Exclusive birthday gifts for men: the best way to surprise

For men

In order for a birthday present to be remembered by the hero of the occasion, many people want to really surprise a man with their present and give something expensive and exclusive. A man will be pleased if, when choosing a gift, his interests, hobbies, preferences, and the type of activity he is engaged in are taken into account. This article will help you consider possible exclusive birthday gifts for men.

Exclusive birthday gifts for men

A handmade purse or pen will undoubtedly please the recipient

For active

Despite the fact that intangible gifts will not please a man for long, but those vivid memories and emotions that these gifts will present him are priceless and will remain in memory for a long time. so will be the best option for a birthday:

  1. If there is a city with tall buildings nearby, then you can organize bungee jumping or rope jumping from high-rise objects. In order for such a gift to be remembered only by good ones, it is best to organize a jump together with a professional team of extreme sportsmen or with an instructor.
  2. Aircraft or Helicopter Certificate. Such a certificate can be given to those who love to fly and have always wanted to manage air transport on their own, even for a short time, or simply to those who are interested in helicopters or airplanes.
  3. Mountain expedition ticket or a trip to a ski resort not everyone can afford it, because it will take a certain amount of time that not every man has in his busy daily schedule. But, nevertheless, this gift will help you escape from the routine and spend time with health and soul benefits.
  4. Suitable for lovers of speed driving a sports car on a race track. Such a gift will fill almost any man with admiration and adrenaline.

Exclusive birthday gifts for men

A karting certificate is a cool and unusual gift

  1. Certificate for golf/billiards/football/tennis with a professional trainer is suitable for sports enthusiasts who prefer less extreme sports than those mentioned above.
  2. From ticket to the VIP box for a match/game/concert/race the birthday boy will not refuse, especially if he is a fan of this or that event.
  3. Trip abroad for a couple of days during the working week. A great chance to relax and take a break from work and just enjoy life. Sometimes men do not have enough rest and they should be given the opportunity to rest, especially on their birthday.
  4. If needed give something grandiose, which will become not just a gift, but a way to generate income, then a good option would be your own business (business) in the area that will be of interest to a man.
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For connoisseurs of beauty and art

Collectors of any rare items will be grateful if they are given one of the gizmos for their collection. Some of the more common options are:

  1. Paintings famous artists/sculptors.
  2. Collectible weapons (Knives, sabers, guns).
  3. Rare brand и coins.
  4. Board gamesmade of different materials (wood, stone, crystal).

Exclusive birthday gifts for men

A genealogy book in an unusual binding will definitely become an unusual and very original gift.

  1. Alcohol и cigars.
  2. Collector's editions of books.
  3. Antiques (figurines, panels, retro car, dishes, interior items, furniture, pocket watches, jewelry boxes, models of cars/ships/yachts).

But before giving one of these things, you should find out if a man needs such an expensive gift, because it may happen that he already has such a little thing and there will be nothing else.

Practical gifts

It will be great if the gift will not only please the eye of the birthday man, but will be useful to him in everyday life. These gifts can be:

  1. Gift personalized pen will always find its use, and besides, it will constantly remind you of who gave it.
  2. In the age of information technology, one cannot ignore the fact that many people would like to receive modern and practical gadgets as a gift. "Smart watch will become an indispensable thing in the daily life of any man, as well as a smartphone.
  3. If the representative of the stronger sex is a music lover, then you can give wireless headphoneswhich will be appreciated by many, including the hero of the occasion.
  4. Also, musicians will appreciate if they are presented with musical instrumentHowever, the choice of such a present should be approached responsibly and know for sure that the gift will find its use.

Exclusive birthday gifts for men

The watch box will be a good gift for someone who has something to put in it.

  1. Business card wallet, made of genuine leather, will help to keep the necessary information in one place.
  2. business portfolio or leather folder will be needed not only by businessmen, but also by any man for storing and carrying documents.
  3. Business suit tailoring certificate suitable for businessmen or those who care to look good in society.
  4. О massage chair surely many and not only men dream, because such a gift will be able to please after a hard day's work for a long time.
  5. Jewelry (branded watches, gold bracelets/chains/rings/cufflinks/tie clips) will emphasize the status and influence of a man and make many pay attention to their owner.
  6. And, finally, the most obvious, for many, expensive gift - car. Few can argue with the practicality of such a truly luxurious present.
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It should be noted that when you need to choose an exclusive birthday present for a man, you should not forget and take into account the personal preferences of the birthday man, and then it will be easier to choose a gift, and he will definitely impress the man.