What to give a man for 30 years: 50 original ideas to surprise and please

30 years is one of the very first and most serious milestones in the life of every man. This is the time to find yourself, stable relationships and career growth. He has already said goodbye to youthful recklessness, but at the same time he is still young enough to be delighted with things that at first glance are impractical, but cause strong emotions. When deciding what to give a man for 30 years, one should take into account his interests, status, lifestyle and profession. The difference between a business person and a cheerful joker is significant, and this will be reflected in the choice of gifts.

What to get your brother for his XNUMXth birthday

A gift for 30 years to a man should be such that he can use it in his life. At the same time, the present should bring positive and vivid emotions:

  • Checkers or handmade chess. Beautiful carvings made of wood or other materials can be freely ordered in online stores. Made in classic or other motifs, they will not only decorate the interior, but also emphasize the status of the owner. Modern technologies allow to convey the smallest details. Engraving can be applied to the inside, outside or side at the request of the customer.
  • Barbecue or barbecue equipment. Among all the products that manufacturers offer, you should pay attention to handmade grills, beautiful skewers setsas well as electrical appliances. The latter option is especially relevant for those cases when there is no particular desire or opportunity to go to nature. Grill with volcanic lava, press grill or other devices have such a useful function as temperature control. This greatly simplifies the process of cooking meat.
BBQ set
A wonderful present for a man who does not disdain cooking and knows how to properly hold a knife in his hands.
  • wall picture or panel, decorated in a certain style. This is the perfect birthday gift for a man on his 30th birthday if he is the owner of an office. You can order an oil painting from a photograph from the artist. It can be decorated in historical style. It is appropriate to portray the birthday man in the form of a famous historical figure, such as Julius Caesar. Such a present is suitable for ambitious men who are building their careers.
  • A fountain penwhich is refilled with ink. There are special gift options that are decorated antique.
  • Training Certificate. This can be training in a driving school, lessons in extreme driving, riding motorcycles, flying a glider, paragliding, speed boat. There are countless options for such a gift for 30 years. It is important to choose one that matches the interests and hobbies of the birthday man.
Karting as a gift for a man
Karting is also in the sphere of interests of a young man

What to give to my husband

You always want to surprise your beloved man, and make the holiday unusual and memorable. As a rule, people who live together know each other well, and there are no special prohibitions or taboos in choosing gifts:

  • EBook. A good gift for a 30-year-old man, if he constantly works with information, or just likes to read. It has many useful features that are not available in a phone or tablet.
  • Engraved watch. There are watches on sale, for the manufacture of which they used sandalwood and American zebrano.
  • Car organizer. It is fixed on the back of the rear seat and is located in the trunk. Suitable for different brands of cars and allows you to properly organize the space. It is made of high quality and durable fabric that does not absorb moisture, has many pockets of different sizes and purposes.
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Car trunk organizer
Now in the trunk of the car will be the perfect order
  • Humidor. There are special requirements for the storage of cigars. In order for them to retain the correct structure and aroma, the temperature and humidity indicators must comply with certain standards. A special box made of Brazilian cedar is able to absorb excess moisture and give it away if necessary. Each product is equipped with a humidifier, where it is necessary to periodically add water. Elite products have electronic devices that can automatically adjust the humidity level.
  • Mini bar. There are different design options. It can be not only a globe, but also a fire extinguisher, a canister or even a barrel. The choice depends on where exactly the present will be located. If you order a mini bar from the manufacturer, you can choose not only the shape of the product, but its color, as well as other parameters.
canister bar
No one will guess that a bottle of elite alcohol is “hiding” inside

XNUMXth birthday gift from friends

The thirtieth anniversary is a special holiday that can not do without friends. A gift for 30 years to a man should be special and memorable. Inside every man, even an adult and self-sufficient, there is a small child. For this reason, when choosing presents, do not ignore funny or cool souvenirs and even toys:

  • RC Helicopter or Quadcopter. This device can be tested directly at the birthday party. Surely everyone will have fun and interesting.
  • Soft toy with a bottle of elite alcohol inside. The teddy bear has a hiding place inside which hides a bottle of whiskey.
  • Birthday cartoon. It can be taken from a photograph. Such a gift is appropriate if the birthday boy has a good sense of humor.
  • Tool kit. It will not be left without attention and will definitely come in handy in the household.
  • Alcohol mashine. Thanks to this device, you can practice making different types of alcohol.
  • Inflatable sofa. Relevant for a person who often receives guests. The sofa is convenient because it takes up little space: it can be blown away and folded into a closet.
Inflatable sofa
Polyvinyl chloride, from which the sofa is made, is pleasant to the touch and has good strength indicators.

Present for a loved one

Young people who are in a relationship should be careful about the choice of presents. A bad choice can lead to disappointment or resentment. For this reason, you should ask yourself in advance what to give a guy for 30 years, and approach the choice with all responsibility. And the options could be:

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  • Luminous whiskey glasses. A solid and exclusive set will be the envy of friends. When this dish is just on the table, it is no different from the usual. But as soon as liquid gets inside, the glass begins to glow.
  • A set of chocolate figurines. Themes for design can be very different. You can give a chocolate gun, cartoon characters, tools, an Oscar figurine, a tank, a motorcycle, an animal. This is especially true if the birthday boy has a sweet tooth.
chocolate car
Even a thirty-year-old man is a little child inside, and will surely be delighted with such a surprise - a chocolate car
  • Ticket to a concert of your favorite band. Emotions as a gift will remain in your memory forever, especially if it is an evening spent together.
  • Paintball game with friends. A sea of ​​adrenaline and positive emotions. An ideal option for giving your loved one for 30 years.

Gift according to interests

An adult thirty-year-old man probably has his own hobbies or hobbies. But, before deciding what to give a man for his 30th birthday, you should carefully study his interests. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is better to ask what exactly he wants to receive as a present.

Gifts in boxes
The present can be packed in a special wooden box. It takes a lot of effort to open it.

Gift ideas for hobbies:

  • If a man does not have a specific hobby, then camcorder or camera this is the best option for what to give for 30 years. This gift can be the beginning of a serious hobby.
  • Binoculars good quality can be presented to the hunter. Another option for what you can give a man for 30 years is night-vision device.
  • The fisherman should be presented echo sounder. The device is designed to determine the depth of the reservoir.
  • If the birthday man is a believer, then he will be glad to receive a beautiful dear as a gift. an icon.
  • Computer chair, it is ideal for the gamer. He will definitely be satisfied. It can also be given to a person who often works at a computer.
Computer chair
Helps protect the spine from excessive stress
  • A person who likes to spend a lot of time among friends will be happy to receive as a gift table soccer or air hockey.
  • If the birthday boy is fond of antique things, then you can present it for his birthday antique radio.
  • Travel lover will be happy to receive portable charger, backpack, tent or sleeping bag.

DIY present

It is not necessary to give the birthday man something expensive. A handmade product is one of the best options for what you can give a man for his 30th birthday:

  • Gastronomic or beer bouquet. Suitable for those who love beer. When making a bouquet, beer, chips, dried or dried fish, salted nuts and other suitable snacks are used. If a man is not fond of alcohol, then you can make a meat bouquet from different types of meat and sausage products, vegetables and herbs.
Beer Bouquet
To compose a beer bouquet, you will not need a lot of strength and skills, and the effect will be stunning
  • Candy kettlebell. To make such a gift, you will need about a kilogram of round-shaped sweets in a package, regular and double-sided tape, scissors, and newsprint as a filler. First you need to make a base in the form of a ball. For this purpose, paper and ordinary tape are used. After that, all the candies are glued to the ball using double-sided tape. Confectionery must be placed in tight rows. To make a pen, use a strip of thick cardboard. It can be wrapped in foil. It is worth attaching the handle to the “weight”, and then stick candies on its surface.
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Candy Tank
Among the most successful options for decorating a sweet gift for a man are a tank, a car, a motorcycle, a ship.
  • Candle in a bottle. In a clean beautiful bottle, you need to put a handful of beautiful glass balls for decoration or sea pebbles. Pour the contents with alcohol liquid for the burner. The next step is to insert the wick and wick holder. This can be done with double-sided tape or tape. The wick should fit along the entire length, and reach, if not to the bottom, then to the beginning of the pebbles or balls. If desired, natural essential oil can be added to the combustible mixture. All "ingredients" can be bought at the craft store.
  • homemade cake. For decoration, not only cream, but also mastic is most often used. You can make a car cake, a suitcase or a bag with money, a beer mug and others. There are many design ideas, the choice depends on the skills and capabilities of the chef himself. To impress the birthday person, you can print a photo on rice paper and use it to decorate a confectionery.
Original cake as a gift
This is a great way to express your feelings or attitude towards the birthday person.
  • Cookie box. Inside each product, it is better to put not a prediction, but a congratulation or wish. Put all cookies in a beautiful box and wrap with special paper.
  • Scarf or hatlinked by hand. Even a person who did not hold knitting needles or a hook in his hands is able to cope with knitting a scarf. To make the work progress faster, you can take a thicker yarn.
  • Bouquet from socks. This is an original and funny surprise that is easy and simple to make yourself. Each sock is neatly straightened and rolled up. Then the edges are gently straightened or pulled out. To make a more lush "flower", you can use two socks instead of one. Stems can be made from colored paper by twisting it into a tube. For decoration, you can use wrapping paper, foil, ribbons and other decorations. To make the composition more interesting, you can put chocolates on wooden skewers, men's cosmetics inside.
Bouquet from socks
Even ordinary socks can be presented in an interesting and unusual way.

When choosing a present, it is important to take into account your financial condition, the type of relationship between the donor and the recipient, as well as the preferences of the birthday person himself. A gift for the thirtieth anniversary should be given from the heart and be accompanied by sincere congratulations. The most valuable thing is attention. Even the most ordinary thing can sparkle with bright colors if it is beautifully designed.


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