What to give a husband for 45 years: original solutions for the anniversary

For a man, this age is considered the prime of life, so a gift to a husband for 45 years from his wife should be interesting and memorable. Approaching the forty-five-year age limit, a man manages to become a self-sufficient, accomplished person with established habits and a serious attitude to life. One side, range of interests at this age is huge, because, having reached certain milestones in his career, a man begins to pay a lot of attention not only to work, but also to various leisure options, discovering new horizons for himself.

On the other hand, over the past period of life, the number of gifts received was very large, and to such anniversary I want to choose a truly valuable one, emphasizing love and respect for a loved one. The choice of what to give a husband for 45 years is always a pressing issue on the eve of the anniversary, especially if the person has everything and the house is full.

What to give a husband: selection criteria

For this age, there are practically no restrictions in choosing a gift, since a person is still full of strength, energy, plans for the future and has a diverse range of hobbies.

It is somewhat easier for a wife to make the right choice, since she is well aware of the character and habits of a person living nearby, his hobbies, life values ​​and aspirations.

That simplify the task of choosing the best option, let's try to subdivide the range of possible presentations into the main categories:

  1. useful for work and conduct Business, because at this age the main goal is to move up the career ladder or manage your own business. Therefore, things and items that may be useful at work, or raising comfort zoneare very much in demand among men.
  2. For rest and relaxation. With age, the quality of rest increases and preferences change. Not everyone dares to go kayaking on mountain rivers at 45, but many are ready to go sailing, go on a cruise or an interesting journey, discovering new places.
  3. Entertainment for the soul. There are many options here for what to give your husband for his 45th birthday. Not every man at this age is ready to lie for days on the beach during the holidays or in a hammock in the country. At 45, many tend to try new, even extreme entertainment, for which there was not enough time in their youth. Such a gift can become incredibly interesting and eventful, the impressions from which will remain for a lifetime.
  4. Sports accessories. Many after 40 come to understand the need to monitor their health and begin to play sports more actively, visiting fitness centers or organizing small gyms at home. Anything that helps you keep track of your health can be a great gift option in this case.
  5. Gifts for motorists. Most men take great care of their cars, equipping them with additional accessories and gadgets. Such a gift will be not only practical for the birthday man, but also pleasant.
  6. For hunters and fishermen. These two hobbies are the most popular among the male half of the population, where they not only relax in a pleasant company, but also get a certain amount of relaxation while being in nature.
  7. Art connoisseurs. For true connoisseurs visit to the opera with the world's best stars or a performance by a ballet troupe can be the best gift, as well as a visit art gallery. And the purchase of any of masterpieces contemporary artists will be an incredible and joyful surprise.
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In addition to special categories of gifts related to hobbies and work, you can also choose universal options from among the traditional classics, appropriate for any age.

When buying any gift, you should always take into account the interests of the birthday man, choosing a pleasant surprise for your husband, and not one that is useful in household use.

Budget gifts

In order to demonstrate love for a loved one, it is not at all necessary to give expensive things. Care and attention are the most important aspects in this case. Using your imagination, talent for experimentation and a competent approach to giving a surprise, you can make any gift extraordinarily valuable. Among the wonderful budget things you can choose:

  • sports equipment in the form dumbbells, punching bag or carpal expander;
  • coffee machine, which will be useful at home and in the office;
  • kitchen grill for men who know how to cook meat steaks;
  • smokehouse, working on wood chips, for the preparation of meat products and fish;
  • organizer with tools for home craftsmen who know how to do everything with their own hands;
  • hammock for recreation in the country;
  • covers in the car or rugs;
  • e-book;
  • men's terry dressing gown with embroidered initials, which will warm you after a shower or bath;
  • a sauna set with birch brooms, a felt hat, towels and a pine tub;
  • gold chain with original strict weaving and a pendant with a capital letter of the name.
  • perfumery, since only the wife knows her betrothed's favorite aromas and even experimenting, she rarely makes a mistake.

Can take voucher to rest in a sanatorium and spend a pleasant time, at the same time improving their health in the hospital.

A portrait of a birthday person, made by a professional artist, or ordered in a large-format print studio on canvas, will be an original and memorable gift for the hero of the day.

Premium Gifts

At a respectable age, successful men can count on premium gifts. If the family budget allows you to purchase expensive thingWhy not take advantage of this opportunity? There is a wide range of offers high price category. Let's try to stop the choice on the most interesting options:

  • Автомобиль. Many believe that it is the husbands, being the breadwinners in the family, who should give their wives cars. But if the wife's financial situation allows her to make such a gift, why not use it? It will be especially pleasant for the birthday boy to receive a model of the configuration that he dreamed of.
  • Flagship Gadget. Modern smartphoneAs smart watch are now status accessories that emphasize the image. Having ordered a novelty in a brand salon that has just appeared on the market, you will please your husband with a status gadget, especially if you take care of purchasing accessories for it at the same time.
  • Exclusive jewelry. You can hardly find such products on the windows of ordinary stores, so you will have to take care of ordering a collection model according to an individual sketch, choosing an interesting and original design.
  • You can give your husband for the anniversary of 45 years Wrist Watch famous brand. The cost of elite watches can be considerable, but if a wife has the opportunity to please her beloved husband, why refuse such a gift?
  • Billiards. Passion for this game is typical for many men at this age, so the acquisition billiard table and matching accessories in a specialist shop would be a welcome gift if the size of the home allows you to find a place to install it. The husband will be happy to spend time at home playing, less often visiting a billiard club.
  • TV. A smart TV with a large panel, on which you can watch football matches and boxing matches, will be a great gift for a man. A comfortable chair, a big screen and your favorite shows or clips – an ideal area for rest and relaxation after a hard day at work?
  • Expensive writing set to the office. Items made from marble, jasper, gold and platinum are an ideal attribute of the interior, emphasizing the status of the owner of the office.
  • Sport bike. It remains one of the most interesting gifts for a man, helping to keep fit. Transport, which does not need gasoline and can pass even in those places where there are constant traffic jams, has every chance to please the hero of the occasion.
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Travel is also one of the best gifts. Wandering together with your wife through the parks of English castles or sitting over a cup of coffee in one of the Viennese cafes - it will be amazing anniversary holidaythat will be remembered for a long time.


The choice of original ideas is huge: you can give your husband a lot of different things for his 45th birthday. But the choice should be approached taking into account the interests of the birthday man. At this age, men appreciate practicality, so any item purchased should carry some kind of target load and be useful in household use, for relaxation or entertainment. Even items that emphasize status should be useful in the office or at home.

You should not give a man who has never played sports dumbbells or an exercise bike. Such items rarely motivate and are doomed to gather dust in the corner in the future, but a ticket to a match of your favorite football team will be received with delight.

Having gathered friends and relatives for an anniversary at a large festive table, you will make your husband a pleasant surprise, since congratulations will sound not only from you, but also from many other people, which is always nice.

Your smile will be the most expensive and valuable gift for your loved one!


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