What to give a man for 55 years: all types of presents in one place

If you don’t know what to give a man for 55 years, then this article is especially for you. In it you will find gift ideas of various categories. It also describes which gift to choose for a loved one, and which ones for a friend, and lists the TOP 5 universal gifts that can be given by a relative, colleague or acquaintance.

hiking set

A set of a real man - a lover of outdoor recreation

How to choose the right gift?

What to give a man for his 55th birthday? The question is quite relevant, because the choice of a gift is complicated by the fact that a man has already achieved certain positions in society. When choosing a gift, you need to pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Remember, maybe a man hinted at a certain gift? Or maybe openly said what he lacks?
  2. Think about what a man has been dreaming of for a long time, but due to some circumstances he cannot get it.
  3. The 55th anniversary is a significant event, so you should not take the cheapest or first gift that comes across, especially if the hero of the day is your husband, father or brother.
  4. When choosing a gift, pay attention to the status of the hero of the day, his life principles, hobbies, profession, etc.

What to give if the hero of the day is a loved one?

What can you give a man for 55 years from his wife / children / brothers / sisters:

  • Electrical engineering, for example, large plasma, eBook, board.
  • Interior items (кресло, sofa, bed).
  • Jewelry dyeing (possible with engraving), for example, cufflinks, ring, braslet, chuck for a tie.
  • Massage chair.
  • Mini bar.
  • Brazier и picnic set.

electric fireplaceElectric fireplace - family evenings will become even more soulful with such a device

backpack chairA chair with a backpack is just a godsend for a fisherman and a lover of going out into nature

coffee machineA coffee machine is a gift for a true coffee lover, with such a machine, espresso or cappuccino is prepared at the touch of a button

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Party gift

Throw a birthday party. Come up with a theme, call all the people he would like to see. Everything must be prepared very secretly so that the hero of the day does not even know.

Decorate the apartment or cafe where the celebration will take place. cook festive dinner, come up with fun contests or hire a host. Pick up music that a man liked to listen to in his youth so that it brings back fond memories. 55 years is an anniversary date, so the celebration should be remembered by a man.

Present from colleagues

Colleagues can present a joint gift to the hero of the day, for example, watch, office chair, figurine from a photograph in cartoon style. The latter should be chosen only if the hero of the day is not averse to making fun of himself, and is not touchy about such humor.

If each colleague decided to make a separate gift, then you can choose from the list below.

A gift for a man on his 55th birthday from a colleague:

  • Whiskey (cognac);
  • Parker;
  • Diary interesting design;
  • Hammock for legs;
  • BOOK;
  • Tie or shirt.

Original surprise

If you want to surprise the hero of the day, then give him a home brewery.

order for him a special issue of your favorite newspaper or magazine, where photos of a man, his short biography and any interesting life story will be posted.

Filled globe bar like a man who appreciates expensive alcohol.

If a man dreams of a fireplace, then he will be surprised to see at home electric fireplace.

tree trunk mugs

Unusual mugs in the form of a tree trunk are very atmospheric gizmos

Practical and inexpensive gifts

What to give a man for 55 years: inexpensive, but tasteful:

  • Tea-set with an interesting design;
  • Warm plaid;
  • Tools;
  • Coffee set or tea;
  • Annual set of socks (you can make a bouquet of socks);
  • Personalized gifts, for example, mugs, plates, t-shirt etc.

TOP-5 universal presents

  1. Photo Album with wishes;
  2. Nominal Medals, goblets;
  3. Glass for cognac, heated;
  4. Certificate to any store
  5. Purse (don't forget to put any banknote there).


What to give a 55-year-old man who has everything? There is only one answer - give impressions. But before making such gifts, make sure that the nerves of the birthday boy are strong enough and there are no health contraindications:

  • Extreme driving;
  • Skydiving;
  • Scuba diving;
  • Snowboarding;
  • Quest;
  • Pilot training.

Choose according to weather conditions.

Master ClassMaster class - if a man has a hobby, a lesson from a professional will make him incredibly happy

horse rideHorse riding is a great shake-up and at the same time relaxation after working days

gift withmassage certificatemassage certificate - a gift suitable for the owner of any social status, because what man does not like massage?

By hobbies

If the hero of the day smokes - give him cigars. Loves fishing - present fishing rods, spinning, a boat. By the way, you can give the fisherman fishing achievements mapordered from the master. It marks the areas and places of fishing, it is written which fish was caught (if you know), and also marks the places where the fish could not be caught. Goes on hikes - will rejoice tent or sleeping bag.

Looking after yourself? Buy for him gym membership or home simulator. Collects any items? Give him this item. Lover of reading will love it collection of books. Motorist - navigator. If the birthday man has his own dacha, plot or garden, and he is actively engaged in this, then present him lawn mower, inventory, rare seeds и seedlings, cultivator or hammock.

Commemorative gift

Create a mini movie about the birthday boy. Let all relatives and friends star in this film with their wishes or tell some interesting stories from life. Incorporate various excerpts and photographs from the youth of a man into the film.

The most important thing is not to make the video too boring or sad, it is better if it is as fun as possible. You should not use a lot of reminders about the age of a man in the video. Do not insert photos into the video that the birthday person definitely would not want to see, they, of course, should be funny, but in a kind way. At the end of the video, you need to insert a final phrase, for example, “Once again, congratulations on your anniversary, let's raise our glasses to health ... (name of the hero of the day).” But such a film can only serve as an addition to the material present.

Another good addition to the gift would be a huge wall newspaper, composed of photographs, wishes and, for example, drawings of grandchildren or children (if any).

If we talk about material memorable gifts for a 55-year-old man, then the following can be distinguished:

  • Oil portraitmade from a photograph;
  • Named glass set for whiskey;
  • Photo mosaic or 3D puzzles with the image of the hero of the day (his family);
  • design handmade chess.

Do not forget to back up your gifts with sincere wishes, perhaps poems or songs.


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