What to give a grandmother for her 85th birthday: 39 "warm" options

For relatives

Grandmothers, by virtue of natural affection and care, often turn out to be the most beloved relatives of their granddaughters and grandchildren, so sooner or later they have the question of what to give their grandmother for her 85th birthday. It is in order not to be mistaken and to pick up a grandmother not only an interesting, but also a gift that does not hurt her feelings, and this article was written.

rocking chair

For the elderly, home comfort is priceless - give your grandmother a rocking chair and she will be immensely grateful to you

Gifts for grandmother athlete

Grandmas are now different, and in some the Soviet motto "faster, higher, stronger" is still alive. Yes, they cannot engage in overly active sports, but some exercises are still available to them, and you can build on this:

  • The simplest and most obvious gift option for an athlete grandmother is sticks for Scandinavian (also called Swedish) walking. This sport does not require large power expenditures of the body, but it has a positive effect on health, which earned the love of many grandmothers both in Russia and around the world.
  • Exercise bike Also a good present. It is unlikely that an 85-year-old grandmother will be able to ride an ordinary bicycle, but a comfortable and home-based simulator is an ideal hit.
  • Not too heavy dumbbells for classes in the morning will also help granny stay in great shape.

Nordic walking sticks

Sticks for Nordic walking as a gift will push grandmother not to be bored at home, but to enjoy sports, life, new acquaintances

Gifts for grandma cook

Grandmothers love to cook: this is an axiom. Exactly the same as the fact that grandchildren and granddaughters love to eat grandmother's cooking. Thinking about what to give your grandmother for 85 years, you can think about what will come in handy for her in the kitchen:

  • First of all, older women need microwave: warming up food in a frying pan is long and difficult, it is much better to use the latest invention of mankind: this way grandma will have much more time for something more interesting than heating the same plate of potatoes for the fifth time,
  • molds for cookies and pies, rolling pins embossed (for an interesting relief of pies and all the same cookies),
  • pastry bags and nozzles for them are all great options,
  • will not be redundant mixer с blender,
  • good meat grinder.
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All these things will allow grandmother to diversify her recipes and make them more interesting, and therefore delicious.

New stove would also be a good present. Despite their age, to what, and to new stoves - including induction - grannies adapt quickly. For new plates, you can donate a new one dishes, kitchen utensils - frying pans, pans etc. Can be donated kettleso that grandma can arrange good and crowded tea parties.

electric kettle with light

Grandmothers are surprised by any new technology, give yours a beautiful illuminated electric kettle

New service, a tea set or set of new plates This is something that grandma will definitely like. Maslenitsa, sugar bowl, tea caddy, as well as other kitchen interior items (like a set of salt and pepper shakers) are also likely to please her, so you should pay attention to them when choosing a gift for 85 years old grandmother.

Gifts for grandmother needlewoman

Unlike the current generation of girls and women, grandmothers love to create miracles with their own hands. Stockings and sweaters, socks and napkins - all these grannies do with pleasure, so you can give something related to this.

First of all, of course, we will talk about spokes и crochet hooks. There are many varieties of them, a consultant in the store will help you choose the perfect knitting needles and / or hooks, but, in general, you should start from the fact that grannies at the age of 85 will not be able to knit with thin knitting needles due to poor eyesight, so it is strongly recommended to take larger knitting needles and thicker.

Consumables, especially high-quality ones, are not very cheap now, so you can also give them to your granny. Yarn, knitting threads, wool - all this will then turn out to be good hats and nice, warm socks, so you should not be greedy.


A set of high-quality yarn - so that the grandmother feels useful and necessary, creating knitted masterpieces for her grandchildren and relatives

Embroidery frame и threadsand canvas и needles they are not very suitable for grannies: nevertheless, embroidery - cross-stitch, satin stitch - requires excellent vision, which not all women of advanced age can boast of. However, if a granny cross-stitches every evening, then everything is fine, and you can give her her favorite picture or icon so that she “revives” them.

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Gifts for a believing granny

Today, many older people are extremely religious. If we discard the fact that many became so despite Soviet atheistic propaganda, it is worth respecting their opinions and beliefs.

You can give a deeply believing granny Icons: not too brightly decorated, but some unusual. It is advisable to choose large icons, so that at one glance at them, the granny understands what kind of saint is depicted; however, in order not to particularly look for and not guess options, you can give as a present and icons with Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

You can also give her The bible, Quran, Torah or other religious publications. Or take them to church by paying for communion and confession from the priest father. Grandma will definitely be happy.

bible exclusive

Exclusive edition bound in genuine leather with luxurious decorative inserts

Gifts for a grandmother with bad habits

One song sang, they say, "my grandmother smokes a pipe." For many people, this is not a metaphor: grandmothers and grandfathers often refute the words of doctors about the dangers of various bad habits and live happily ever after - in spite of or contrary to general statistics. It will not be difficult to pick up gifts for such a granny and, most importantly, interesting:

  • If the grandmother - just like in the song! - smokes a pipe new handset she deserves a gift. Possibly from bone; possibly carved. The more unusual and beautiful the pipe is, the more granny will like it.
  • For grandmothers who prefer cigarettes, there is also an option: mouthpiece. It allows a smoking lady at the age of "in the process" to look more aesthetic and majestic.
  • Do not forget about the grannies with an iron liver. Quality expensive alcohol will already be a great option: a grandma with taste will certainly appreciate brandy or whiskey much higher than a bottle of vodka. If you don’t feel like giving alcohol to your beloved grandmother - or it seems, to put it mildly, inappropriate - you can give her other gifts for drinking: for example, set of personalized glasses. Good glasses will also do, and if granny prefers cognac - glasses. For the most complex and harsh grannies, they are suitable as a present. flasks, on which in the printing house you can write something pleasant for an elderly woman.

ethnic dishes

An unusual bright ethnic set of dishes will surely please granny

The main thing, when choosing a gift for grandma for that birthday when she turns 85, do not forget: she is also a person, and she also wants something unusual. But you should not ignore the obvious limitations: giving such an elderly lady a parachute jump will not be too polite, no matter how much you want it. Well, if you attach a small bouquet of roses or dahlias to the gift, any present will become better, and the granny will definitely smile.