What to give a man for 33 years for his birthday: 90 ideas from simple to complex

The age of 33 is not the easiest for a man. It is also called the age of Christ. At 33, most young people are actively building a career, in relationships and having children. It can be argued that strength and vitality are in full swing. And if the question arose of what to give a man for 33 years for his birthday, then it is best to take into account all his interests, needs and desires when choosing a present.

Symbolic variants

If the birthday man is a believer, then you can consider the following options.

  • Cross made of gold or others religious themed jewelry. Gold can be successfully replaced with silver if the budget does not involve large expenses.
  • Icon. Often they choose the image of a guardian angel or a saint with the same name as the birthday man.
  • Bible. There are various editions available for sale. It can be leather binding, Synodal translation and so on.

Present from friends

When choosing a gift for a man on his 33rd birthday, it is appropriate to show humor and ingenuity.

  • Whiskey behind the "seven castles". Giving alcohol to a connoisseur is interesting, but boring, but giving it in such a way that it will impress and remember is another matter. For example, a comic gift in which a bottle of good whiskey is imprisoned “in a dungeon” can amuse a birthday person. And perhaps, while he will “rescue” her, he will decide that it is time to lead a sober lifestyle.
whiskey in a cage
To get to the bottle, you will need to unscrew more than one nut
  • Runaway alarm clock. This device will definitely not allow the owner to oversleep and be late for an important meeting. To turn off the sound, it is not enough to reach out and press the button. This nimble device is able to cover long distances in a matter of minutes. It pumps like a bun until it is caught, or until the first collision with an insurmountable obstacle. The device is not afraid of shock, falling from a table or bedside table is safe for it. Also on sale are flying, jumping and screaming options. One of the most successful inventions is the coffee maker.
  • Rotating glasses. Unlike crystal, the material that is used to make dishes does not contain lead oxide, which means it is more environmentally friendly and safe for health. The ware is intended for whiskey and other strong drinks. During the spinning process, the drink is filled with oxygen, and some harmful volatile compounds evaporate.
Spiral glasses
There are many models of such dishes, and it is not at all difficult to decide on the choice of the desired option.
  • Wallet-charging. High quality materials are used for the manufacture of the device. It does not give in to mechanical influence, has beautiful design. The phone is attached to the device with a magnet. Also inside there is a compartment for cards and coins.
  • Mini brewery. This is a kit for making a drink at home. When choosing, it is important to consider the volume of the tanks, and in what form the ingredients should be loaded. There are products that later can serve as a container for storing the prepared drink. In this form, you do not need to look for plastic containers and pour beer into them. It is also important to know that sometimes homebrewers have an additional feature - quick carbonation of the drink or carbonation.
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home brewery
There are devices that are controlled from a special mobile application and brew beer in just 3,5 hours

If you have any doubts about what to give a friend for 33 years, then you should opt for the classic version. It could be fashion magazine subscription, bath certificate, set of tools, column or flash drive with unusual design.

If the boss has a birthday

When choosing a gift for a 33-year-old man, the boss should give preference to various accessories in an official style. Funny inscriptions, practical jokes, personal topics are inappropriate in this situation. Most often, these are items that the birthday person can use in work.

Presentation options

  1. Unusual stylish handle. It is important to ensure that the gift has a beautiful, stylish package.
  2. Tie clip.
  3. Cigar storage box. This will be appropriate if the man smokes.
  4. Diary, notebook or notebook with genuine leather cover.
  5. Paper holder, paperweight or other similar product made of natural materials, such as stone, bronze, wood.
Souvenir as a gift
There are many design options, you can even choose an antique product.

Beloved husband

If it’s hard to think of what to give your husband for 33 years, then you should remember his interests and hobbies.

  • If the birthday person likes to spend time hiking and traveling, then tourist tent, sleeping bag and other paraphernalia would be most appropriate.
  • The fisherman can be presented spinning or fishing rod good quality. Surely the birthday man has repeatedly talked about what exactly he wants to buy. Set of spinners, baits and other accessories would also be appropriate.
  • Navigator or portable camera will not be left without attention if the husband is a hunter. So that the meat that he brings from the hunt can be deliciously cooked, it is worth presenting a beautiful BBQ.
Forged brazier
Beautiful design and hand forging will definitely not leave a man indifferent
  • If a man is fond of computer games, then it is appropriate to present a new webcam, headphones or mouse with additional features.
  • A birthday boy who goes in for sports, monitors his health or visits the gym will not refuse mini exercise machine, floor scales, fitness bracelet.

Also great options are electronic gadgets, comfortable clothes for home, for example robe with personalized embroidery. Slippers or other shoes are not given for a birthday. It is believed that a person who receives such an item can go to another world.

Gift for boyfriend

If young people are in a relationship, but have not yet formalized them, then you can give preference to the romantic option:

  • Cake with original design. A confectionery product can be in the form of a car or a ship. Also suitable for printing on rice paper. Thus, any image can be applied to the surface of the cake.
Candy ship
If you wish, you can make a ship of sweets yourself. Inside you can hide a bottle of elite alcohol
  • An active and mobile birthday man can be given skydiving certificate, kayak river rafting, dance master class, balloon flight.
  • If a man is fond of music, then CD with your favorite artist in a gift box, too, will not go unnoticed.
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Gifts from close relatives

It is often difficult for close people to decide what to give a man for 33 years, especially if he has everything.

  • The most acceptable option is a do-it-yourself thing. It may be related pullover or scarf. Thus, you can demonstrate your love and care for the birthday man.
DIY gifts
The end result is definitely worth the time.
  • If a man is fond of creativity, then you can buy cautery on wood. This will allow him to realize creative ideas.
  • A person who often travels, such as traveling or going on business trips, will be happy to receive travel bag good quality.
  • For a coffee lover, one of the best presents will be a good coffee machine with lots of features. The present can be supplemented with a package of good coffee or mug with beautiful design.
  • Beautiful purse or belt made of genuine leather is precisely used for its intended purpose.
  • A man who works in an office and has a separate office can be presented Bonsai and instructions for caring for this plant.
  • If the birthday man is a bachelor, and does not really like to cook, then multivariate, electric sandwich maker or sandwich maker will definitely come in handy.
homemade sandwich maker
This device will help you prepare delicious sandwiches quickly and effortlessly.
  • Foot hammock Suitable for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. This will relax the muscles of the legs and relieve fatigue. The hammock is made of durable fabric and is stretched under the table.
  • Waterproof radio can be safely used in the shower. This gadget will make every morning more cheerful. He is not afraid of high humidity and is able to function even in such extreme conditions.
  • If there are no ideas what to give your brother for 33 years, then you can simply purchase another copy for the collection, deluxe edition of your favorite book, or encyclopediadedicated to his hobby. If he is interested only in the computer, then USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner will also come in handy.
Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner
Convenient technique will allow you to clean the keyboard from dust, crumbs or other debris

Practical and useful gift

  1. Electronic gadget. It could be eBook, phone, wireless headphones, board or Webcam. Game console will fit too.
  2. Cup or lunch box with USB heating.
  3. Bag chair.
  4. Orthopedic pillow.
  5. Warm blanket or blanket with sleeves.
  6. Shoe care kit.
  7. Desktop beverage cooler.
  8. Cooling Notebook Stand.
  9. Steam iron.
  10. Set of skewers.
  11. Globe Bar.
  12. Table air hockey.
Chocolate tools
Chocolate tools will please any sweet tooth


No matter how expensive and cool material gifts are, the impressions will always remain in the memory. It's something you can't just throw away. To this end, the following options can be considered:

  • Paintball game. Surely the birthday boy has friends with whom he often spends time. Playing in a team will bring a lot of positive emotions. The battle takes place in a specially equipped area, where there are shelters, barricades and obstacles. Participants receive protective suits, weapons, helmets and masks. If necessary, the organizing company will provide body armor. The instructor of the club monitors the game and compliance with the rules.
  • Extreme driving. The lesson is conducted by an instructor. After such training, a man will feel more confident behind the wheel and will not be at a loss in a difficult situation.
  • Airplane training flight. Surely the young man dreamed of sitting at the helm of an airplane.
  • Passage of the quest. It can be an individual or group game. You should choose a topic in advance, as well as a level of difficulty. The goal is to get out of the trap within a certain period of time. The organizers are watching the game all the time. They give hints when needed. Participants who pass the test successfully receive small keepsakes.
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In the quest room you can play detective
In the quest room, you can play detective or save the world. The theme of such entertainment is the most diverse.
  • Supercar test drive. An instructor sits next to the driver and, if necessary, gives advice and ensures safety. Duration 15 minutes. During this time, you can appreciate the technical capabilities of the car, try different driving modes.
  • Flyboarding. The duration of the entertainment is 30 minutes. The maximum height is 5 meters. The organizer company provides equipment. Also, there is always an experienced instructor nearby.
  • Drumming. This is an individual lesson in a rock school.
  • Climbing lesson at the climbing wall. Stands have planes of different heights and complexity.
  • Riding on a historic tank. The driver of unusual transport is a military man. During the walk you can take a photo session.
  • Boxing master class. This includes the development of techniques, techniques and combinations. The instructor controls the training, competently distributes the load, gives the necessary recommendations and advice. He teaches how to properly block, strike, and also repel an enemy attack.
boxing lesson
The lesson can be the beginning of a new hobby

List of unwanted gifts

A gift for a man on his 33rd birthday should not impose other people's interests. At this age, the birthday boy has already formed his hobbies, and even if the young man is not upset, it is unlikely that an unwanted present will become an object of delight.

Do not give personal hygiene items. Various shower gels, perfumes, shaving foam and other cosmetics demonstrate indifference to a person. Despite the fact that this is one of the most practical options, a man should choose personal hygiene products on his own.

Frankly cheap things are better not to give at all. If there is no way to present something valuable, you can get by with a bottle of good alcohol or a bouquet of sausage and cheese. There are many tutorials on the net on how to properly make such bouquets. This will allow you to get out of a difficult situation with minimal costs.

Shampoos for men
Everyone should choose hygiene products for themselves

The most important features

In order for the birthday person to like the gift. First of all, one should take into account his interests and hobbies, field of activity and character. If a man is fond of painting, or plays in an orchestra, then a desktop punching bag would be inappropriate. Before deciding on a present, you should find out all possible information about the birthday man. Sometimes a clue can be found on his social media page.


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