Gifts for your beloved mother for all occasions

For parents

An indispensable attribute of most holidays is a present, which is pleasant not only to receive, but also to give, because both of these processes are always very touching. The selection of presents is a significant and rather difficult task, but at the same time incredibly pleasant, giving a lot of pleasure. Bringing joyful moments to the dearest people, you can get a lot of positive emotions and create a lively festive mood.

Gift for the dearest person

Of particular importance are the gifts that are presented to mothers - the most important, beloved and close people to us. And a do-it-yourself birthday present for mom is a very exciting activity that is available to everyone. In these moments, there is an irresistible desire to make something exceptional and unusual, so that the eyes of a loved one shine with happiness and joy.

A gift for a priceless person in life can itself tell about how much we love and cherish our relatives. To express your feelings in the best way, it is enough to make a present for your mother with your own hands. This will certainly be a real surprise, in which a particle of your soul, the warmth of your hands, is added.

Gift for mom from the bottom of my heart

Each family has its own specific customs of celebration and direct presentation of presents. If you know what your mother dreams about, then making her wishes come true will not be difficult. But every gift purchased in a store, even a very expensive present, cannot even be compared with a surprise made by one's own hands. Such a product can act both as a separate present, and appear as a harmonious addition to a previously purchased one.

How to make a gift for mom with your own hands and what to use for this

The younger members of the family, often, also want to be involved in every significant day for the family, and make a gift to their mother with their own hands. The desire of a child to make a loved one happy and see his cheerful smile is priceless, so children should definitely be given this opportunity.

Here, a lot depends on the creative abilities of the baby, therefore, as an option, it is allowed to draw, for example, a delightful postcard or create embroidery on fabric with your own hands, perform a melody adored by your mother or make a wonderful photo frame.

The simplest, most versatile and, nevertheless, affordable material for making DIY crafts, which can be an excellent present, is plain paper and fabric. For a variety of products, colorful corrugated or the one used for floristry is used. Often, cardboard of different thicknesses is also used for these purposes.

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Even a small member of the family can make a gift for mom, namely a paper craft. This material is very simple and easy to use, you just need to have basic skills in working with paper products, and just turn on your imagination.

A postcard is a great addition to a present.

DIY card

But let's focus on them for now. You can build simple postcards from a sheet of paper, which must first be folded in half. On the front side, depict a colorful drawing or glue a colored appliqué. The inside of the postcard is usually filled with content. It is permissible to paint it colorfully, stick flat or voluminous flower arrangements, cover it with a cloth, it is advisable to add a few lines of poetry or warm wishes to all this.

Let's analyze the creation of a delightful postcard with a three-dimensional image, or, as it is also called, a three-dimensional image in more detail. At first glance, the creation of such a composition may seem too complicated, but in fact everything is very elementary. So, you will need:

  • all kinds of floral patterns on wallpaper or pictures (it is desirable that they be the same);
  • thick cardboard or special paper to create the basis of a future product;
  • green paper, which will be combined in shade with the leaves shown in the flower pictures;
  • ribbon matching the colors;
  • adhesive tape with adhesive backing on both sides;
  • paper glue;
  • scissors;
  • colored pencils, crayons or pastels;
  • a simple pencil, ruler or tape measure.

Step by step instructions for creating a postcard

DIY postcard options

From cardboard, it is necessary to cut out a blank for a future postcard and a small rectangle on which, in fact, the flower will be located. From bright paper we cut out a rectangle half a cm larger around the perimeter, when compared with the workpiece. These two blanks should subsequently be joined with glue in such a way that colored paper or fabric acts as a bright detail - edging.

After the floral applications from the wallpaper or from the pictures are cut out, they need to be glued onto thick cardboard for sealing. Then carefully cut one flower along the contour, and cut the second into separate elements. To a larger flower and each individual part of the cut one, it is necessary to glue small pieces of double-sided tape.

When carrying out these steps using adhesive tape, glue the whole flower in the center of a rectangular cardboard blank, then with a slight offset, glue the parts of the cut flowers. The central bud should be glued last. Using pastels or multi-colored pencils, apply airy and barely visible shadows on a white sheet of paper to thereby give the craft a visual volume.

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Birthday present - buy or make your own?

Now let's talk about a birthday present (Mother's Day, March 8). DIY crafts, of course, will be more valuable, but first you need to carefully consider what to create such a thing. And this, often, is a whole puzzle, which, oh, how not easy, but still amenable to resolution. The task becomes more complicated if the gift should be prepared for the anniversary, for example, for 55 Anniversary.

You can use a simpler method: just buy a ready-made gift in the store. Or you can think a little and create a real surprise that can pleasantly surprise a person close to you. Agree, it will be pleasant for the mother, even if you just write a couple of warm lines on a postcard addressed to her with congratulations and words of gratitude. In any case, it will turn out, although quite inexpensive, but very valuable, sincere gift, presented from the bottom of the heart.

If you have already made some craft according to our instructions, and you want to give your mother some other equally pleasant present, then such an interesting box will serve as a real innovation. It is so refined, original and light that absolutely everyone, even without any professional skills, can cope with the task of making it. In addition, such a little thing will be a good present for both the 50th anniversary and the 30th. And it is not even necessary that the birthday was the reason for presenting such a surprise.

Any other holiday, be it March 8 or Mother's Day, is also a great motive for creating such a present. The most delicate execution and pink shades will hint that such a present can be intended for mother from her beloved daughter. That is why it is recommended to pay close attention to this option for daughters.

Box of toothpicks and thread

Making a box is a creative process

So, to begin with, we cut out the base for the box from thick cardboard. It should be in the shape of a heart. It is also possible to make such a stand, for example, from clay. Insert toothpicks into the base, and there should be a lot of them. The photo shows a sample of how it should look in the end.

Next, pass the yarn between the toothpicks so that it covers the product completely along its entire height. Now the matter is small, but at this stage you need to dream a little. Task: decorate the box. For this, it is allowed to use any materials at your discretion: beads, rhinestones, beads, sequins.

The process of creating a box

Gifts for active moms

It is not necessary to wait for some significant event in order to make a nice gift for your mother with your own hands. After all, the day when you give her a present of your own making can become the same holiday for her. If mom is passionate about creativity, for example, needlework, you can make a pillow for her. Such a bright and useful accessory will delight every day and, thus, remind her of you.

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Mommy is young and very energetic? Then an incredibly colorful photo frame is perfect for her. The gift will be more appropriate if she is also fond of photography. For greater originality, add any photo taken by your mother to such a photo frame.

Mom's 65th birthday you can give a common gift from grandchildren and kids - a decorated apron. It would seem that the present is very primitive, but it can be made original and unique. To do this, take paints, scissors, a simple white apron and with the help of such simple things you can turn the apron into a talisman or amulet.

Apron with a pattern

Worthy gift from my son

For sons, the topic of making gifts with their own hands can seem very complicated. But even in this case, there are a couple of interesting and very useful ideas. For example, to create an original presentation, you can use old floppy disks. You will be surprised, but you can build unique flower pots from them. To do this, you will need the following devices (calculation for 1 pot):

  • 4-5 old floppy disks;
  • Glue moment;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Plant or flower (you can take the earth with seeds);
  • Scissors.

Let's start manufacturing. Each floppy should be carefully smeared with glue in those places where they will stick to other elements. On the floppy disk, which will be at the bottom, you need to apply glue on all sides. On side floppy disks, it should be applied only on the right and left sides.

Instructions for creating a flower pot

Then we will prepare the flowers. They are recommended to be taken immediately in small pots, if desired, the height can be reduced (trimmed). Alternatively, you can also plant the seeds in a separate glass and place it in the center of your pot. Here is what should be the result:

Finished flower pots

Homemade gifts for fashionistas

For a mom who knows a lot about fashion, you can present a necklace or necklace woven from beads. Various accessories, such as brooches, pendants or earrings, will be originally made of polymer clay or knit using macrame technique. Such a gift will be a great addition to any stylish look. Another interesting idea is a prefabricated bracelet.

To make it, take semi-precious stones, ready-made charms or pearls, string them on a chain or cord made of genuine leather and that's it - the fashionable bracelet is ready. By the way, a beautiful bag, tippet or a chic scarf can also be decorated in your own way. For example, as an addition, embroider some interesting pattern on it or lay out an applique of rhinestones.