We select a bow for a gift - for each occasion there is a decoration

A trivial thing and an elegant gift can be distinguished only by a slight nuance - elegant packaging or a beautifully tied bow. You can decorate a present without much fanfare, even with the help of a modest twine, old plastic bags or flyers. The article will reveal to you many secrets on how to make a ribbon bow for a gift and how to decorate it additionally, how to emphasize the status, professional affiliation or even the character of the person being presented - due to packaging.

Gift bow

To decorate a gift, a small but very neat bow is enough.

Classic ribbon bow suitable for any recipient

It is better for a person who is unfamiliar or strict not to present an elaborately designed present. A plain wrapper or box, and on it - a contrasting or matched satin ribbon bow - will always be a winning option. Tie a classic bow for a gift it is more convenient from the ends of the tape encircling it. To do this, you need to take the ribbon a little longer than you need to tie the package crosswise. First, we tighten the bandage with a knot, then we fold both ends with loops and perform the second knot so that in the middle there is an even section of the tape in the form of a ring covering the entire bundle. Those who had to tie a pioneer tie, bandana or St. George ribbon can easily cope with such a task.

It remains to process the ends of the tape so that they do not fray during transportation and have an aesthetic appearance. Often it is enough to make a check mark cut in each tip to prevent the ribbon from blooming. If the satin silk is too loose, the edges can be gently burned on a candle or lighter. When the bow is small and fits snugly to the gift, it is better to first cut the ribbon to the desired length, untie it, burn the ends, and then tie it again. So you are guaranteed not to damage the gift.

Gift bow

Release a few ribbons from the bow and go over them with scissors, then they will get funny curls

Bow for men's gift

It is quite possible to present a gift with a bow to the addressee of the stronger sex, however, the decoration should not look too feminine. It is appropriate to build rep ribbon bow, more rigid and well-kept shape. This will give more strict and clear lines to our product, however, we must remember that rep ribbons do not drape well, and the knots from them turn out to be bulky. You need to know one trick on how to make a bow for a gift from a rep ribbon: you don’t need to tie it at all. We will arm ourselves with sharp scissors and a matching thread for the future bow.

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The horizontal bow is made from a piece of rep ribbon rolled into a ring. It should be flattened so that two loops form. The middle is pulled together with a thread. From the tape, you need to cut out separately two “tips” of the bow and a small strip for the ringlet, which will close the place of the tie with a thread. It is convenient to glue the edges of the ringlet with polyethylene hot glue or carefully sew it. The seam remains on the bottom of the bow; “ends” are glued or hemmed there.

Gift bow

It is not necessary for a man's gift to make a bow in its classical sense. Creativity is always welcome

A rep bow for a men's present can be complicated by choosing a design with four loops. Then two large rings of tape are taken and folded crosswise at a slight angle to each other. They should be covered by a common ring. It is clear that such a bow may not have tips at all. You can also make instead of the four required - only two: after all, they are cut out separately.

Bow for women's gift

If the lady being presented is not the general director of your company or counterparty company, then you should forget about the severity of the presentation. A bow can be as elegant as possible, and sometimes even frivolous. Classics of the genre - to make fluffy satin bow for a handmade gift. All you need is a long satin ribbon up to 2,5 cm wide. We wind several turns on two fingers, then on three, then on four. We skip the free end of the tape inside the resulting ring, tie it and tighten it tightly. Now we begin to lay out the rings on different sides, like rose petals.

A similar design can also be made from a rigid plastic tape, however, the petals will have to be formed like kanzashi flowers. It is good to decorate the middle of such a bow with a beautiful button or a large rhinestone.

Gift bow

For a female gift, it is better to choose a red, beautiful or pale pink color of the ribbon for the bow.

When there are a lot of remnants of multi-colored ribbons in the house, it is also good to make them bows in the form of flowers. It is necessary to sew several rings, give them a flat shape, place them at angles to each other to make it look like a camomile. Then it remains to pull the middle of the structure with a thread and decorate this place with a ribbon band, a large button, a satin circle, etc.

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If you arrange the rings from the tape in one line and pull in the middle, you get lush bow "Dior". The diameter of the rings should decrease towards the middle, and the smallest ring will crown the structure. You can assemble a Dior bow both from satin silk and from rep, plastic ribbon or wide quilling paper.

Packing children's gifts

Children are unpretentious to the materials from which the bows are made. It is important for a small addressee to receive a present with a beautiful bow, but you can also use improvised materials for this. The children themselves can use the ideas below - the people are not very rich, but creative. Sometimes it is possible to put aside something from pocket money for a gift to a friend, but it may not be enough for decoration. And if the box can be glued from colored cardboard, then the bow can be made from waste materials, for example, from plastic bags. One has only to take a few multi-colored handbags, fold them several times and cut circles or stars out of them.

Gift bow

Children are not so much interested in the packaging of a gift box as its contents.

To make the “bow” lush, you will have to use a lot of such blanks. They need to be folded together and tightly pulled together in the middle with a thread to make it look like a flower.

If you cut the edges of such a bow with “noodles”, you get a double flower - an aster or a chrysanthemum. Any other ideas on how to chrysanthemum gift bow. For such work, even paper will fit, from which you will have to cut a long strip or make several strips. The paper tape is wound around the palm of your hand. Then the resulting ring must be folded in half and cut out notches near the middle. Now let's return the ring to its original position and tie it with a thin ribbon, rope or thick thread for these notches. Next, you need to fluff the loops like petals. Each of them can be cut through - but not the end! - along, so that the flower becomes terry, like a dahlia or aster.

Paper bow - for lovers of ecology or minimalism

Since we are talking about paper bows, no one bothers to make them from a page of a long-read magazine. "Astra" with letters will be appreciated, for example, by a gifted teenager.

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If young children look with admiration at bright and beautiful things, then teenagers begin to subtly understand minimalism. If a similar property is noticed for a son or daughter, then just right to do a bow made of ordinary twine or hemp rope. This looks great on top of the kraft paper packaging.

Children of middle school age are often not indifferent to environmental problems. Witty ideas for recycling resources will come in handy when decorating gifts for such a conservationist. You just need to save flyers from glossy paper ... At the right time, you should fold these leaves with an accordion and tie them up like a butterfly. You can arrange the design in the form of a multilayer fan.

Gift bow

It is more fun to make a bow from scraps with children, developing their creative talents

It is also good to make a ribbon bow for a gift for environmentalists from scraps. One has only to choose trimmings that are different in texture, but approximately the same in width, give a beautiful shape to their edges and, if necessary, burn them. Further, this set is tied with a narrow ribbon - and a beautiful lush bow is obtained ... from secondary resources.

Double ribbon bow - for any occasion

Strict rep bow good to make from double tape. The first of them will be wider, the second - narrower. It is not necessary to choose a narrow ribbon from reps: thin satin, plastic or even paper quilling ribbons will do. It is even welcomed when the top tape is different in texture, since at the same time it can have the same shade as the bottom one. The bow is made in the same way as a regular rep bow, only from two ribbons. It is important to monitor the symmetry of the structure.

Women's options for bows have a wide variety of materials. The top ribbon can be made from lace, organza, or sheer. It is also good to use contrasting tapes of the same width. In this case, the bow is straightened so that both colors are clearly visible. In particular, a combination of ribbons of the same color can become, only one is chosen in one color, and the second - with a pattern. It can be polka dots, stripes, cages, etc.

Gift bow

The best option for any gift is a bright, fluffy red bow.

Children's double bow you can tie from a plain ribbon, picking up a second one with fun prints. Decoration with a variety of beads, interesting buttons, etc. is also welcome. When a bow is made for a gift to a child, you can use maximum imagination. And you don’t have to think about the high cost of materials.

A bow on a gift is a sign of attention to the person being presented, especially when it is made with imagination and with your own hands. Learn this simple art, and your gifts will always be welcome and long-awaited.


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