What to give your sister for 18 years: 43 creative gifts for every taste

For relatives

Choosing a gift for the closest person is always a touching and interesting event. After all, you want to surprise, amaze and please a loved one, and therefore the selection of the present itself is delayed: no one wants to disappoint a relative. Therefore, thoughts of what to give to a sister for 18 years visit people quite often. Fortunately, there is this article that will help any reader find the perfect gift for his sister's interests and lifestyle.


Photoshoot for a girl

Gifts for a healthy lifestyle fan

A healthy lifestyle is a very serious matter. If the donor's sister lives according to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, you can pick up a good gift for her that will correspond to her outlook on life.

So, the first thing that is of great interest to fans of a healthy lifestyle is sports:

  • Subscription to the gym, gym, swimming pool or fitness club are great gifts.
  • Various projectiles: mountain and cross-country skiing, snowboards, rapiers (if the sister loves and is fond of fencing), кроссовки, floor mats for Pilates.
  • There is also a more interesting option; some unusual sports present, for example, mountaineering or climbing club club card, several visits to an entertainment complex in a wind tunnel or a trampoline gymnastic complex.

Proper nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It makes no sense to give vegetables: such a gift to yourself, to be honest. But something for cooking healthy and wholesome food is a great way out: mixer, double boiler и pressure cooker - very necessary things in the house of any lover of a healthy lifestyle.

double boiler

Healthy food steamer

Do not forget about the rejection of bad habits. If a sister, for example, has been trying to quit smoking (or using something else) for a long time, you can help her by giving a referral and paying for a stay in a rehabilitation center.

Gifts for non-fans of healthy lifestyle

This category of girls also exists, and they often live much better, longer and more fun than vegetarian athletes. Picking up a present for them is even easier.

So, to be frank, most people have tried both alcohol and cigarettes before the age of eighteen:

  • If your sister likes alcoholic products, you can give her good cognac or liquoras well as whiskey or rum. It will be, in any case, better than beer or vodka. However, in order to avoid the sidelong glance of parents, you can opt for wine.
  • If your sister is a smoker, you can give her a good gift as a present. hookah. Alas, such a gift is unlikely to cost less than ten thousand, or even fifteen, but at the age of eighteen you can be generous - the same age.

scales for weighing

floor scales

  • For other bad habits, you can also pick something up. So, a lover of Indian cuisine can be presented as a present small jewelry scalesto accurately measure spices. The same one that overeats with hamburgers can be presented with ordinary ones - so that they monitor their weight.

Gifts for a fashionista

Thinking what to give my sister for 18 years for her birthday, if she constantly spins and spins in front of the mirror, You can choose from a couple of options below:

  • Perfume - great choice. A good and high-quality perfume is now expensive, and a pleasant aroma will definitely please your sister.
  • The same applies to cosmetics: new eye shadow palette, the colors of which fit the usual (or rather, familiar) style of the birthday girl, will suit as a pleasant and surprising offering.

perfume fragrance

Perfume by Versage

  • Handbags, caps, leather gloves is also a good choice.
  • Fur coat - so generally magnificent: few fashionistas do not dream of a fur coat made of natural fur! But it’s better not to buy ordinary clothes and shoes (shoes, for example) without your sister herself: you can miss the size or block, and then the gift will be just money thrown to the wind.

Well, of course, you should not forget about ornamentation.

Geek gifts

Everything is as easy as shelling pears here: geeks are so common among girls now that picking up a present will be as easy as shelling pears. Yes, new smartphone or board with beautiful cover or bumper book - a great option that first comes to mind, but it is too expensive.

Cheaper options are superhero t shirts, комиксы (and not necessarily Marvel or DC), mugs with loved ones characters. It will cost a little more collectible figurine or artbook, but the geek girl will definitely be happy with them.

Gifts for an introvert

Introverts also need adult gifts. So, anything that will allow her to further isolate herself from society will delight her. There are many options, for example:

  • warm blanket,
  • a laptop,
  • good headphone bobbin,
  • dark (not letting in sunlight) Venetian blinds or curtains for windows.

a warm sweater

A warm sweater or blanket will come in handy

Do not forget about her hobby: introverts are much more likely to engage in soothing handicrafts. For example:

  • macrame lover book with new knots and compositions you will definitely like it.
  • The one who loves to embroider is worth giving new embroidery kitand needles and hoops.
  • A good option for an artist would be either stylus for her graphics tabletor oil paints (but you need to understand that both are quite expensive).

Gifts that leave an impression

If the giver doesn't know the sister or brother well enough, well, a great option would be to give something that will delight her, but has nothing to do with her hobbies. There are actually many such things:

  • Balloon flight anyone will do, except for those who suffer from aerophobia.
  • Sleigh ridesharnessed by huskies, malamutes, samoyeds, huskies (in a word, sled dogs).
  • Swimming with a dolphin - and at all the dream of many people, and not just eighteen-year-old girls.
  • And, of course, travel adventure fit very well.

Of the budget options - you can pay your sister and her girlfriends any quest.

Well, the main thing that you need to give your sister for adulthood is love. Although, to be honest, a bouquet of flowers will always be a good addition to any present.

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