DIY birthday gift for dad: unusual gift ideas

A gift for dad for his birthday with his own hands will be a valuable present that he will remember for a long time. The best gift a child can give is something thought up and made by himself! There are several simple, pleasant and useful gifts for dad that preschoolers and teenagers can easily do.

Birthday gift for dad

A handmade gift is the best gift you can give your dad

Gifts for preschool children

Mom will always help you choose the most suitable gift for dad with your own hands, give you an idea and buy the necessary materials so that the holiday and the gift will be remembered forever.

Postcard to beloved dad

The craft can be very different in appearance, for example, the look of a men's shirt with a beautiful, stylish tie. You can choose the color scheme together with your mother, then follow these steps:

  1. Fold a colored piece of cardboard in half.
  2. From paper of a different color, it is better to cut out ties with a contrasting one and stick it on the base of the postcard.
  3. To decorate a postcard, you can glue buttons in bright colors in a chaotic manner, checkerboard or in bulk on the corners of the postcard.
  4. The card inside can be finished in any style, for example, write a congratulatory text, make an application or stick a photo with dad, make a photo collage.

Dad's portrait

An original portrait of dad can be made even by a schoolboy or a young child, of course, under the close guidance of mom. The scheme is quite simple:

  1. On a colored or white piece of paper, draw the face of the future portrait with a pencil.
  2. Cutting out details from colored paper, gradually stick to the contour of the ears, nose and other parts of the face.
  3. From any chosen color of knitting threads, make hair a portrait.
  4. For a stylish tie for dad, choose a small piece of fabric.

Tool kit A set of tools is always a necessary and practical gift

barbecue grill     Barbecue grill - for those who love to cook

Electric fireplace Electric fireplace - for cozy family evenings

Hand and foot prints

Any dad will be sincerely happy with a wonderful gift from his beloved child - a picture with prints of the baby's hands and feet.

For this, it will be necessary to prepare

  • Cardboard, paper or canvas.
  • Multicolored paints.
  • Colour pencils.

Prepare canvas, cardboard - make a frame with colored pencils, felt-tip pens. Hands and feet symmetrically put prints on the canvas. It will be a touching gift from the smallest kids.


For dads who love to “flip through the classics”, as a gift, you can make a bookmark for books with your own hands. Any shape and color can be made, it can be a stylish tie, a fish for those who like to fish, a hammer for a carpenter, etc. You can decorate the bookmark with sequins, appliqué, handprints, footprints, or even leave dad a kiss.

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Medal "To the best dad"

An equally original gift from the kids is a solemnly presented medal to dad for his birthday. A homemade medal can be cut out of colored yellow or orange colored cardboard. On it write congratulatory words, for example:

  • "The best dad in the world."
  • "To the most caring dad."

After that, make a hole on the top of the medal and thread the ribbon through it.

Gift for dad

A great gift option that can be filled with any items

Children's painting from improvised materials

You can make a children's picture with your own hands, using any materials at hand, for example, pebbles from the seashore. With their help, you can create an original, funny panel with a solemn, congratulatory inscription.

To create a "children's masterpiece" you will need the following components:

  • Prepare different pebbles by color, shape, dimensions.
  • You will need cardboard or plywood, which will be the base for the presentation.
  • Glue for placing pebbles on plywood.
  • Marker for writing congratulatory words.
  • The varnish is colorless to fix the picture.

It is recommended to make such a gift for dad for a birthday from a daughter with your own hands together with your mother. First, she will need to varnish the stones so that they retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time.

After that, lay out the stones and glue on the prepared base. On each pebble, write with a marker on the letter "Happy Birthday, Dad!".

Picture frame

Every loving dad will be happy to see photos of relatives and friends on his desktop in the office. Even a baby can make an original frame for a photo, under the strict supervision of his mother. This will become a memorable relic and a reminder of the sincere feelings of children.

Implementation will not take much time and effort. Finish with small details, for example, multi-colored buttons, beads, crafts made from felt plasticine.

Wrist Watch Wristwatches are a great way to emphasize the status and style of a man.

Yearly stock of socks An annual supply of socks is the most needed men's gift

Author's chess Author's chess is a great gift for a real erudite

"Sweet gifts" for dad from daughter

It is best for dad from his little princess to accept delicious and sweet handmade gifts as a gift.

In order to surprise her "only man" for sure, the daughter needs to find out her father's favorite dishes, and not without the help of her mother "create a delicious masterpiece."

delicious cookies

What to give dad for his birthday from his daughter with his own hands? Cooked cookies from your beloved daughter are not only a good and tasty gift, but also an occasion to show off your culinary skills. Also, the baby will surely enjoy the process of preparing a sweet gift.

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Dad's favorite cookies, for example, classic gingerbread, shortbread, can be easily baked with mom, someone bakes, someone decorates it with powder, powdered sugar, etc.

A ready-made gift for dad can be wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper, folded into a festive box, etc.

Jellied apples in chocolate

Many men love sweets, so beautiful, red apples with chocolate and caramel will be a great birthday present. As an additional powder, you can use peanuts, Easter dragees, powder.

birthday gift for dad

No birthday is complete without a delicious and beautiful cake.

To prepare a gift, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Wash and dry apples thoroughly.
  2. Insert ice cream sticks into each apple.
  3. Bathe apples in melted chocolate or caramel.
  4. After that, dip the lower part (taking the apples by the ice cream stick) into chopped nuts, powder or multi-colored dragee.

Note! After the last step, the apples need to be allowed to dry, wrap each in foil or cling film, decorate with a ribbon and a bow.

Such gifts are tasty and useful.

Gifts from older children

Schoolchildren, teenagers can give dad more meaningful handmade gifts. Children of an older group can make gifts on their own, without the help of their mother and other relatives.

laptop upgrade

An older child can stylishly and creatively update the look of the device. This is a great solution if the laptop is old, shabby, does not shine with novelty.

To do this, you must first prepare:

  • Colored, multi-colored paper on an adhesive basis.
  • Utility knife or sharp scissors.
  • Ruler.
  • A simple pencil.

The procedure for making a gift is quite simple:

  1. Wipe the surfaces of the laptop thoroughly, removing dirt and dust, be sure to dry. This step will help degrease the laptop covers so that the pasted surface will last much longer.
  2. Cut blanks from the prepared paper to the size of the laptop covers with a small allowance (1-1,5 cm).
  3. Paste the device with paper, first freeing it from the adhesive backing. At this time, it is necessary to wipe the film with a dry cloth, smooth and remove bubbles.
  4. Carefully inspect the work done and cut off all unnecessary.
  5. You can also decorate the top cover if you wish.

family drawings

An unusual and memorable gift for dad will be a series of drawings of the whole family. This present can be made by both schoolchildren and younger children, their only difference will be in the realism and artistic style of the drawing.

On a canvas, a piece of paper, there can be a family weekend or a trip to the park, pictures from a summer vacation, etc. The main thing is to draw a house and a friendly family for dad.

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RC Quadcopter RC quadcopter - boys love these toys regardless of age

Vintage shoe shine set Vintage shoe shine set - a gift for a true aesthete

Silver cufflinks Silver cufflinks - a stylish and unusual gift

Fragrant coffee cup

For those who prefer to treat themselves to delicious coffee, a fragrant, original cup of coffee beans will be relevant for a gift.

A do-it-yourself birthday gift for dad from a daughter 10 years old or older can be done using simple tricks:

  1. Take a large, capacious mug, which will later serve as the basis of the gift.
  2. Glue pre-prepared cotton pads completely on the cup and wrap the structure with twine, thick thread.
  3. Paint the blank completely with brown acrylic paint, let it dry.
  4. After that, carefully, grain by grain, glue the cup.
  5. A ready-made gift for dad can be decorated with a beautiful ribbon and a bow.

origami for dad

For a man, it is important to use the origami technique to make a stylish box for storing cufflinks, fish hooks or other small items. It will be not only practical, but also a very original gift.

For the box, it is recommended to use bright, colored paper, always thick. Making a holiday box is easy:

  1. Choose a scheme for the box and fold a bright sheet of colored paper according to the recommendations.
  2. Bend the fold lines gently to secure.
  3. Decorate the finished structure with ribbons or buttons, any other type of decor.

Gift for dad

The best birthday is with family

Important! An origami-style box is made without the slightest drop of glue, otherwise it is already a craft.

For a man, you can also choose different types of origami gifts, for example:

Little preschoolers can easily make an origami boat with their mother by decorating a gift panel or picture with them.

A simple crane from mom and baby can bring a “money gift” for dad in its beak.

Gifts "thread and needle"

What to give dad for his birthday do-it-yourself older girls? Daughters for dad for a birthday can give dad hand-made items:

  1. Why not please dad with a hand-sewn apron with pockets and applique, in which it will be convenient for mom to prepare coffee in the morning or barbecue in nature. In such a stylish gift, dad will probably want to cook more dishes for his household. An apron can be made from a small piece of fabric.
  2. You can easily make a simple tool bag out of old jeans.
  3. A decorative, comfortable pillow for dad in the bedroom or in the car will be not only a pleasant, but also a useful gift. To do this, you can easily take an old sweater or an unnecessary dad's T-shirt, shirt.

Gift for dad

Don't forget to wrap your handmade gift nicely.

What to give dad for his birthday from his son or daughter? It is important to choose a gift based on wishes, professional skills, hobbies. Based on the age and capabilities of the baby, you should choose the most relevant gift for dad, made by yourself. There is nothing more valuable in the world than a handmade birthday present for a dad with his beloved child.


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