What gifts men love: 45 ideas that will definitely please your chosen one and not only

Often, women have a rather difficult time choosing a gift for a man, whether it be a husband, father, friend or just a colleague. Only banal shaving gel, socks or deodorant come to mind, because most of the stronger sex say that they can do with the smallest. Let's consider what gifts men love, what will suit a cheerful fan of noisy companies and a serious business entrepreneur.

Presents for men
New Year or birthday is an occasion to look for gifts for your beloved men

Choosing a gift by nature

You need to choose a gift not based on your interests, but on the character and hobbies of the person to whom the gift is intended. Only in this case, both parties will be satisfied - the recipient from the fact that he received the thing he needed and the donor, who sees that he brought happiness to someone.

Business man

Serious gifts are suitable for a business man, for example:

  • Parker pen. Convenient and solid thing for those who care about their reputation and comfort. The Parker pen not only feels good in the hand and looks great, but is also more durable than the others. It will serve its owner for a long time and can even become his calling card.
  • Weather station. This cabinet accessory can come in a variety of assemblies. Most often they contain a thermometer, a barometer that measures atmospheric pressure and a hygrometer that shows the level of humidity in the room. In addition, they come in different styles: a retro-style weather station or a trendy electronic one that will decorate the table of a tech lover.
  • Collector's edition of the book Bright image gift. Even if the birthday boy has already read this book, he will be glad to receive a colorful and beautifully designed edition. Ideally, it should be his favorite book or text related to his professional activities.
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Useful literature
Useful literature is always appreciated by successful people.
  • Globe Bar. This is both an interior item for decorating a business man's office and the ability to store drinks "at hand" and so that they are not conspicuous.

For the active man

For the lover of vivid impressions and travel:

  • Multifunctional knife. Most of these knives, including Swiss army ones, contain: wire cutters, different types of screwdrivers, wrenches, rulers, tweezers, openers and even ballpoint pens. And this all complements several varieties of knives. With this little device, you can survive under any circumstances.
  • Ski Jumping/Karting/Airsoft Certificate. An extreme birthday boy will be happy to once again feel the adrenaline in his blood, no matter what way: driving high-speed cars, jumping into the abyss or shooting games. The most important thing is to have a great company and bright emotions.
  • Thermos. An excellent solution for both lovers of long walks in the forest, and for fans of walking in the mountains. Thanks to this gift, a man can warm himself everywhere with warm soup or invigorating coffee.
Thermos is useful at any time of the year
A thermos is useful at any time of the year, even in the heat, even in the cold
  • Tent or original sleeping bag. In this case, you need to try, because the recipient may already have these things, you need to choose those that are superior in quality and functionality to the existing ones.

For a gamer and for a freelancer

A person who spends a lot of time at the computer, playing games or working, will need things that give comfort in their activities:

  • gaming chair. Gamers spend several hours a day at the computer, and this negatively affects the health of the spine. Therefore, a male gamer should like a comfortable orthopedic computer chair with head support and repetition of all the curves of the spine. Such a chair will not interfere with a freelancer.
  • Gaming headset and work (headphones + microphone + joystick, good mouse, keyboard). Another gift for ease of use and many hours of playing a computer or console. The headset will be useful not only to the recipient, but also to others, because now they will not hear the cries of his teammates in the game.
  • Merch for your favorite computer game. Every self-respecting gamer has one or more favorite games. Another mention of her in the life of a lover of walkers and shooters will be very helpful. Merch can be clothing, mugs, posters, or collectible figurines.
  • Freelance course subscription. Ask in advance what new skills the recipient of the gift wants to learn and what courses are most popular in his field.
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Stand for three monitors
For both a gamer and a freelancer, a triple monitor will be a real gift - an expensive gift, but it's worth it

For the lover of cheerful companies

For a lover of companies and just a person with humor, the following options are suitable:

  • Board games. This type of entertainment for companies has recently become more and more popular. Now both small children and adults play "board games". For a lover of noisy companies, this will be another reason to gather all your friends for tea and an interesting pastime.
  • Fancy flask. A great gift for connoisseurs of alcohol and other drinks. A flask of an unusual shape will not only help to cope with thirst, but also express the inner world of its owner.
  • Quest game. A great way to spend time with friends and get a lot of positive emotions: in search of treasures, detective investigations and other adventures.
  • Comics. With this present, you can spend more than one cozy evening under a blanket. The variety of existing comics will also please: you can find both whining dramas and exciting adventure stories. The most important thing is to find one that will appeal to the birthday man.
Comics as a gift
Now you can find comics for all ages and tastes.

For a man of science

An amateur or a real scientist also needs gifts, according to his interests:

  • Non-fiction book. Increasingly, popular science books appear on the shelves of bookstores, where they talk about all the secrets of nature and the universe in an accessible language. Such books will capture anyone who is fond of science, professionally or as a hobby.
  • Set for home experiments. It may seem that such things can be interesting only for children, but even an adult man will be fascinated when a beautiful crystal grows out of ordinary colored water. These experiments are absolutely safe, so this is a great way for men to spend time with their children.
  • Projector starry sky. A spectacular home accessory that will attract the attention of all guests. This is a great option for exploring space and relaxing. Projectors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, even in the shape of the famous R2D2 droid from Star Wars.
home planetarium
A home planetarium will allow you to study the constellations even when there are not a single star in the sky

art lover

A creative person-creator and just an art lover will like these options:

  • Reproduction of a painting by your favorite artist. A copy of a famous painting or a work of a bright artist will be an excellent addition to the interior for a connoisseur of fine art. In addition, this way a person will be able to “tell” guests about their preferences.
  • Subscription to educational podcasts and services. In recent years, various podcasts and portals for exploring the world of art have begun to appear on the Internet.
  • Sketchbook design set. If the man to whom you want to give a gift likes to create something with his own hands, he will be happy with a set for art for a diary or scrapbook. It can be various markers, clippings, stickers, separators and unusual writing materials.
Gifts for the art lover
A fan of painting will also like interesting works by contemporary artists.

Gifts to the athlete

For a novice athlete, for an amateur and for a professional, you can choose a good and necessary gift:

  • Fitness watch. The ideal device for everyone who cares about their health. New generation fitness bracelets show the pulse, the number of steps per day, analyze the quality of sleep, and can even track heart problems and send an alarm to loved ones.
  • Sports store certificate. Gift cards to themed stores are a win-win option for a gift. So you immediately indicate the present from which area you want to give the hero of the occasion, and also leave him the freedom of choice. In this case, the birthday boy will definitely get what he likes.
  • Master class on proper nutrition. On the Internet, you can now read more than a hundred types of “correct” diets, but only experts can tell you how to eat a balanced diet. Some of them hold specialized master classes where they tell and show how to cook healthy and tasty dishes.
  • Sports Equipment: balls, dumbbells, gloves. There is a whole arsenal of ideas here, and to select the right gift, you need to know what kind of sport the recipient of the gift is fond of.
Sports equipment as a gift
For each athlete, you can choose the right attribute for training

Household and economic man

A home person will need things that will add comfort to the house or help create it:

  • Heated Slippers. Many men really appreciate the comfort and convenience in home clothes. In winter, many apartment buildings have cold floors, so much so that even woolen socks do not help. In this case, slippers with a sole with a built-in heating plate are ideal.
  • Table biofireplace. Another gift for lovers of cozy evenings and those who cannot afford to install a real fireplace at home. For a small portable fireplace, a chimney and a firebox are not needed at all, and you can put it anywhere in the house. Most often they run on biofuels.
  • Tool kit. A great gift for any man, even for those who are not well versed in the repair of appliances and furniture. With a complete set of tools, you can repair almost anything and, in addition, do something for your home with your own hands.
Tool kit
A complete set of tools is a pride for many men

Device lover

Popular techniques include:

  • Smart speaker. Who would have thought a few years ago that we would have a robot at home that could manage everything in the house. Now there are a great many smart speakers, and you can choose for every taste and color. They will help and turn on your favorite music, and put the kettle on to boil, and just chat if it gets very lonely.
  • Quadrocopter. The copter will appeal to fans of radio-controlled models. But it can also take great pictures of landscapes and even carry light loads over long distances.
  • Robot Dog Silverlit PupBo. Another proof that the future has already arrived. This gift will be appreciated by the most sophisticated geeks and animal lovers. A robot dog almost does not differ from a living one: it runs, barks, influences with its tail, we show our character. In addition, it does not cause allergies.
Robot dog
Such a friend will not tie his master to the house, but will be able to amuse him when he is sad

Gift by status

The gift should be chosen depending on the proximity of the person to you. What you can give to a loved one, you can’t just give to a work colleague:

Loved one

Gifts for a husband or boyfriend can vary dramatically in value and purpose, but some will please you regardless of the status of a person in your life:

  • Unusually designed album with group photos. You can make it yourself, order it or just buy it online. This gift used to seem rather banal, but now few people in the house can find a book with fresh photographs. It is these printed cards that are so pleasant to flip through with your soulmate.
  • home projector. A great option to make your own home theater even in the smallest apartment. This is especially true during the lockdown due to the coronavirus. Favorite films can be broadcast even to a large group of viewers, arranging a movie show on the street.
  • Ticket to a concert of your favorite band or to a match. Many people are not ready to buy a ticket for such events on their own because of the high cost, but we can say for sure that any fan will be happy to attend a concert of their favorite artist or a sports game.
Concert tickets
The best gift is experience
  • Delicious bouquet. It may not be the main gift, but it will pleasantly surprise any man, regardless of hobbies.

Brother or grown-up son

You can pick up things that will always come in handy:

  • Beard and mustache trimmer. Personal care products are relevant at any age. In addition, growing facial hair is becoming increasingly popular with modern men. The trimmer is a compact present that is useful to any member of the stronger sex.
  • Unusual portable charger. An external battery for your phone will be very useful during long trips or in frosty winters, when smartphones run out much faster. An excellent addition to the usefulness of the gift will be its unusual shape: for example, in the form of a favorite comic book character or even a cobblestone.
  • TST Wallet. A beautiful and comfortable purse is a presentable gift for any man. It is worth choosing calm, non-flashy colors (black, blue, burgundy). It should be noted that according to popular beliefs, wallets cannot be presented empty; at least a small coin must be put in them.
Wallet with engraving
Values ​​to a simple wallet will be added by engraving with initials or with the full name of the future owner

Father and grandfather

Favorite patrons can be thanked with gifts for comfort and convenience:

  • Bathrobe. It is so nice to wrap yourself in a warm soft bathrobe after a warm or cool shower. This gift can be used at least every day, or during a trip to the bath or sauna. But, if you decide to make just such a gift, you need to know in advance the size of the clothes of the birthday man.
  • Breakfast table in bed. Another gift for a cozy time at home. This small table can be used not only as a tray for food, but also for working on a laptop at home.
  • EBook. Now the screens of e-books practically do not differ from the pages of ordinary paper publications. The "Reader", which can hold hundreds of books, can be carried everywhere with you, and it will fit in any, even the smallest bag.
The "reader" is often much lighter than the printed version of the book.

When you want to congratulate a colleague

To please a not very close, but good person, you can present simple but good gifts:

  • Puzzle. An original gift for any person, especially since now you can find puzzles much more sophisticated than the usual Rubik's cube. For example, tetrahedra, icosahedrons and other intricate figures. Such a present will take thought for several hours, and maybe days.
  • Diary. A standard and useful gift that will come in handy at work for any employee. It is best to give an undated glider so that the birthday person starts flying it at any convenient moment.
  • Removable hard drive. A great option for those who have a lot of photos, articles, electronic works, or who have to work with a large variety of programs. You can always upload your work and useful materials to your hard drive.

The most important features

In fact, choosing gifts for your beloved men is quite simple. Most men rarely talk directly about their desires, and sometimes they themselves do not know what they want to get for the holiday. To find out what gifts men like, you just have to listen carefully to their statements and follow what fascinates them.

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