TOP 70 ideas that you can give your girlfriend for 21 years on her birthday

For friends

Birthday is always a special holiday. I want a loved one to be happy and get a lot of positive emotions. A gift is the easiest way to cheer up and make a real holiday out of your birthday. For this reason, before deciding what to give your girlfriend for 21 years, you should think carefully. After all, a friend has long come out of a young age, has her own taste and preferences.

Simple but practical gifts
You don't have to buy expensive items. You can present something small and pleasant. After all, the main thing in a gift is love and attention, not its value.

How to choose the right gift

Girls at the same age can have completely different interests. Some of them received their diplomas not so long ago, and are going to build a career. Others have already got married, and happily became the mother of a charming baby. Another category of girls at this age is still busy looking for their place in this world. They experiment with looks, hang out in clubs, or change guys like gloves. Of course, these categories of people have completely different outlooks on life, as well as life priorities:

  • In the selection process, you should focus on the life goals of the girl. If the birthday girl recently got married or became a mother, then the gift should be intended either for the birthday girl personally, or to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. A careerist should present something that will help her studies or career. A girl who lives only for herself can be given something for relaxation or beauty.
With your own hands
If everything that is sold in stores does not meet the requirements, then you can make a present with your own hands.
  • Interests and desires tend to change. If a friend six months or a year ago said about her desire, then it should not be a priority when choosing a gift. Only the most recent wishes should be considered.
  • You should not be guided only by your preferences and interests. Each person has their own taste, and it may not be the same as the rest.
  • When choosing, it is important to calculate finances. You should not give the birthday girl an overly expensive gift and put her in an awkward position. After all, then she will have to reciprocate. It is appropriate to accept an expensive gift only from relatives or closest people.
  • Each gift should be beautifully wrapped. It will increase the value of the presentation at times. It is best to wrap your gift in a special salon using beautiful flowers, lace or other decorative materials. You can also get creative and pack the present yourself.
You can hide a beautiful postcard inside the box
You can hide a beautiful postcard with congratulations and wishes inside the box.

Unbeatable options

There are things that every modern girl undoubtedly uses. These are accessories, inexpensive home appliances or personal care products:

  • Stylish handbag... When choosing, you should focus on the girl's style, as well as on things in the birthday girl's wardrobe. Also worth paying attention to are handmade bags that can be made to order.
  • Beautiful umbrella... He is never superfluous. Among the variety of colors and ideas, you can easily choose an option that suits the buyer in terms of quality and price.
  • Warm hat, scarf and mittens... This is especially true if the girl is celebrating her birthday in late fall or early winter. Girls who were born at the end of February should choose another present, since the hat is unlikely to be used for its intended purpose soon after the celebration.
  • Funny T-shirt... Such items of clothing should be presented to girls with a sense of humor.
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Girlfriend T-shirt
Such clothes are appropriate as a gift only from a loved one, such as a friend or sister.
  • Floor scales for weight control... Every girl take care of herself, and the scales are considered a very useful assistant in this matter. If a guy gives a gift, it can be perceived as a hint of a physical handicap and offend the birthday girl. But getting a scale with a cool inscription or drawing from a friend is not hurtful.
  • Custom made cup... Joint photos or commemorative inscriptions can be applied to the surface of the product. It will be not only a pleasant but also an exclusive surprise. The cup can be given separately or added to the main gift.

Impressions as a gift

Events that evoke vivid emotions are remembered for a lifetime:

  • Quest... Such a holiday is suitable not only for one birthday girl, but also for a whole company that will come to visit. Quests can take place not only in special quest rooms, but in huge rooms or in nature. There are many plots, scenarios, directions and styles. You can choose exactly what will delight the birthday girl.
There are many ideas for quests
There are many ideas for quests, but it is worth choosing the one that will delight the birthday girl herself.
  • PHOTOSESSION... A professional photo session is a holiday that no sane girl will refuse. To organize a gift, it is enough to choose a good photographer and order a certificate in the name of a friend.
  • Organization of a theme party... Despite the fact that there are many organizational issues to be handled, the result is worth it.
  • Party in a limousine... This is a great reason to have a good rest and relaxation.
  • Congratulations on the billboard or firework in honor of the birthday girl.

If the birthday girl is a practical person

Practical gifts are something that a girl can use for its intended purpose. You should choose exactly what the birthday girl dreams of, but cannot afford it due to certain circumstances:

  • All day in the beauty salon... The range of services may include a pedicure, manicure, relaxing massage, visits to a beautician and hairdresser. Such an unusual present will be kept in memory for many years.
  • Home Appliances... Don't give away a vacuum cleaner or refrigerator. It is enough to purchase blender, mixer, toaster or other small household appliances.
  • Set of elite coffee... This gift is especially relevant for a coffee girl.
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Gift sets for the coffee lover
Often coffee lover's gift sets include books with unique recipes.
  • Silk bedding set... Surely a friend will get a lot of pleasure basking on silk sheets.
  • Multifunctional set for manicure.

Cute and useful things

The birthday girl can receive such an option not only from a close friend, but also from a friend.

  1. Beautiful heating pad in the form of a soft toy... It can be sewn in the shape of a fox, teddy bear or other animal.
  2. Fur headphonesto protect your ears in cool weather.
  3. Jewelry holder, which is designed to store rings, bracelets and other jewelry.
  4. Alarm clock, which makes sounds of nature instead of melodies that have long been boring.
  5. Casket, which will become not only a storage for small things, but also decorate the interior.
  6. Powerbank, which is designed in the form of a powder box or lipstick.
  7. Stylish laptop bag.
  8. Mirror with light.
  9. TST Wallet or cosmetic bag.
  10. Set of scented candles.
Handmade candles
Handicrafts are also a great presentation option.

Surprise for a fashionista

There are things that all girls will love, without exception. Thanks to bright and stylish accessories, a friend can make her wardrobe more diverse:

  • A set of beautiful underwear... A girl can accept a similar present from a friend. Nice lingerie helps you build self-confidence. You can also donate beautiful stockings.
  • Evening clutch... It is much easier to find this accessory than a regular handbag. The most important thing in choosing is to give preference to the classic style.
  • Pandora Bracelet or stylish charm... Many girls are fans of such bracelets and collect charms for them. You can purchase a charm with symbols of friendship or date of birth as a gift.
  • Natural silk scarf... This thing will be an addition to different looks. The main thing is to choose a product with a bright, stylish ornament.
Silk scarves
Silk shawls never go out of style.

If the birthday girl is a "home girl"

Some girls by the age of twenty managed to build a family or just like to sit at home with a book and a cup of tea in their hands. If the birthday girl belongs to this category, then it is best to give her something that is useful for creating a cozy atmosphere in the house:

  1. Backlit pillow... This interior detail will become a highlight of the interior and will remind you of a significant event.
  2. Kigurumi pajamas... The costume, made in the shape of a cute animal, is very soft and cozy. When choosing pajamas, you should know the girl's size and choose the right color.
  3. Rug in the form of a smiley under the bed... She will create a good mood every morning, make the day more cheerful and vigorous.
  4. Picture frame "Levitating cube" with general images.
  5. Interior aquarium with beautiful fish... Taking care of a small aquarium is not very difficult, even a beginner can handle it. It is better to choose fish that are not capricious and do not need special care.
Also, the aquarium can be supplemented with live plants.
Also, the aquarium can be supplemented with live plants or other inhabitants, such as shrimps or snails.

Gift for a girl who works or studies

At the age of 21, many girls start their careers or graduate. Surely a business lady or student will be happy to receive an accessory that she uses at work or for study. The gift should have some flavor to make the operation more enjoyable:

  • Desktop organizer... If the birthday girl is a creative person, then you should choose bright colors. They are excellent stimulators of the creative process.
  • Certificate for a useful and important lecture or training... This is not only a pleasant, but also a useful presentation option. Perhaps the birthday girl dreamed of such an event or talked about it. But when choosing a topic or direction, it is better to consult with the girl herself.
  • Laptop cooling pad... It will make working with the gadget much more pleasant.
  • Silicone keyboardwhich does not make sounds, is very soft and washes well.
  • Subscription to a specialized magazine... The topic of the publication should be related to the girl's occupation.
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Notebook Stand
The stand will allow the gadget to work without overheating.

Interests and Hobbies Presentations

Knowing your interests, you can find tons of gift ideas, for example:

  1. Yoga mat... If a girl is fond of fitness, yoga, or just follows the figure, then she will be delighted with such a gift. You can also present a dance mat.
  2. Painting set or easelt should be bought by a girl who is into painting. Also, the kit may include a set of paints, brushes, canvases or other materials.
  3. Small travel backpack buy for a girl who travels often or just prefers outdoor activities.
  4. Smoothie blender will delight a girl who prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can also give a gym membership.
Smoothie blender
Healthy food is the key to health and beauty.

Self-help presentations

This is one of the best options for what to give a girlfriend for her 21 birthday. It is best to choose courses or training workshops. Without a doubt, such a gift will be a pleasant surprise and will be useful for a long time.

Options for courses for a creative person:

  • polymer clay jewelry;
  • production of interior dolls;
  • graphics and design;
  • crochet and knitting;
  • manicure;
  • cutting and sewing;
  • hairdressing salons.

If a friend is planning a career, then you can pick up courses of studying one of the foreign languages.

Courses for a girl who monitors her health:

  • fitness;
  • gymnastics;
  • yoga;
  • stretching;
  • water aerobics.

These classes are best attended together. It stimulates activity and helps to achieve better results. If you do not want to visit the gym, then you can buy it as a gift home simulator... Thus, the girl will be able to play sports at the most convenient time for her.

There are many options for home exercise equipment
There are many options for home exercise equipment, you can choose not only in price, but also in size.

Regardless of what kind of gift is presented, it should deliver positive emotions. You should also express sincere congratulations and sincere wishes. It will not be superfluous to supplement the present with a postcard and a composition of flowers or sweets.