Comic birthday gifts for a man with a joke: will amuse anyone

Birthday is a good occasion to show love and care for the birthday person, to cheer up. On this day, a person especially wants to feel needed. And laughter, as you know, prolongs life. Therefore, the article will discuss how to choose the right gifts with a joke for a man's birthday. Examples of gifts for different categories of people are given: courageous, strong, inquisitive, domestic, mature, travel-loving.

ant farm

"Ant farm" - instead of a pet, you can give insects

How to choose the right gift

If you want to wish someone a happy birthday with a touch of humour, here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • A joke shouldn't be vulgar. Not every man, and even more so a woman, will appreciate such a gift. Especially if it is presented in the circle of family or colleagues.
  • Don't hide money in socks, books, or cheap trinkets. There is a chance that the birthday boy will not find the main gift. Throw away or present to someone else.
  • A surprise should be useful or carry a semantic load if it is the main gift. A person is waiting for something necessary and pleasant for his birthday, and not just a joke.
  • Only light, positive humor! The joke should not humiliate the birthday man, his loved ones, hobbies, habits, health features, appearance.

men's socks "Daddy is tired"Men's socks "Daddy is tired" – the signature is hidden in a safe place and can give itself away only in some cases

decision ballBall for decision-making "Fate" If you don't know what to do, he will tell you

set for a real manSet for a real man - we hand over a pacifier, a hammer and an acorn and carry out life tasks ahead

For the strong and the brave

A young man will be pleased if his best qualities are emphasized. And make it bright, noticeable, but unobtrusive. Especially if the celebration takes place in the circle of friends, colleagues, familiar girls. Comic birthday gifts for a man will help with this.:

  • funny fly swatter. Every lady expects chivalrous deeds from her gentleman. This includes victories over flies, spiders, cockroaches and other living creatures unpleasant for the ladies' eyes. Usually a newspaper or slippers are used. By the way, the procedure for the destruction of an insect is not always pleasant for the representatives of the stronger sex. And here a homemade fly swatter will help out. Take a large men's slipper and glue it on the mop handle. You can make funny embroidery or appliqué on your device.
  • Brick with the inscription: Strong argument. It is made from the same materials as the regular one. Applies to all disputes. You can even carry it with you to work, but it is better to leave it at home as a souvenir.
  • Bowling ball. Clubs often write off damaged equipment. It is enough to contact the administrator and they will gladly give it to you. A gift with a joke for a birthday is ready at no financial cost. You can use it on the farm, when playing sports instead of a dumbbell, and also show your imagination.

alarm clock target

Alarm clock "Target" - you definitely won’t oversleep with it, to turn it off you need to make several shots at a distance of about 3 meters

  • Sports water bottle with fun print, funny inscription. The range allows you to choose to your liking. The birthday boy will remember you at every workout.
  • T-shirt with funny slogan. For example, you know that a guy has a wedding soon, a T-shirt: It’s funny for you, but he’s getting married to me, just right.
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For the curious

Even for the curious, there are interesting gifts:

  1. Bold and curious boys have always dreamed of licking a swing in the cold or putting a light bulb in their mouths. They have long been concerned about the question of why it is easy to go there, but there is no way back. Lollipop «Now you can» will come to the rescue. The caramel light bulb is identical to the real one in size and shape. But it is easily absorbed, which will avoid pain and calling a doctor.
  2. Children's encyclopedia. Every man is a child at heart. The inner child needs to be encouraged. A book about dinosaurs, space or the universe with colorful illustrations will bring joy.
  3. Cooking course certificate. Such gifts with a joke for a man's birthday will suit bachelors and not only.
  4. Coins with answers. Velvet pouch with coins resembling runes. Which in a playful way will help answer any question.

scratch-poster "100 things to do Bar Edition"Scratch poster "100 things to do Bar Edition" - in life you need to try everything, and if age and health allow, you can start with hundreds of iconic alcoholic drinks

sheep masksheep mask - such a gift can become a favorite attribute of pranks, ideally if the birthday person likes to arrange them

drum set for fingersFinger drum set - such a gift will definitely cause bewilderment, and then it will take an honorable place in the workplace and will delight in free minutes

For travelers and tourists

  • Funny Passport Cover. Useful, but comical birthday present for a man cool covers for documents. During excursions, check-in at a hotel, at customs it is convenient if the passport is different from the others.
  • A suitcase or bag with a cute pattern. The thing is roomy, unique and fun at the same time.
  • Socks in a tin - emergency reserve of the tourist.

For sweet tooth

There is a myth that women like sweets more than men. This is not true. Among the representatives of the stronger sex, many are sweet.

  1. Figured chocolate, or with a funny wrapper. In many pastry shops you can order handmade chocolate, as well as make individual packaging for it.
  2. funny cake. When choosing comic gifts for an anniversary for a man, do not forget about the main dish of any celebration. Birthdays of any gender and age enthusiastically blow out the candles and make a wish.
  3. Delicious help. Bright candy pills in a pharmacy jar will cheer up the recipient.

chocolate tools

Sweets for a real man, their appearance speaks for itself

For couch potatoes

There are many men among men who cannot be pulled out of the house on a day off. Such people appreciate the comfort, beauty and functionality of their home.

  • Funny table lamp or floor lamp. Now there is a large selection of original lamps: in the form of people, animals, various objects. For example, a lamp in the form of an umbrella is popular, from under which female and male legs stick out. The shape hints at a kiss.
  • funny slippers. Soft, warm indoor shoes will please the homebody. Choose funny models: with animal heads, in the form of a tank or a car. Lots of options.
  • When choosing funny birthday gifts for a man with a joke, do not forget about his comfort, take care. A friend will appreciate scarf or umbrella with a cool pattern. And you can give your beloved a warm, cozy pajamas with bunnies, cubs. A person who is in close relationship with you will be pleased to receive comfortable underwear with an interesting pattern.

annual supply of socksYearly stock of socks – a clean pair will always be at hand, and after washing you won’t have to look for them, because they are all the same

Emoji slippersEmoji slippers – sometimes understatement makes a gift more spectacular

printed sweatshirtSweatshirt with print - even a funny gift can be practical if you choose it carefully

For mature men

A person of the older generation has a lot of worries and experiences, so the best gift is the one that will make him laugh, relax his soul. Therefore, you should carefully choose comic gifts for the anniversary of a man of 60 years old, cool, to please for sure. At the same time, do not forget that representatives of different age categories have different ideas about funny.

  1. original nesting dolls with photos of family members, made to order. Especially suitable if the birthday boy has many relatives.
  2. funny backgammon, chess or domino. Depending on which board game the hero of the day prefers.
  3. Delicious tea in original packaging. Choose a picture with humor.

The text offers only some ideas that can be changed, transformed. Anyway when choosing a gift, including a comic one, it is necessary to take into account the individuality of the addressee.


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