What to give a grandmother for 60 years: TOP-95 useful and original gifts

For relatives

Grandmothers are always kind to gifts received from their beloved grandchildren. And when an anniversary comes, I want to please a loved one with a useful or unusual present. The article talks about what to give a grandmother for 60 years. A variety of gift options are presented: from household items to original souvenirs. After reading the article, you will learn 10 options for choosing gifts depending on the hobbies, hobbies and interests of an elderly person.

heating pad for teapot

DIY teapot warmer

Gifts for health

Seniors need to take care of their health to stay in shape. However, it can be difficult for them to go to the clinic, so you can please them with a healthy gift:

  • Grandmother will appreciate an automatic blood pressure monitor, a device for measuring the level of glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin in the blood.
  • The original container for storing medicines and pills will constantly remind you of the donor.
  • You can purchase a massager to relieve pain in the back, legs and joints, or a massage cape for a home chair.
  • If a loved one suffers from sciatica, then a special warming belt purchased at a pharmacy will help reduce back pain and improve well-being.
  • Comfortable sleep will provide a set of orthopedic mattress and pillows.
  • An interesting choice would be a heating pad in the form of slippers, so that the legs are warmed no worse than in woolen socks.
  • Another option is a soft, comfortable off-season electric blanket or electric sheet.
  • If the budget allows, you can get a ticket to a medical health resort.

foot massager

Foot massager

Flowers for the holiday

The most obligatory attribute of an anniversary is flowers. When deciding what to give a grandmother for 60 years from her granddaughter, you can be creative and prepare a bouquet with your own hands. Moreover, this will exclude the possibility of allergic reactions and headaches. To create a bouquet, you will need colored corrugated paper, a glue gun and bamboo sticks, and for unusualness, you can add some of your grandmother's favorite candies to the bouquet.

When choosing natural flowers, it is better to choose roses of light or burgundy shades, chrysanthemums, tulips.

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A lover of caring for indoor plants, you can present a pot of orchids, violets, geraniums or azalea.

Housekeeping gifts

It is sometimes difficult for a native person to do many things in the kitchen and at home. Therefore, grandchildren will help if they give for the anniversary:

  • modern kitchen appliances: electric meat grinder, blender, mixer, juicer or double boiler;
  • a wireless robot vacuum cleaner will be an indispensable assistant when cleaning rooms;

robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner will clean the apartment

  • a lighter for a gas stove is a practical and convenient thing;
  • a whistling kettle will not let grandmother forget about the water set to boil for tea;
  • non slip bathroom mat.

A cutting board with a nice pattern, a still life painting, or colored waffle towels will come in handy in the kitchen.

Hobby gifts

An elderly person can spend his leisure time in different ways. Knowing your grandmother’s hobby, it’s easy to find the right present in a specialized store:

  1. Sewing supplies and accessories for knitting. A lover of sitting at a sewing machine or knitting, you can present a set of sewing accessories, yarn or a piece of fabric. You can give a subscription to a magazine with patterns or knitting patterns.
  2. Books. If a grandmother prefers to spend her leisure time reading, then a book by a famous author is an excellent gift for 60 years. If you love reading specialized literature, for example, on medicine, religion or cooking, you should definitely take this into account when choosing what to give. Together with the book, a floor lamp or table lamp of the original design will be a good addition to the gift.

yarn as a gift

Bouquet of skeins of yarn

  1. Gardening equipment. In addition to flowers, seedlings and seeds of plants, a basket for collecting vegetables and fruits, stylish flower pots, an unusual design of a watering can, a wide-brimmed straw hat, a set of rubber and fabric gloves would be a good option. So that an elderly woman does not get tired, a comfortable chair for relaxing in the country will be a pleasant surprise.

Sweet presents

Even at the age of 60, a person enjoys delicious sweets:

  • The cake, personally baked by the granddaughter, will delight the hero of the day from the heart. Having decorated it with cream and fruits with a congratulatory inscription and adding a musical candle, it is easy to achieve joyful surprise and a good mood for the birthday girl.
  • A bouquet of chocolates decorated with crepe paper in the form of tulips or roses will surely be remembered by grandma for their originality.
  • Personalized homemade cookies or custom-made gingerbread will also be a good gift.
  • It is good to attach an elegant box of fragrant herbal tea to sweets. Or collect a whole basket of different goodies.

grandma cake

Cake lady fingers with decor for grandma

Souvenirs made by children

A loved one will be pleased if she is congratulated not only by adults, but also by her little grandchildren:

  • A preschool child can draw a picture with flowers and balloons or make a card with their own hands and sign it. An unusual appliqué made of shells, coffee beans, pasta, cereals or sea pebbles and in a frame will please and take pride of place on the wall in the grandmother's room.
  • Having bought a set for creativity, schoolchildren's grandchildren will be able to make an original candle, soap in the form of a butterfly or a flower, paint a canvas with a landscape by numbers, or assemble an interesting puzzle and make a picture out of it in a frame.
  • Grandma will be pleased to receive a warm shawl or sweater knitted by her granddaughter for her anniversary.
  • A photo collage of joint photos will definitely find a place on the wall in the room, where it will be a constant reminder of your beloved grandchildren.

circle applique

Postcard from circles as a gift

Unusual gifts

For an anniversary, sometimes you want to not only please, but also surprise a relative with original presents. They can be ordered online or found in souvenir shops:

  • anniversary medal for 60 years;
  • an apron, a set of towels or a terry dressing gown embroidered with “To Beloved Grandmother”;
  • pillow with a photo of the hero of the day with her grandchildren;
  • genealogical book in leather cover;
  • a picture drawn from a photograph;
  • alarm clock projector with sounds of nature;
  • personalized mug and vase for flowers;
  • chocolate card "Happy Anniversary";
  • wall clock with photographs of close relatives;
  • rocking chair;
  • manual mini fan.
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Women's little things

At any age, a woman wants to be well-groomed and attractive, but good cosmetics can be too expensive for people of retirement age. Therefore, a set of high-quality, decorative products for the care of mature skin will not be superfluous. You can add your favorite perfume, a cosmetic bag or a handmade carved box to it.

carved box

Box made to order from the master

To make the hero of the day feel at her best, you can present a stylish gold or silver jewelry: a chain with a pendant, a bracelet or a ring. But the most win-win option would be earrings. Even very old women like to wear them. It is best to give gold items with precious and semi-precious stones, always in a classic design. An alternative would be a gift certificate to a jewelry store.

Fashionistas will love a new dress, coat or scarf. The main thing is to take into account the taste of a loved one when choosing an outfit. You can arrange a shopping trip with your grandmother so that she herself can choose the thing she likes.

Gifts for the soul

Many women, having retired, do not like to stay at home. They want new experiences and communication with people. Such birthday girls can arrange:

  • A joint trip on an excursion, the premiere of a performance to a theater, cinema, an exhibition of paintings or a symphony concert.
  • A certificate to a beauty salon or spa will help grandma relax and rejuvenate with a beautician and masseur.
  • If the sea is far from home or it is difficult to walk on it in the summer for health reasons, then a subscription to the pool located next to the house will be a good gift.

exhibition of paintings

A trip to the exhibition will please the connoisseur of art

  • A joint photo shoot with your beloved relatives from a professional photographer will bring many pleasant moments and leave a memory in the form of high-quality photographs.

Electronic and digital equipment as a gift

With the help of detailed explanations of grandchildren about the rules for using gadgets, any grandmother will be able to master the following types of equipment:

  • Mobile phone. When buying a phone, you should not take a newfangled and expensive model. The main thing is large buttons with readable letters and a fairly large screen, and make all the necessary settings in advance. It is also desirable to fill out the list of contacts so that the hero of the day receives a means of communication ready for use.
  • Tablet. It is convenient to use for video calls and communication with relatives.

tablet gift

A modern gadget will appeal to a grandmother who keeps up with the times

  • MP3 player with large and comfortable headphones. In advance, you need to upload classical music and songs of your favorite grandmother's performers to a USB flash drive, and if the birthday girl does not allow vision problems to read books, then audio books uploaded to the player will be a wonderful gift.
  • Digital photo frame. An elderly woman will be able to watch in the form of a slideshow of photos of loved ones or leave one photo for a long time.
  • The e-book will allow grandma to read the books she likes.
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The 60th anniversary is such a wonderful age, which testifies to the wisdom and great accumulated worldly experience. You can not burden yourself with work, but devote time to yourself, the hearth and raising grandchildren. A gift for such a significant date must be chosen worthy and take into account the preferences and desires of the birthday girl.