Gifts for real men: a beer set with a joke

We all love interesting and original gifts with surprises. So why do most women continue to give men primitive gifts like socks, shaving foam, shower kits? Such things should be attributed more to everyday essentials, but not to solemn presentations. But what if there is no money for a good expensive gift? What to give a loved one to surprise him and not disappoint him? This article contains several interesting gifts for a man that will definitely please him and evoke positive emotions.

"Beer" cake

Beer can cake

Beer is a drink without which most men simply cannot imagine their lives. So why not give your loved one a beer set? But now it's not just about a few bottles of beer, but about a creative beer can cake! Probably, you still can’t quite imagine how it looks, but believe me, in general, it turns out to be a very original “male” present. So, what we need to create it:

  • Approximately 25 cans of your man's favorite beer.
  • 1 glass bottle with beer.
  • Beautiful satin ribbons.
  • Corrugated paper.
  • Double-sided tape and plain foil.
  • Several cardboard boxes in the shape of a circle, which will act as a stand.
  • Strong wire and sharpened scissors.
  • Small postcards with wishes (you can not use).


First you need to make a stand for the future beer cake. For this we will just use cardboard. An important point: if you plan to move the cake, it is best to replace the cardboard with a more durable material (tray, plywood, etc.).

Required materials for assembly

Necessary materials for assembling the cake

Using double-sided tape, glue the cardboard together. We glue the foil on it and proceed to assemble the cake. At first we use only 7 beer cans - they will be the basis. We also glue them together so that in the future our gift does not fall apart. Then we make a second circle of cans and glue them together as well. Since double-sided tape is used in the manufacture of the structure, additional decor can be easily glued onto it. For this, corrugated paper, ribbons, lace, or just a beautiful satin fabric are perfect, although in this case you can use any materials that you like best.

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As for the color scheme, everything here is also very individual. Shades can be selected in accordance with the upcoming holiday or simply rely on the taste preferences of the person who is going to be surprised. After the second tier is ready, we place a beer glass bottle in the center of the cake.

Cake assembly process

Decoration options

Next, we fix the structure again with adhesive tape and decorate it. Approach this process with originality and creativity: make beautiful bows with your own hands, decorate jars with large beads or sequins, varnish them with sparkles, etc. At this stage, the cake will be almost ready, but you can add small themed cards to it as interesting details. Insert a card in the center with your wishes, congratulations or just nice words.

Decorating a cake with your own hands

By the way, in modern floristry there is now a separate direction - the manufacture of flower arrangements with a "male character". Such pleasure belongs to the category of "not cheap", and there are very few designers who are engaged in such a business. On the Internet, you can now find detailed information about this direction, so if you are interested in this topic, you can try to do something similar with your own hands. But an unusual bouquet of fish or other beer snacks will also be an interesting option, and it will come out many times cheaper.

Classics of the genre

Bouquet of fish for beer

A fish bouquet is a composition that will be a great addition to a beer set. And a set of technological methods for creating such creative edible compositions has already almost taken shape and is known to everyone. We will analyze in more detail the so-called "classic" version of a bouquet of fish. In such a composition, “flowers” ​​seem to be held on “stems”, which are collected in a single bundle. So, to create a bouquet yourself, you will need:

  • Skewers (preferably wood)
  • Scotch.
  • Dried vobla (sabrefish, roach, ram) of small size.
  • Relevant newspaper or rough-textured wrapping paper.
  • Ribbon or twine.
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Take the fish and firmly glue it to the skewer at the base of the tail, leaving a margin of the length of the skewer a few cm above the fixing point. Do this with all the fish and then collect them in a single bouquet, drag with an elastic band or thread. Further, everything is very simple: wrap the finished bouquet with newspaper or the paper that you have prepared. At the base of the composition, tie the newspaper with twine or a beautiful ribbon. If you want the fish bouquet to be lush and large, use as many fish as possible. Such a bouquet with a surprise will definitely not leave indifferent any man!

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