What to give a girlfriend for 18 years: 50 original and practical ideas for every taste

In order to choose the right gift, you need to take into account the character of your friend, her preferences, lifestyle, goals for the future and dreams. The fact is that some at 18 already know exactly what they want. Others, on the contrary, take the path of self-knowledge. Both cases are absolutely normal. Consider this when choosing a gift, because even a small and seemingly insignificant, but made with a soul present, can affect a lot. After reading to the end, you will definitely be able to make a difficult choice and you will know what to give your friend for 18 years.

Themed cake
An unusual themed cake can become an original gift.

For a music lover

Interesting and practical ideas from what can be presented to a friend who is professionally engaged in music or is just well versed in it, for 18 years:

  • A set consisting of a tuner, a pick and a capo... Suitable for the lover of playing the guitar or ukulele. These details are often lost and forgotten, so the gift will definitely not be superfluous.
  • Musical Instrument Care Kit... Special kits for the care of violin, guitar or wind instruments are on sale. Any care products need to be periodically updated, so such a present will not be left aside.
  • Metronome - A must-have device for learning music and rehearsals. This device sets an even rhythm to which the musician needs to adjust his playing. Now there are online metronomes, but your physical carrier of uniform sounds will become an unusual, but at the same time, a necessary accessory.
  • Wireless speaker... Suitable for a true music lover and lover of companies. You can choose a column that is inexpensive and compact so that your girlfriend can take it with her everywhere: whether it is a hike or just a walk. You can choose more expensive options with more power and a sturdy waterproof case. For an unusual gift, you can choose a speaker in a bright color (for example, turquoise). Such a gift will become not only a pleasant way of entertainment, but also an addition to your friend's interior.
Wireless backlit speaker
The wireless backlit speaker will not only allow you to listen to your favorite music, but also cheer up with colorful lighting
  • Accessories for musical notation... Even if your friend is just planning to start making music professionally, you can push her to this by presenting a stylish case or a comfortable music stand (music stand). These are the main attributes of real professionals, with them the birthday girl will feel like one of them! And if she is already one of them, these accessories will definitely not be superfluous.
  • Pay attention to the details... For a musician friend, you can find a lot of important little things. For example, for a guitarist, pick up a set of picks or strings. If she plays the violin, there are special sensors (amplify the sound), bridges, and violin stands. For those who play wind instruments, there is a cleaning kit made especially for the trumpet or saxophone.
  • Headphones... It's a win-win, as earbuds often break and get lost. This gift has a wide price range: you can choose wired and wireless at a price that is affordable for everyone.
  • Vinyl player... The interest in retro style began a couple of years ago and still does not subside. And true music lovers have always appreciated the freshness of analog players. A friend certainly does not expect to receive a turntable along with a couple of records of her favorite musicians as a gift. This gift will fill her home with coziness and pleasant atmosphere.
Vinyl records are out of fashion
Vinyl records are out of fashion, but only true connoisseurs understand them

For a creative person

Here are ideas for original presentations that you can give a creative friend for her birthday celebrating 18 years:

  • Smart pensaving written text to a digital device. It is necessary to purchase a branded notebook with the pen, since the information must be entered on a special paper. Without this, the scanner built into the pen body will not recognize the information presented. Perfect for those who like to write down thoughts on the road, walking in the park or before bed. At the same time, there is no need to spoil your eyesight once again: all sudden ideas will automatically be saved to the gadget that the user has set in the settings.
  • Sketchbook depicting paintings by famous artists... Many creative people are afraid of a blank slate, so they often postpone their activities until later. If you present your friend with a colorful notebook, she will be much more pleased to open it, and inspiration will not keep you waiting! Moreover, if the cover is a picture of her favorite contemporary artist. But even if she doesn't have one, she will certainly appreciate the work of art and your delicate taste.
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Sketchbook - mini-album for the artist
Sketchbook - a mini-album for the artist, which is always at hand
  • BOOK... An extraordinary personality needs appropriate literature. You will definitely agree that books are one of the main sources of inspiration and knowledge. You can donate a whole collection of works by her favorite author. On the other hand, you can find non-obvious literature that she certainly would not buy for herself. For example, a book called "Quest for a Creative Person". In it, the author, who is a successful graphic designer and speaker, asks the reader questions and sets aside special spaces for answers. In this book, you can write and draw yourself, which will please a creative person, because such people always have their own opinion. The book is without content, but it makes you think and gives you the opportunity to change your life. The same type of books can be attributed to such modern works as: "Steal like an artist", "Dreaming is not harmful" and "Capture me."
  • Unusual shaped night light... For the one to whom inspiration comes at night, this gift will become the main assistant, stylish accessory and inspiration. If you are thinking about what original and not expensive gift to your girlfriend for 18 years, then this option is definitely for you.
  • Graphics tablet... The digital illustrator profession is gaining momentum, and such a gift will be the starting point in your girlfriend's career. Initially, you can download basic programs there so that the birthday girl does not waste time installing them.
Graphics tablet
A graphic tablet is useful for a girl who loves to create drawings electronically
  • Well-deserved reward... Any creative person is pleased with attention. Especially valuable when this attention comes from dear people. You can make such a surprise for your friend: buy an Oscar statuette, and describe in an envelope with a letter why she is being awarded such an award. Here you can enter her true merits and positive character traits, as well as remember all your jokes, funny moments. Thank her for just being.
  • Magazine with photos of the birthday girl... The idea flows smoothly from the previous original gift to a friend for 18 years. There are companies that make custom-made magazines: you choose the cover and the content, and they print everything according to the model of real gloss. You can put your friend on the cover of her favorite fashion magazine! And inside, describe the brightest moments in life, you can even write an interview with her.
  • Online course in one of the programs... Modern man is always multifunctional, especially creative. For 18 years, a paid course in the subject that she did not have time to finish her studies at school or university will be an excellent gift for a friend. Or maybe she doubts at all with the choice of a profession. You won't know until you try! Therefore, give her a chance to know herself.
Makeup artist courses
For example, make-up artist courses. For girls, this is always true.
  • A neurostimulator to improve brain activity... This is an effective remedy before important events, of which the birthday girl has a lot. Such a device acts on the brain through 2 electrodes using direct current. As a result, memory and mental activity improves. The practicality and benefit of such a device is that it replaces drugs for memory, the use of which is much more harmful than the harmless effect of electrodes.
  • Instant camera... If your friend is a creative person, then she definitely loves to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. Cameras have been created for such people. But you can donate not an ordinary camera, but a camera with instant printing, so that valuable moments take on physical form. Now they make such cameras with a very stylish, cute design.

For a practical and modern

When a girl loves to keep everything in its place and at hand, she will like the following gifts:

  • Storage box for accessories... Every young girl has a collection of jewelry. Even if there are not many of them, it is very pleasant to arrange them in a neat, beautiful box. Together with the box, you can give jewelry from yourself.
  • Linens... High-quality and beautiful bedding is not cheap, so people usually try to buy something simpler for themselves. If you present a good set to your girlfriend, then she will definitely appreciate your prudence.
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Bed linen with a print of your favorite animals
Bed linen with a print of your favorite animals will cheer up a girl
  • Blanket with sleeves... In order to create coziness even in cold seasons, present this piece of clothing to her. There is a huge selection of colors and materials, choose the right one for your girlfriend.
  • Shopping bag... Nowadays young people are thinking more and more about the environment and its preservation. If your birthday girl is one of these people, then you can safely give her a shopper with an unusual print. And now you together are making the world a better place!
  • Various cooking sets... 18 years is the age when young people think about their personal home. Or she already lives alone or with a neighbor. Then you can donate a set for cooking sushi or a dish for dumplings, turning everyday cooking into an interesting process.
  • Umbrella of unusual design... An umbrella is a necessary accessory, at the same time, it often breaks or is forgotten. You can take care of your girlfriend's health, while choosing the right thing for her. It can be an umbrella with a rainbow coloring, or completely transparent, with a funny print or an unusual cane. In general, an umbrella of unusual coloring is the answer to the question of what inexpensive and original can be presented to a friend for 18 years.
Bright umbrella
A bright umbrella will add color to rainy gray days
  • Belt... One of the few things in the wardrobe that you can choose yourself for another person. Here, the orientation is only for your taste and price possibilities. In any case, a good quality belt will be inexpensive. Such a gift looks very solid, and most importantly - practical.
  • Stole or shawl... Another gift that does not require knowledge of clothing sizes. You can give a warm stole, or you can give a light scarf on your head or, for example, for trips to the sea.
  • Favorite store certificate... The simplest and at the same time very necessary gift. Now almost every large store makes its own gift certificates. Choose an acceptable amount and holiday packaging in which to put the certificate. Even if the amount you donated is small, do not be discouraged, because the owner can pay the necessary rubles on her own.
  • Neck or face massager... A modern portable device that allows you to deeply relax even at home. In the future, your girlfriend will not need to go to salons and overpay for the work of the master. You just need to turn on the device.
  • Makeup accessories... You may not guess the brand and quality of the cosmetics themselves, but you can always buy a good brush or sponge. If you are at a loss with a choice, contact a consultant. This versatile product is relevant for any modern girl, regardless of what kind of cosmetics she wears.
Makeup accessories are never too many
There are never too many makeup accessories, just like cosmetics.
  • Book-manual... Your friend may not have enough time to read books, but you can give her a collection of useful tips for all occasions. Such an assistant is, for example, the book “Bible of Style. Dress code of a successful woman. " This is just an example, there is now a lot of such literature for quick obtaining information.

For an active and cheerful

If your friend often goes hiking, travels or just loves new experiences, is open to the world and people, then there are a number of suitable gifts for her:

  • Pottery certificate... In such studios, you can make yourself ceramics for your home and paint as your heart desires. As a result, the birthday girl will receive new emotions, and in the future, a practical gift made by her own hands. Every day, walking into the kitchen, she will remember this day and your creative idea.
  • Joint trip to the concert of your favorite band... If your favorite performers are in no hurry to go to your city, you can arrange a short trip to neighboring cities. Moreover, when there is such a reason!
  • Photo session certificate... Everything is clear from the name. Choose whether it will be an individual shooting or, for example, in the circle of close friends of the birthday girl. Or maybe you want to arrange a photo session for her on the day of the celebration? If your friend already has a lot of beautiful shots, you can rent an unusual dress and studio for her along with the photo session.
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Photoshoot for a girl
A photo session for a girl is a real holiday
  • Board games... From a huge variety of board game themes, choose the one that will interest your girlfriend and all her friends as much as possible. Usually they are not bought by themselves, because not everyone will spend a decent amount of money on the game. But as a gift, it is quite appropriate. Together with the game, you give a lot of fun evenings.
  • Backpack for hiking... It is better to choose a backpack that is more spacious and stronger, and inside you can put a thermos or thermal underwear. Collect the entire travel kit so that your friend doesn't have to go shopping for another surprise trip.
  • Drip coffee maker... This is a simple device consisting of a cup and special calico. You can brew coffee and tea in it. The young traveler will dream of being somewhere in the mountains with a cup of coffee at dawn.
  • Inflatable boat or pool... An unusual gift for those who have a country house. Subsequently, the owner will be able to arrange real parties with a pool in her country house, as in American films. Or go boating on a local lake, enjoying Russian nature and imagining yourself as the heroine of a novel.
Inflatable pool
The inflatable pool will become a favorite place for a good company.

For the lover of surprises and everything unusual

The arsenal of original gifts may include the following options:

  1. Luminescent sky map... Give your girlfriend an “open-air” sleep. By hanging such a poster on the wall, all its fragments will glow in the dark, resembling the shining of the stars. The light is completely dim, so don't worry about sleep disturbance.
  2. Aqua farm for fish... It is a miniature garden containing a self-cleaning system and its own vegetation. The farm usually accommodates a few fish (up to 3-5 pieces). It turns out that you do not need to monitor the aquarium, you do not need to clean it and buy additional plants - just feed the fish and watch them.
  3. Selfie LED Light. What to give a friend for 18 yearshow not this? After all, every modern girl uses social networks. Social media etiquette forces you to post selfies! In order not to overpay for photographers and studios, you need to have good light and background with you. You can take care of the first parameter by purchasing an LED lamp and providing your friend with high-quality photographs.
  4. Glitter - A set of glitters that can be pasted anywhere, even on your face! When the festive mood comes for no reason, it is very important that the appropriate decorations are at hand. And when they are not there, you can build them yourself! Presenting colorful glitter to your friend will give her the spontaneity of highlights.
  5. Bright kimono... You won't find such a wardrobe item everywhere. At the same time, almost no one buys such an extraordinary thing for himself. But if you order it for a friend, it will be a real surprise. You can choose a kimono made of silk or cotton. Focus on your friend's preferences and your price range.
Kimono for a girl
In a real kimono, girls look especially feminine.

In conclusion

Eighteen years old is an important event, and the birthday girl will clearly be waiting for something special. If you do not have the funds for an expensive gift, but you understand that it would be very useful, then find a few more people who are ready to share this purchase equally. It is better to send a loved one to such an important stage with useful acquisitions or vivid emotions. Remember that there are creative gifts that can bring unforgettable memories and a sense of importance, which is very important at this age.


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