"Scary" funny gifts for Halloween

Halloween is a global holiday. It is celebrated mainly in English-speaking countries. Many films, musical compositions, traditions and other moments are dedicated to this holiday. At the same time, it is very important to organize the holiday itself, which will be of interest not only to you, but also to all relatives and friends. Gifts for All Saints' Day, which are presented in assortment in stores, are distinguished by the specificity of the celebration process itself.

Gifts with symbols

Decorative gift from a pumpkin

This holiday is accompanied by its symbolism, on the basis of which characters, moments, souvenirs and festive products are created. Presents here are not a prerequisite, but there is always a great desire to make something pleasant for a loved one. All Saints Day has symbols like brooms, ghosts, skeletons, devils, spiders, blood and more.

And among everything, a pumpkin stands out, without which it is impossible to do during the celebration. Lanterns and masks are made from this vegetable. As for the masks, these are some kind of gifts for the celebration. Previously, it was believed that such a souvenir would act as a protective element from evil spirits. It is such a gift for All Saints' Day that will be considered acceptable and thematic.

But besides this, ordinary things are also distinguished, such as pens, mugs, handbags and others, which have all the above-described symbols on them. Of particular note is the jewelry, which is selected not only for women, but also for men. This applies to cufflinks with images, clips. And for the fair sex - earrings, bracelets, rings in the form of symbols of the holiday.

With your own hands


Halloween gifts that are made by yourself, with your own hands, will be very pleasant. Any postcard made will cheer you up if it is accompanied by pleasant wishes. With great effort, the following presents are obtained:

  • Embroidered panel;
  • Craft made of polymer clay;
  • Salt dough figurine.
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At the same time, even the most ordinary things can be made as a gift, but have a completely different and non-standard design. By adding a certain note of our creativity, we will get a chic souvenir.

Dough figurines

As for ordinary things, they can depict symbols in the form of a cat, an owl and other things. Some accessories can also be made by hand. There is a way to turn a night mask into an attractive accessory - we take the fabric of the required size, embroider in a circle, and in addition to everything we attach cat ears or some kind of pattern to the front.

Goodies and sweets


In addition to the usual gift for the holiday, you can cook some goodies. This will be especially interesting for children. Ordinary cupcakes and cookies, with a creative approach, are really a table decoration for a holiday.

  • Cupcakes are covered with orange icing, and features of faces (eyes, nose, mouth) are also made with chocolate. It will look beautiful and immediately show all guests the holiday that is being celebrated. Such a cupcake even reminds me of a pumpkin.
  • Ghosts from Chupa Chups. Sometimes it does not take much time and money to turn an ordinary thing into something festive. So, if we cover a lollipop with a white cloth, on which a face will be drawn, and tie it with a black and orange ribbon, we will get ghosts.
  • Paper in colors such as orange, black, or red can be used in place of the standard candy wrapper. By spending a certain amount of money, you can also purchase gift paper.
  • Even the dishes must be replaced with a symbolic holiday - a bowler hat instead of a basket.
  • Cookie. It is baked, for example, in the form of skulls. Subsequently, take food coloring and paint them in any tone and type of pattern. If you want to keep a cookie for a long time and use it as a souvenir, then it is varnished and a magnet is attached to the back. Thus, you can safely mount it, for example, on a refrigerator.
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During the holiday, it is worth remembering that it is unlikely that many of these surprises will be kept by you for a long time. Some will be eaten and some will break. In this case, you should photograph all the beauty in order to leave a memory for many years. After a certain time, all this can be shown to relatives and friends, showing all the possible options for presents for such a significant holiday as Halloween.

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