36 ideas of what to give a 37-year-old man: husband, friend or brother

The selection of gifts is a rather responsible event. It is more difficult to choose a gift if there are many differences between the giver and the birthday person and there is a chance not to understand the person: for example, if a woman gives a gift to a man. Choosing the right gift can be problematic, and it is in order to help you choose what to give a man for 37 years, and this article was written: after reading it, any reader will have a few ideas for an ideal presentation.

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Gifts to husband

A husband is one of the most important, if not the most important, man in a woman's life. It is logical that one would like to find the perfect gift for him, the best one - and it is quite possible to do it! You just need to take a closer look at your beloved, discard those ideas for gifts that have already been presented to him, and, in fact, give.

  • First, it is worth thinking about joint vacation... There is nothing better than a trip to some romantic town with a loved one, and even more so - a wife! Children can be left with grandparents, and the town itself can be picked up according to the family's wallet. In the end, paradise with a sweetheart and in a hut, so whether it is Paris or Solovki is not too important.
  • Secondly, you can give your beloved decoration... Men wear them too: some people like them rings, to someone - bracelets, but someone will definitely like it cufflinks for a jacket. You can find good, beautiful and precious ones at your nearest jewelry store.

Joint travel

Joint travel of husband and wife.

  • You can also express your love to your husband and choose what to give your husband for 37 years in the dolphinarium. Nothing could be sweeter and more romantic than swimming with dolphins together; they say that this is not only pleasant, but also useful, so that newly emerging back problems at the age of 37 can be muted by giving a loved one such a present. The same goes for dog sled rides.
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Gifts to a friend

What to give a 37-year-old friend if he is a man is an extremely good question. You won't be able to give gifts so close as with your husband - it will be impolite; at the same time, it is friends who often turn out to be the closest people of women. Therefore, they need to choose worthy gifts.

It is worth considering going somewhere together: cinema Is a rather hackneyed version, but oh musical or opera worth considering. If your friend is a musician, you can invite him to concert at the conservatory; if he prefers modern music, there is nothing better rock concert... In the case of the latter, it is worthwhile to study the layout of the hall in advance: it is preferable to take tickets to the fan zone rather than to the dance floor - far from the performer - or to the box - most often it is rather boring there.

Concert at the conservatory

Concert at the conservatory for a musician.

You can also give a friend some nice cozy little thing. Now gaining popularity foot warmersThe built-in blankets are a very nice gift.

Do not forget about other hobbies. The athlete will surely like the new bike or a pair of rollers, or even better - snowboard... It can be gifted immediately with health insurance.

For those who prefer board games, you can get generous on them. Cheaper option - "Carcassonne"the game recognized and tested by the players; more expensive - Arkham Horror... For lovers Warhammer 40000 it is definitely worth giving new miniatures and acrylics to paint them.

Gifts to brother

A 37-year-old man can also be a brother. What can you give your brother is a good question, but the giver probably knows the tastes of such a birthday person, because she grew up with him:

  • First of all, you should think about gifts from the modeling section: dinosaurs, palaces, The Death Star - all men are just big boys, so you can safely donate both wooden models and Lego sets.

frigate model

Wooden ship models.

  • You can pay attention to his work. Brother, if he appreciates his position in society, will be extremely happy with a present in the form Parker pens or gift a certificate to a brand clothing store for men. Nice shoes will never be superfluous, as well as ties, it doesn't matter if it's a regular tie or the bow tie.
  • Do not forget about the simple joys of life: BBQ и skewers for kebabs will always be an ideal present, no matter on what occasion they were presented. Also for giving you can give and deck chairs; if your brother appreciates grilled meat more, you should fork out for the grill or barbecue.
  • An avid fisherman can be presented with such a wonderful thing as spinner. Camping chairs also come in handy. The mushroom picker, in turn, will be delighted with the good knife... The hunter can only give good camouflage, because the rest of the things related to his hobby cannot be legally bought.

When choosing a gift for a man, it is important not to forget that the main thing in a present is attention to a person's individuality. It is also worth spending time and effort on packing: a little effort - and any gift will become better and will delight the birthday person even more if hidden in beautiful paper!

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