What to give a 33-year-old man for his birthday if you know his hobby

What to give a man for 33 years for his birthday is a good question. Especially considering the fact that all people are different, and when choosing a gift, a person still wants to make it pleasant. There are many interests, as well as lifestyles, for men, and the slightest mistake can become fatal in the blink of an eye. It is in order not to be mistaken with a present for a friend or beloved man, and this article was written.

Gifts to the athlete

What to give your husband for 33 years, if the main passion of his life is sports, the choice is not difficult. Even a consultant at Sportmaster will be able to pick up presents for this category of men. Speaking of him: gift card Sportmaster, Decathlon and other sporting goods stores will always come in handy. Such a gift masks the donor's ignorance of what exactly he could give to the birthday man, but at the same time provides the hero of the day himself with a good one - even an excellent one! - choice of purchase.

If you want to approach the issue more individually, do not forget about gym memberships or a gym. This option is suitable for those men who are fond of bodybuilding.

But the choice of what to give for 33 years to a man who does not go to the gym, but loves sports, should be based on the preferred sport of the birthday man. Better for a runner кроссовкиfor the yoga lover pilates mat; for a karate or judoka - new kimono. The latter is worth focusing on: you need to buy a kimono without additional stripes, since the policy of martial arts clubs is often very strict on the form of their participants.


Pilates mat - even if a man already has one, another one will always come in handy

Do not forget about sports equipment. This also includes snowboards, skiing, skates и Bicycles - athletes will be happy with them in any case, the main thing is that there is enough space at home. Аbonament to the pool Perfect as a gift for swimmers.

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Cooking gifts

Contrary to popular belief, men love and know how to cook. An ideal gift for a 33-year-old man who is a cook in his soul will not be difficult to pick up.

First of all, it is, of course, kitchen utensils: frying pans и pans. It is advisable to choose quality companies like Summit or Tefal. Do not forget about kitchen accessories: potholders и aprons cost not too much, but always used. Therefore, taking them out, the birthday man will always remember the gift giver. Kitchen towels in any clean and self-respecting home will also be welcome.

You can go for broke and buy as a gift dishwasher. This greatly facilitates the work of any culinary specialist, because it is not enough to cook food - you also need to wash the dishes after it.

Do not forget about expensive spices и Ingredients. This issue is especially acute among lovers of Indian and Asian cuisines. Well pastry bag for a pastry chef - a great gift, especially if it comes with several nozzles.


Own cookbook - to record your unique cooking secrets, which will be passed on from generation to generation

cookbookBy the way, also a very good present.

Gifts for the motorist

To put it bluntly, a freshener in the form of a Christmas tree in the salon is not the best gift in this category. If the question is what to give a friend for 33 years, if he is a motorist, it is better to take care of the more practical side of the issue and give car wash subscription near the house or to a service center. It will not be superfluous tire set - winter, summer. Spare tires, after all, are always a plus.

Good Seat Covers also do not roll on the road. Do not forget about the love of some drivers for toys; despite the fact that it has long gone out of fashion, some still love heartily dog with bobbing heads. Of their more practical things, it is worth highlighting the phone mounts: now a lot of people drive on navigator, and a similar accessory in the car is not a whim, but a necessity.


Navigator - a convenient device that allows you to find your way to anywhere in the country (and not only)

Gifts for gamers

More and more men now allow themselves to spend their free time not at homework, but at the keyboard with a mouse or joystick. The popularity of computer culture is not even discussed, it is taken for granted, so this aspect of a man’s personality should also be paid attention to, choosing, for example, what to give his brother for 33 years.

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Very often there is a problem of bad hardware, on which modern games do not run. This issue is solved simply: you can give a new video card! The main thing is not to make a mistake, because an expensive video card is not always a good video card.

comfortable chair for gamers - the dream of many people. Behind him, contrary to popular belief and stereotype, it is convenient not only to play, but also just to sit and work. Such a gift is especially well suited for programmers and system administrators who work from home, spending tens of thousands of hours at the computer and sitting their ass.

And the most important thing to remember when choosing a gift for a man on his 33rd birthday is that he should be with a soul. Then the birthday person will like any option.


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