15 candy gift ideas for men for any occasion

Choosing a gift for a man can sometimes be very difficult, and a gift that he likes is even more difficult! Instead of running around the shops in a panic on the eve of the holiday, it is better to cook more delicious sweets, stock up on a couple of hours of free time and make a surprise yourself. A gift of sweets for a man is original and practical, because almost everyone loves sweets. Below are some great sweet gift ideas for any occasion.

Candy gift for a motorcyclist
Candy gift for a motorcyclist


Birthday is a special holiday that both children and adults look forward to. Therefore, a gift on this day should be special and unique. This is exactly what a surprise made with your own hands from all your favorite sweets will be.

  • Sweet box.

Sometimes it seems that candy gifts for a man are a bad idea. But those who have ever been presented with such a sweet box, obviously do not think so. And it's very easy to make it. The main thing is to buy a beautiful box (or even a box) in which all the sweets will fit, and of course the sweets themselves. You can take absolutely any, but preferably those that a man loves.

It is also advisable to take a variety of sweets, for example, one chocolate bar, a couple of bars, a bag of marmalade, a package of cookies, some kind of dragee and many different small sweets. You can also buy a bottle of good alcohol as a gift. Now all these purchases should be carefully placed in a box. And here is an incredibly cool birthday present ready!

Candy chest
You can present a sweet gift in the form of a treasure chest in an original way.

If a man whose birthday is approaching is an avid car enthusiast, then you can make him a car out of sweets. Such a gift will surely please him with its shape, and then with delicious sweets. To do this, you can buy a toy car in a children's store, and then use a glue gun or double-sided tape to wrap candies around this toy.

There is another way, it is more complicated, but it comes out more believable. It is necessary to make a frame for the car out of cardboard in advance and paste it over with sweets. In any case, such a gift will look very unusual against the background of envelopes with money or sets with shower gels and shampoos.

Candy car
With a little fiddling, you can end up with an almost real fly.
  • Steering Wheel.

If a car made of sweets seems like a too complicated gift, then for the same motorists you can make a sweet steering wheel. To do this, it is necessary to cut out the necessary shape from thick cardboard (stencils can be easily found on the Internet), and then completely paste over it with sweets. And at the end, you can print the emblem of the car that the birthday boy wants to buy for a long time and stick it in the center of the steering wheel.

Candy steering wheel
Candy steering wheel is easy to make
  • Sweet bouquet.

In modern society, it has long been established that it is customary to give bouquets only to women. But everyone deserves such a bouquet, regardless of gender. For a bouquet of sweets, you will need the candies themselves, long wooden skewers, adhesive tape, a couple of satin ribbons, thick corrugated paper and organza fabric (mesh fabric or tulle is also suitable).

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It is necessary to wrap each candy with a piece of organza and attach it to a wooden skewer. After all the candies on sticks need to be fastened together with tape, giving them the shape of a bouquet. This frame of the bouquet is wrapped in corrugated paper and carefully sealed with glue. The last step is to tie the bouquet with a ribbon, maybe even two, the main thing is that they be of different widths and overlap one another.

Here is a sweet bouquet and is ready to give it to the hero of the occasion. From such a gift, no one will remain indifferent, because it can please the eye for a long time (since it will not fade), and when you get bored, you can eat it.

Sweet bouquets
For a masculine sweet bouquet, it is better to use candies with dark wrappers.
  • Candy tree.

Another birthday gift option is a candy tree. To make it, you will need a small flower pot, a stick for the trunk, a ball that can be rolled up from old newspapers, and, of course, sweets. It is necessary to connect the tree trunk and the ball (it is the basis for the crown). This design must be planted in a pot.

And now the most interesting thing: you need to glue the ball with sweets using a glue gun or regular gel-like glue. But if it is not there, then you can carefully stick each candy to a toothpick with tape, which you will then need to stick into the ball (but then you should take a foam ball). Everything is incredibly simple, and such a gift looks very impressive.

original bonsai
Original candy bonsai

Presents for the New Year

The New Year is rightfully considered the most magical and main holiday. On a cold winter night, everyone rejoices at the onset of the new calendar year, eat deliciously and exchange gifts. Of course, on such a day you want to give something special to your husband, father, son or just a friend. For such purposes, a gift of sweets for a beloved man is perfect.

What is the New Year without the main forest beauty. But a Christmas tree can be not only alive and prickly, but also sweet! To make it, you will need a cone (you can make it yourself from a sheet of cardboard by simply twisting it, as shown in the image) and a lot of beautiful and tasty sweets. They need to carefully glue the base in a row, without missing a single centimeter, so that the candies fit snugly against each other. To attach, you can use a glue gun or regular tape. At the end, on the top of this unusual Christmas tree, you need to attach a bow or even a miniature star, if there is one.

Sweet Christmas tree
Sweet Christmas tree - it's not difficult

By the same principle, you can make pineapple, without which the New Year's feast is rarely complete. Only when making it, sweets should not be glued onto cardboard, but directly onto a bottle of champagne, which in turn will already be a gift (it can be wrapped in cloth or pasted over with paper beforehand so that the sweets hold better). At the end, instead of sweets, attach foliage to the resulting fruit: it will be more believable! By the way, if the recipient of the gift does not like champagne, then it is fashionable to make a pineapple from a bottle of any alcohol, the main thing is that the shape is similar.

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candy pineapple
Inside, under the sweets, you can hide a bottle of champagne
  • Sleigh of Santa Claus.

There is also an option for a simpler gift for this holiday, suitable, for example, for a pleasant surprise for a work colleague. You can build such wonderful sleds!

sweet sleigh
Sweet sleigh for New Year's mood

To do this, you need a chocolate bar for the body of the sleigh, a couple of candies and a few more sweets of various shapes. From sweets, you should build something similar to winter transport and glue everything with double-sided tape and a glue gun. The final touch is a ribbon that will add a festive mood to this gift! You can even put a chocolate figurine of Santa Claus on the sleigh (for more believability).

Beloved on February 14

If a guy can buy a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers, then it's much more difficult for a girl to figure out what to give her lover. Here are a few ideas that will surely please even the most serious man.

  • Sweet compliments.

There is such a stereotype that only girls like compliments, but this is far from the case: many men also like to receive nice words addressed to them. This is exactly what you can use this holiday. It is enough to buy a young man's favorite sweets and pack them individually in a piece of paper, on which you should write good words addressed to him. For example, “I love you”, “you are the strongest”, “I feel good with you” and many more such compliments. No one can resist such a gift!

Just hearts with tender messages
Just hearts with tender messages and a sweet surprise inside
  • Sweets with their own hands.

And if you want to do something more complicated, then you can make sweets yourself. On the Internet you can find many recipes for do-it-yourself sweets, for example, chocolate-covered strawberries. You just need to buy strawberries, chocolate and find sweet confectionery toppings for desserts at home.

You should wash the strawberries well, dry them, and then dip them in chocolate melted in a steam bath and, while it has not cooled down, sprinkle the berries with various sweet decorations or pour over the remaining chocolate with streams. Everything! Do-it-yourself sweets are ready. A man will be very pleased with such a gift, because it is made independently, with special love.

Candy with his own hands
With your own hands you can make very tasty and beautiful sweets, and, most importantly, from natural products.

Defender on military day

Serviceman's Day puts women in a stupor. Everyone has long been tired of giving socks and shower gel with deodorant, it's time for something new and original. Candy gifts for men on this day are a great idea! Such a surprise will suit anyone: both your beloved husband and work colleague.

The most obvious gift on this day, of course, is a tank. Children always draw him on postcards, it is he who is seen on all the posters, and military films are named after the most famous tanks of the war. So a gift of sweets can also be made in the form of this machine. For this, sweets in gold or silver packaging are best suited, so it will look more presentable. Candy must be glued together in the form of a military tank, and be sure not to forget about the muzzle. It can be made from any materials at hand, for example, from a pencil painted in the desired color.

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Candy Tank
DIY candy tank

Or you can make such a very simple version of a candy tank. 2 packs of dragees, 2 long records and 3 cans of soda - that's all the costs!

Tank with dragees and drinks
This tank is very easy to make.

But if a man served in the air force or just always dreamed of the sky, then you can give him a plane made of sweets. The principle is about the same as with the tank. From sweets (preferably long, as in the photo), you need to assemble a model of the aircraft. Initially, you need to make a cardboard copy, and only after that paste over with sweets. The finished aircraft can be placed on a stand in the form of a runway.

Airplane on the runway
Airplane on the runway

If there is a sailor in the family or just a man who likes ships, then he should be presented with a sweet copy of a sea vessel. Such a gift of candy for a man with his own hands will appeal to any lover of ships.

Gift for a sailor with a sweet tooth
Gift for a sailor with a sweet tooth

Sweet gifts for Father's Day

Father's Day is a very important holiday for men. There is a holiday, which means there should be a gift. Below are some cool gift ideas for dad on his day.

  • Kettlebell and dumbbells.

For the strongest and most athletic dads, you can make dumbbells or even a weight out of sweets. Unlike the other gifts listed above, this one will be the most practical, because you need to buy real dumbbells and weights. But with sweets they only need to be decorated, glued on all sides. This incredibly simple, but very effective gift is sure to come in handy in the future to the one to whom it will be presented. After all, at first he will eat sweets, and then he will burn the calories that he ate by using these gifts for their intended purpose.

"Dumbbells" from sweets
"Dumbbells" to please a strong man
  • Beer mug.

And for those dads who are more likely to watch sports on TV than do them, you can make a very realistic beer mug (of course, from sweets). If a man likes to drink beer on weekends or in the evenings, then he will be pleased to receive such a comic gift from children. But most importantly, for this surprise you need very few materials!

The only difficulty is to try to find long rounded sweets (like in the photo). They need to be glued together to make the body of the mug, then attach the handle and that's it, the beer accessory is ready. If you want to make the gift more voluminous, then you can pour other sweets inside the mug that will imitate the liquid inside.

Beer mug made of candy
A beer mug can be made quickly

Choosing a gift for a man is always a very difficult process that takes a lot of time and makes you pretty much rack your brains. Of course, you can always go to the store and buy a trinket that will never come in handy. But it is much better to receive a handmade gift from a loved one, and if this gift is also sweet, then this is a XNUMX% hit! After all, it is always nice if a person not only spent money, but put his soul into a gift, tried to make it with love and care. Such gifts are not forgotten for a long time and evoke pleasant memories.


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