Candy gift for a man: 30 ideas to cheer up with a sweet surprise

Men love to receive gifts. And they are mostly sweet tooth. Previously, sweets were considered a purely feminine gift. But times are changing, now sweets can be given to the representatives of the stronger sex. In this article, you will find a bunch of ideas on the topic of candy gifts. An interesting gift of sweets for a man can be ordered on a specialized website or made with your own hands.

Original sweet bouquet

An original sweet bouquet will cheer up even the most strict man.

Traditional present

For starters, some people just don't like flashy surprises. With the choice of a gift for such there will be less problems. You can simply ask what exactly this person needs, sweetening it with a box of something tasty. But the conservative in this case has something to surprise.

Boxes from the manufacturer are being replaced by sets of sweets in beautiful packages. For example, for a boss or business partners, you can order candies with the company logo on the wrappers. It can also be written on them who they are intended for, for example, “The Best Chef” or “Beloved Dad”. Looks unusual and stylish handmade candy set work with any taste, be it pina colada or whiskey.

Now they even make candy in the form of planets of the solar systemhand painted. An adherent of strict views will surely surprise chess board with chocolate pieces. During the game, they can be eaten in the truest sense of the word. Candy gifts for men working with tools can include wrench, pliers, screwdriverscast from chocolate. Car lovers will delight chocolate model machinery, and those who love motorcycles will surely like the bike. For numismatists you can find candies in the form of coins from different countries. The box in this case can be calm, strict masculine shades or the gifted person's favorite color.

candy machine

A candy machine can be a real masterpiece.

Candy compositions

A few years ago, bouquets were intended only for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Now bouquets are not only made of flowers, and they are given not only to women. Many talented people are now engaged in edible compositions, if you wish, you can easily find a specialist closer. Candies can hide in crepe paper flowers. If the wrappers are beautiful, then they will look without unnecessary decorations. In this case, walnuts, dried fruits, churchkhela can be added to the composition.

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Lovers of expensive alcohol will be surprised by a beautiful bottle framed by sweets. It can also be made by hand, you just need to pick up sweets, prepare skewers, a glue gun and watch a couple of videos on this topic in advance. In combination with dark-colored craft paper and a bright ribbon, any man will like the bouquet. A basket of sweets will also look aesthetically pleasing. As a gift of candy for a man, you can order cornucopia or chalice. This is when the vessel seems to be floating in the air, and all kinds of sweets are pouring out of it.

Cornucopia filled with sweets

A cornucopia filled with sweets is a real man's gift.

Can do flower topiary or tree. A surprise, for example, for the new year will be "a pineapple", made from a bottle pasted over with sweets and decorated with leaves on top. The bottle can also be decorated in the form bunches of candy grapes.

For little men

Children love gifts. They also love surprises. Now there are sweets for different tastes, not like fifty years ago. Today's children are very sophisticated, just candy in a bag will not surprise them. Therefore, you have to come up with ideas for a sweet gift.

Boys will be delighted with sweets in bright colorful boxes. Now you can order a chocolate mold, for example an egg or a bottle of Coca-Cola, with small sweets inside (M&S or others). The child will be happy candy cake. For a children's party or graduation in kindergarten, they may well be suitable small bouquets of sweets. Backpack with the image of your favorite character full of candy also will not leave anyone indifferent. For a children's holiday with contests, you can purchase lollipops with different flavorsso that the birthday boy and guests can compete by guessing the right one.

Kinder Cake

Chocolate egg cake will delight any boy.

Surprise boyfriend or husband

Sweet candy gifts for a man who is a husband or boyfriend can be given on Valentine's Day. Inside each candy, a wish should be written on the wrapper. You can also write the words "I love you" in different languages ​​or "10 reasons why I love you".

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Also, sweets can be with savory inscriptions, for example, "What do you want me to do tonight" with options. This comic game will surely add a touch of variety to family relationships. You can also make a kind of quest, the tasks for which will also be written inside, and the finale will be a romantic date.

Candy items by hobby

You can make a gift of sweets for a man with your own hands, you just need to give free rein to your imagination. Based on the type of activity or hobby of a man, you can make anything from sweets:

  • For a computer person from a box and sweets you get a laptop.
  • A driver or a person who is fond of cars can be presented sweet steering wheel or car.
  • If the gifted person likes the marine theme, you can do ship.
  • If a man loves historical weapons, for this make a cannon out of a bottle and sweets, and round candies serve as nuclei for it.

candy cannon

It is not difficult to make a cannon out of candy.

  • For a person working in the housing and communal services sector, you can do faucet from which chocolate coins flow.
  • From "coins" it will also turn out dollar sign for employees of the banking sector.
  • A man who is fond of photography can make a camera made of long sweets, and a can of coffee will serve as a lens.
  • For a person whose hobby is playing the guitar, you can make a guitar, for this you can stick sweets on a form cut out of cardboard.
  • If you are fond of football, you can make a ball, you need a piece of Styrofoam, dark and white candies, skewers or toothpicks, and a glue gun.

And finally, you can make your own sweets. There are a large number of homemade recipes for sweets such as "Bird's milk", «Raffaello», creamy sweets, you just need to know the preferences of a man. Sweets can also be prepared for adherents of a healthy diet with a calorie calculation. To do this, you need to ask in advance if a man likes nuts, dried fruits, chocolate.

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And you can also make a man feel like a real chocolatier. To do this, you just need to give him a set for making chocolate. Such a gift will surely surprise anyone.


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