What gift to give a man to arouse his admiration

When the next birthday of a loved one or another holiday is approaching, we are often faced with the fact that we do not know what gift to present in order to deliver joyful emotions. It is especially difficult to choose gifts for men - dad, brother, husband, friend, son, work colleague. There is a stereotype that the representatives of the stronger sex are indifferent to all kinds of presents, and no one can explain why.

But men are not born, they grow up from cute boys who jump for happiness when they are given a toy car, an airplane, a designer, a bicycle. It's just that with age, the representatives of the stronger sex become less emotional. But this does not mean that they do not like to receive gifts.

They love, but not everyone, so the choice must be approached responsibly, taking into account the tastes and preferences of the person for whom he is selected. In thought, women ask themselves the question: what gifts do men like? It is definitely impossible to answer it, but we can definitely say that useful, practical, pleasant and tasty gifts will be an excellent option. Let's take a look at what can be donated.

Useful and practical gifts for men

Variety of gifts for men

As a rule, the male sex appreciates such presents. These may be things that a man would like to purchase, but for some reason could not. Everything that can be useful to him in everyday life, household chores, at work is a useful gift. For example:

  • All kinds of computer devices. There are many options: a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard, an original wireless mouse in the shape of a car, speakers, a webcam, a memory card reader, a cool mouse pad, a USB hub, a printer;
  • Useful accessories. Such as an umbrella, a Swiss knife, a handy wallet, a business card wallet, a diary, a leather passport cover, a phone or tablet case, a laptop bag, a fashionable purse or a leather briefcase, a stylish belt, a travel bag or a suitcase;
  • Car accessories. For example, a heated mug from a cigarette lighter, a compact pillow with a cool inscription, special gloves, a video recorder, a mobile phone holder, a powerful flashlight, a navigator, a vacuum cleaner for a car dealership, fur seat covers, especially important in the cold season;
  • For a sporty man, a gym or swimming pool membership, a sports bag, sneakers, a good tracksuit, and sports nutrition will be a great gift. If you have a larger amount, you can donate a bicycle or exercise machine for home use;
  • An office employee needs a gift in the form of an anti-stress ring, a branded pen in a beautiful case, a massage chair cover, a mobile phone stand, a storage system for office supplies, decision cubes, a hand trainer, a decision ball;pen parker
  • Electronic devices and modern gadgets are a worthy and relevant gift for today for all representatives of the strong half of humanity. An excellent option would be a phone, mp3 player, e-book, iPad or tablet, laptop. There are many interesting gadget options in stores now, from which you will definitely be able to pick up something for your man: a wi-fi flash drive "Cloud", 3D glasses "Virtual Reality", a wallet with built-in charging, a self-charging charger, a personalized external battery, ionizer - an air purifier for a car, especially useful when in a traffic jam, when there is a strong gas pollution around. This is not a complete list of what the market is currently offering us.
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Nice gifts for men


This category of gifts includes everything that cheers up and causes a storm of delight and wonderful emotions, reminds of something good and helps to realize dreams. After all, all men have some hobbies, hobbies, and in general, that they just love. Such a surprise will surely bring joy to its recipient. Nice gifts include:

  • A gift for men with a pronounced hobby. If he likes fishing or hunting, it is very difficult to choose a new spinning rod or a hunting rifle, you still won’t please him, because he himself understands this better. The exception is when you know exactly what he needs. It is easier to pick up things for him that will be useful for additional convenience. For example, a thermos, binoculars, a tent, a sleeping bag, bowlers, a compass, a rubber boat, a comfortable backpack, a multifunctional flashlight, a cooler bag, a mobile smokehouse. Well, for other hobbies, also choose a gift according to this principle;
  • Gifts in the form of toys. At heart, all men are the same children who love to play. Therefore, those gifts that may seem silly to us women, he may well like it. For example, a radio-controlled plane, a helicopter or a model of its car in a reduced form, board game sets (poker, monopoly), home mini-golf or darts, table hockey or football, puzzles, puzzles, collectible chess or backgammon, discs with your favorite computer games;
  • For lovers of adrenaline. If your man is a thrill-seeker, present him with a certificate for a parachute jump, a bridge jump, a team game of paintball, a quest, spearfishing, karting, flying in a wind tunnel, a lesson in flying a helicopter or other aeronautical means, riding ATVs on difficult track. Less extreme would be tickets to a concert of your favorite band or to an international football match;
  • Jokes and jokes. If a man is not deprived of a sense of humor, you can make a surprise in the form of a prank or organize an unforgettable party with an interesting show (fireworks, a performance with fire, a song in his honor, a fight of spectacular girls in a pool filled with cream and strawberries, a battle of heavyweights). As an option for a party, you can rent a Hummer limousine or a retro car and drive around the city, singing karaoke songs;
  • Joint vacation. A very good surprise is the holiday you planned. For example, at a camp site with a bathhouse and barbecues. But when choosing a gift, you must definitely take into account that your man does not have plans for these days. Ideally, if it comes as a complete surprise, and you organize everything yourself!
  • Cash gift. Donate money. It's always nice to receive them. In this case, the man gets the freedom of choice and can decide for himself what gift to buy for himself. Or maybe they will bring it closer to the cherished dream, for the implementation of which there are still not enough funds. But the money must be beautifully and originally packaged. For example, make a money tree out of banknotes or fold them into an interesting picture and insert them into a frame. It all depends on your imagination!
  • Delicious gift. A huge cake, baked according to the original recipe and beautifully decorated, is a great gift for a man who has a sweet tooth from a woman for a holiday. A deliciously laid table with food that he likes is also suitable. But still, by many men, such a gift is rather perceived as an addition to the main one, although of course it will not be superfluous;
    male cake
  • For lovers of alcohol and tobacco. If you are not against his bad habits, then you can give a gift in the form of expensive high-quality alcohol in a beautiful package, rare or simply delicious cigars, a stylish flask, a portable mini bar, a hookah, an original ashtray, an electronic cigarette, a cigarette case.
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IdeaAdd spice to receiving a gift by organizing a search for it. Draw a map, come up with riddles and clues. Surely such an exciting adventure will appeal to your man!

Still wondering what gifts men love? Well, if the article helped answer this question. Presentations are needed different, like all our men. And in order to please the representative of the stronger sex for a holiday or birthday, it is necessary to take into account his character, lifestyle, image, status, age, interests, hobbies, place in society and other subtleties known only to you. Listen to your inner voice, because it is well developed in women, and this will definitely help you make the right choice in order to receive sincere gratitude for your gift and a happy sparkle in the eyes of a dear man!


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