TOP 95 ideas of what to give a man for 40 years from friends and family

For men

If you received an invitation to celebrate the fourth decade of a friend, acquaintance or colleague, now you are definitely puzzled by what to give a man for 40 years. Then be sure to read this article. It contains many ideas of practical, memorable, original, expensive and inexpensive, fun and emotional gifts. You will find out what you can give your husband, brother, father, friend or colleague for their fortieth birthday.

Whiskey set

Whiskey set

How to choose a gift?

40 years old is a respectable age. By the age of forty, a man has already reached maturity, so you need to choose a gift that is practical and necessary, but you should not forget about originality. To choose the right present for a man, pay attention to his everyday lifestyle, status, profession, preferences. Put it all in a single picture, then you can easily pick up the right gift.

Gift to husband

When you decide what to give your husband for his 40th birthday, you know for sure that you need to give something pleasant and you know exactly what he needs. One has only to pay attention to his habits, hobbies and desires, or choose a universal gift from the list below:

  • Box for watches and jewelry. This is not about a cute, pretty box, but about a man's box in the form of a case with keys.
  • Gift set that includes a belt and cufflinks. On the buckle, you can make an engraving, for example, write some kind of phrase that will be understood only by spouses.
  • Car coffee maker. The wife knows exactly how much her husband spends in traffic jams and how sometimes you want to drink a cup of hot coffee in the car.
  • Powerful and high-quality smartphone or laptop.

Car coffee maker

Car coffee maker

  • Jewelry, such as a bracelet or ring.
  • Let your husband rest, take him to SPA-salon.
  • Remember what concert your husband dreamed of getting to? Purchase tickets.

So, we have considered what to give my husband for 40 years, now let's move on to close relatives.

From close relatives

Children, sisters or brothers can give the birthday man an oil portrait from a photograph or a caricature figurine to show all the love for the hero of the day.

The hero of the day will need household appliances (yogurt maker, microwave oven, coffee maker, electric kettle, etc.) or gadgets (electronic book, tablet).

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A daughter or sister can bake a big birthday cake and decorate it with the man's initials or figurines (cars, fishing gear, etc.)

From colleagues

If your colleague is well-read, then give him a book by your favorite author or a rare edition. A good gift from a colleague will be Multitool, which includes pliers, a knife, an opener and other little things. You can also present a tie or shirt to the hero of the day, the main thing is to guess with the size and color.

If your colleague is higher in rank, then hand him a bottle of good alcohol or a cigarette case. You can present office souvenirs, for example, a perpetual motion machine in the form of Newton's balls, a parker or an organizer.

Balls of newton

Balls of newton


If the hero of the day loves all sorts of unusual things, then give him night vision goggles, while saying "To make it easier to walk to the refrigerator at night." Metal detector with the phrase "To no longer... lose." Telescope with the phrase "Get the star out of the sky already."

A home brewery will be an interesting gift that will appeal to almost any man.

A glass for cognac with heating will be appreciated by a lover of alcoholic beverages. And if you make an engraving on the glass, it will become even more original.

Give the birthday man a hammock, which he will place in his country house and will rest in it on warm evenings.

If a man knows how and loves to play chess, then give him handmade chess or for three, he will definitely be surprised, because few people know about them.

From friends

Puzzled by the question of what to give a friend for 40 years? A gift from friends should be fun and interesting.

If friends are going to make a joint gift, then you can order a congratulation on a billboard near your home or work.

A friend can give the hero of the day an air gun, especially if he is fond of hunting.

Deer or elk antlers

Deer or elk antlers

Expensive alcohol or brandy glasses are a great gift from a friend.

If the hero of the day is active enough, then friends can give him a hoverboard, skates or skis.

Friends can give gifts that leave impressions, but more on that later.

Commemorative Presents

As a memorable present, you can choose any nominal gift, for example:

  • Mug "Beloved ...".
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt "Just the King".
  • Glasses with wishes.
  • Jewelry with engraving.
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By hobbies

It happens when we don’t know at all what to give a man for 40 years (for his birthday), then you should pay attention to the hobbies of the hero of the occasion. By the age of forty, men often have already formed certain hobbies or even have a hobby, so a present of this category will pleasantly surprise the hero of the day.

For example, if the birthday boy is passionate about sports or just takes care of his body, then give him a subscription to the pool or fitness room, a sports bag, and sneakers. If you want to give a gift more expensive, then choose skates, a bicycle, sports equipment, etc.

If a man loves to cook, while trying to cook something unusual, then he will be happy to attend a master class on cooking sushi or pizza.

Master Class

Master class on cooking sushi

If the hero of the day is very passionate about his work, then give him a wallet for business cards in an interesting design, a leather wallet, a bag for documents, a watch. And so that he can take a break from the business sphere, get him a massage subscription or a certificate in the SPA.

Anniversary fisherman will like a brand new set of fishing rods, spinning, high boots, special clothes, a boat or a portable chair. You can find a gift for a fisherman even if you think that he has everything, because the assortment in the fishing store is very large.

A "home" man who loves comfort and warmth can be presented with a long pile blanket, expensive bed linen, pajamas or a silk robe. But such a gift would be more appropriate from a wife or children than from friends and colleagues.

An art connoisseur will like tickets to the theater, to an exhibition, etc. However, here it is important not to make a mistake with the genre.

If the hero of the day is a frequent visitor to the bath, then pick up for him a terry bath set, a hat or a large set of herbal tea.

Bath set

Bath set

Perhaps the man loves to travel? Remember in which country he has not yet been, and give a ticket there. Or choose a high-quality camera so that it can capture the places it happens to. As a budget gift for a 40-year-old man, you can choose a photo album in which you can make notes under the photos.

If the hero of the day likes to play, then he will appreciate table hockey or football, home golf or bowling, and so on.

For an intellectual - chess, a collection of books, an e-book.

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A car enthusiast will like a navigator or a new upholstery for chairs.

If a man has a dacha or a personal plot, which he constantly looks after, then hand him a lawn mower, a wood splitter, cute figurines of gnomes, bright nightlights, a picnic set or a barbecue.

Emotional Surprise

What to give for 40 years to a man who has everything? The answer is simple - emotions and impressions. And what can give a sea of ​​​​unforgettable impressions:

  • Flight in a hot air balloon.
  • Walking on a yacht.
  • Diving course.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Quad racing.
  • Tank ride.
  • Check-in street racing.

When choosing a gift from the list above, be sure to first ask the hero of the day how he is doing with his health.

Tank ride

Tank ride

Inexpensive but interesting

It happens that the budget does not allow you to make an expensive gift, so in this section we will consider soulful gifts, at no extra cost. Also, these gifts can act as an addition to the material present.

40 is the age when men start to take stock and look back to find out what mistakes they made. In this regard, some men have a midlife crisis, so you need to make sure that the birthday of the hero of the day is colorful, fun and bright.

If a man has a good sense of humor, and he loves various charades, then congratulate him in an unusual form:

  • Prepare small gifts in advance and hide them around the apartment. Lay out notes with clues or riddles. Let a man play a small quest in the morning, he will definitely like it.
  • Another option is to purchase or sew a costume of famous animated characters yourself (best of all, from your favorite cartoon of the hero of the day). Bring out a cake or other gift in this costume and put on a little show.
  • Make a large wall newspaper or wall collage. Attach everything that is possible there: children's photographs, drawings of the hero of the day, drawings of his children, comic congratulations, poems and more. You can also make a comic telegram with congratulations from the president.
  • The hero of the day will be trembling with the gift of a certificate “For services to the family and exploits with friends”. Make a few letters, describe in them the most fun situations that happened in the life of the birthday man.

Do not forget that the main thing is not a gift, but attention. No matter how expensive and original the gift is, it cannot replace care and warmth, so back up any present with sincere words and wishes.