What to give a man for 75 years: 37 gift ideas for a hero of the day for all occasions

For men

Deciding what to give a man for 75 years is not easy, even if you have a close relationship with the birthday man. When choosing a gift, it is necessary to take into account the personal characteristics of a person, however, as in other cases. In the article you will find information about gifts that will be appropriate for most men of this age. After reading, you will be able to choose from many examples the one that will please the birthday man the most.

Older people are more careful about their health. Therefore, choosing a gift for 75 years, it is worth giving something that will help the birthday man take care of himself. He will receive them with special gratitude. Presents that not only bring pleasure, but also benefit will be:

  • Herbalist set. The composition includes organic herbs, organic fruit jam, honey and a spoon in the form of a spindle for it, Ginger Orange tea, mint and thyme in bags. In addition to the set, there is a wooden pendant on which you can write wishes and congratulations.
  • Eco friendly alarm clock. It slowly increases the lighting in the room 30 minutes before the signal. For a call, different melodies are provided to choose from: an imitation of the sounds of nature or just music tracks.
  • Robotic massager. They can be separate for different parts of the body: for the head, back, legs, etc. The device favors normal blood circulation, relieves tension and helps relieve stress, eliminate pain.
  • Smoothie machine. Every day, vitamin desserts, cocktails and other healthy drinks will be provided, in addition to the machine, you can donate a fruit basket.

Useful technique

Useful technology for a healthy life

  • Filtration system or water filter. More like a gift from relatives. Clean water is the key to health, but you don’t apply it from the store every day. Therefore, such a gift will greatly facilitate the life of your elderly father, grandfather.

For business

Some people of this age continue to work. When choosing what to give a man for his 75th birthday in this case, you should give preference to a present that will emphasize achievements in the career and social life of the birthday man:

  • business card wallet with handle, will emphasize the status of the hero of the day, and will become useful if business cards are needed in large quantities;
  • Parker Rollerball Pen, is also a symbol of professional success;
  • personalized purse in the form of a clutch, among all the variety, you can choose a worthy birthday boy: not only beautiful and original, but also functional and very practical.
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A gift that will make life easier for an elderly man is very appropriate and necessary. In our time, technology has improved a lot, but people of this age are often not always ready for these innovations. It is worth not only giving, but also teaching how to use them. For example, these could be:

  • Large plasma TV or home theater system. For many people, television is the main source of information about the outside world, and a variety of channels will help expand knowledge of what is happening around the globe and beyond. And good acoustics will allow you to get the greatest emotions from watching your favorite movies or football.

Home Theater

A cosily equipped home theater will definitely appeal to the hero of the day

  • Microwave. Everyone needs such a technique when you need to quickly heat up food, or cook it in a special way, it is always ready to help. And in some cases, you won’t need to worry if grandfather turned off the stove.
  • Air conditioning. It will be a great present for an elderly man: it will provide the right and useful climate control in the house. By giving a present that maintains the optimum temperature in the premises in winter and summer, you will not only make the life of the birthday man comfortable, but also improve his health.

When the birthday boy has a special hobby

As people get older, they begin to devote more time to their favorite hobbies. After all, during this period of life there is a lot of free time.

Depending on what hobby the birthday person has, you can give:

  • Leather hunting bag with torks for game. Included with it is to buy: carving knife, flask, thermos, set of camping utensils for three persons, stacks, skewers, ladle.
  • Tackle for the fisherman. Like everything, such equipment is constantly being improved. Every fishing lover will be delighted with the easy telescopic rod, equipped with a multiplier, and an excellent addition to it will be set of spinners or floats.

For fisherman rods

For a fisherman, fishing rods are never superfluous

  • lawn mower. Gardeners will love this gift. With such a unit, the garden plot of the birthday boy will always be on top. The machine will help you quickly "mow" the lawn. When choosing a unit, you should give preference to electronic technology. To such a presentation, you should add the necessary supply of electrical cable.
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Books are always valuable

The love for books, laid down in childhood, never goes away, and the option of such a gift is always relevant. Now there are many literary and scientific novelties that can be selected depending on the preferences of the hero of the day:

  • annual subscription to the magazinethat the man always reads the latest news;
  • collection of aphorisms;
  • birthday hobby book, will help you delve into your skills and learn more about your hobbies;
  • genealogy book in an elite case;
  • deluxe edition of books famous and beloved writers.

If the hero of the occasion loves to read, then he will come in handy footrest, lamp or magnifier to increase the font.

Comfortable reading area

A well-equipped reading place is important for a grandfather who reads a lot

A practical gift

Some men prefer gifts that they will systematically use. This personality trait is also worth considering. This series of gifts includes:

  • Named towel embroidery. His hero of the occasion will definitely use it regularly.
  • Bathrobe, plaid. How nice it is to feel the care of relatives and friends, wrapping yourself in a soft gift on a cold winter evening. Just what an old man needs.
  • Name belt with buckle. His birthday boy will constantly use.
  • Cosmetics set for men.
  • Large name cup. Not only the name of the hero of the occasion, but also his photograph can be applied to it. Printing on the cup can be ordered at a specialized printing house. To do this, you need to choose the right dishes and take them to the ordering process. If it seems that one cup is too modest a present, then you can give a set. For example, consisting of a cup, several plates, a fork, a spoon and a knife. You can combine cutlery in a set in different ways. It is only important that all elements fit together.
  • Linens. When choosing a present, you need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. The set can be chosen to match the design of the room or according to a different principle.

Bed linen

Bedding set - a universal gift for all occasions

  • Orthopedic pillows, mattresses, blankets.
  • Barbecue set. It includes a prefabricated brazier, chopper, carving and folding knives, a flask, stacks, a set of camping tools, a lighter, a corkscrew.
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Unusual gifts

People of all ages love unexpected gifts. A gift for a man on his 75th birthday can be unusual. Such gifts are even able to return the emotions of childhood to the birthday boy:

  • Biography in the form of a birthday book.
  • Lotto or handmade chess. They will help brighten up leisure.
  • Picture in the form of a clock will be a great home decoration.
  • Jewelry box for hours. Especially handmade and equipped with backlight will appeal to a person who loves watches and he does not have them alone.


When choosing what to give dad for his 75th birthday, you can give preference to both expensive and simple dishes for daily use, in any case, this will be a good memory of the donor. An example would be:

  • Beautiful caviar. It can be made in the form of a fish. For example, sturgeon. Caviar can be supplemented with a spoon in the form of a shell.
  • High quality porcelain teapot. It is a symbol of a prosperous life.
  • A set of unusual dinner plates, can be personalized, made to order.

Expensive gifts

When choosing what to give a man for his 75th birthday, who has everything, you need to be smart. It should be borne in mind that expensive presents are suitable for such people, which will emphasize their status:

  • Unusual mirror in original frame.
  • Portrait on photo. Painting on natural linen canvas framed in a beautiful baguette frame made of natural wood.
  • A panel with an unusual pattern or even made up of family photos.
  • Name frame for car numbers. Such a present is suitable for those who adore their car and try to make it special.

It is not so difficult for a man to choose a gift for an anniversary of 75 years, knowing the preferences and interests of the birthday man. There are a lot of options: serious gifts for a serious man, and even if at the age of 75 a man goes in one step with humor, then you can pick up humorous gifts, they will decorate the holiday with cheerful emotions that will remain in your memory for a long time.