy her sense of style.

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In order to please the woman of fashion, you will have to rummage in her caskets and in the closet, as well as turn over the gloss - the thing should not be from the last season and it should not be in your friend's wardrobe. If you are not confident in your abilities, take her out to go shopping. Bring a notebook with you and tag it "great perfume", "cute underwear", "I want these sandals!" and "leather will definitely be in trend this fall." These marks will make it easier for you to find a gift in the future.

gift to girlfriend

A basket with all the most necessary and useful girly joys.

Party lover

She constantly disappears in nightclubs, is admitted to all concerts, and the waiters don't even ask, but just bring the order? Your friend is one of those who cannot sit still, she needs to constantly be in the center of events. It is unlikely that you will surprise her by going to the club - she is already there all the time. But if suddenly you heard from her "I want to get into this group, but there are no tickets / money" - try by hook or by crook to get the coveted ticket for her. If you want to surprise her completely, give something that she does not expect. For example, horseback riding.

set of sweets for girlfriend

A set of the most delicate sweets - farewell to diet.


A gift for a friend who stands at the stove all day because she likes it is quite simple to choose. Beautiful glasses, a baking dish, original silicone potholders - everything that matches her delicious hobby.

Creative person

Does she draw, sing, sculpt plastic, roll wool, or make albums? Go to specialty stores and choose everything related to her favorite business.

useful gifts for girlfriend

Nice little things for every day for a good mood for a friend.

Animal lover

If she already has a pet, she will not be offended if you present her with a cage or food for the animal as a gift. If there is no pet - quickly go to the pet store and choose the cutest and cutest rabbit, parrot, cat or whom she loves more.

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An original gift for a friend

Unusual and very beautiful - a bouquet of soap.


What to give to a friend who simply does not tolerate banal things? Anything DIY! Write an ode to her on a roll of wallpaper, or make a stool with funny pictures over it. Order her portrait, or a notebook with inserts of her favorite photos and quotes. Record a song for her, order strippers. Throw a theme party. Anything, if only not vulgar and stereotyped.


A hiking mat, mini fridge, thermos or camera for capturing beautiful views of nature.



That is why she and a friend, that over the years of friendship, almost everything is known and for sure what is in her wish list (wish list). And a friend was invented for this purpose, to fulfill desires. And most importantly, not the cost of the presentation, if the budget is limited, but attention to detail and sincere friendship, when a friend receives the most coveted thing that she will not buy herself, but so want to have.