48 best gift ideas for dad on his 65th birthday, based on hobbies

A father is one of the most important people in most people's lives. He wants to love, surprise and amaze; therefore, it is not surprising that the question of what to give dad for 65 years is sometimes quite acute. Which gift is perfect, which one, on the contrary, will upset or even anger the father, is not clear until you hand over the present. With all this, I want to present something truly unusual, but it becomes more and more difficult to pick up this “something” every year: it seems that the father has already seen and received everything in the world as a gift. This article is intended to help solve this problem and provide the reader with a choice of many options for good, and sometimes frankly excellent gifts for his father on his anniversary.

Salted mushrooms

Salted Mushrooms Gourmet

Gifts for a summer resident

Many fathers, especially at this age, are avid summer residents. It is young men who do not understand why a dacha is needed, and do not like them (dachas), but men aged from them are most often delighted. If the father of the hero of the day is an avid gardener, here are some gift options you can give him.

  • Brazier - a great thing that will definitely come in handy in everyday life. To make this gift different and unique from the majority, you can do this: do not buy a ready-made brazier in the store, but order a new one from some blacksmith master. A brazier in the form of a bull, a horse or a centaur is obviously an unusual enough thing to pay for it. And in addition to such a gift can go skewers with personalized engraving on the handles.
  • Safe Fireplace also fits perfectly into the country environment, as well as heater - even in the most modern houses it is often cool both in summer and in autumn nights.
  • It will be a good gift sun lounger setin which father and mother can lie on summer evenings.
  • Mosquito repellent device - is also an important and necessary thing, without which, of course, you can do without, but with it life will become much easier and better.

Mosquito Repeller

Device for repelling mosquitoes for giving

New equipment for the dacha is also often needed, and, donated at the moment of need, will delight the father of the summer resident. Chainsaw, lawn mower - These are the most simple and banal options. And if there is a garden in the country, you can install an irrigation system: This will save hours and whole days of hard work in the beds for both father and mother.

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gifts for business father

There are such dads who continue to work even at sixty-five. For such fathers, it is not gifts for entertainment that are needed and important, but gifts for work. Here is a small list of what you can give them:

  • First of all, oddly enough, we are talking about business suits. Nice suit as well accessories to him, will be an excellent present: so, ties, bow ties, handkerchiefs и cufflinks - some, by the way, are precious - great if the father, at his respectable age, remains a businessman or someone's business partner.
  • Of the more everyday things worth noting watch. A good watch is not only a sign of status, but also allows you to constantly control your time (and the time of your subordinates).

Men's watches for those who keep track of time

Men's watches for those who keep track of time

  • You can also donate calendar (only for next year) good handle (handles of the company Parker are now especially highly valued, but it must be borne in mind that they are quite thick, and therefore do not fit well in every hand) or organizer.
  • Set for drinking alcohol with partners - usually consisting of a high-quality glass decanter and glasses - is also a good option.

Gifts to the athlete

At the age of sixty-five, many remain quite athletic uncles. If the father to whom the gift is being selected is also one of this number, you can give him a lot of things:

  • Yes, sticks Nordic (Swedish) walk perfect for sixty-five, seventy-five, and eighty-five. It would be a desire to take care of your health, as they say.
  • For men who keep themselves fit can still be interesting gym offers, so the subscription can be a good gift. A good option would be pool pass: that's where age is not too important, so it's on the water.


Pool for those who love to swim

  • Good sport suit also does not roll on the road. Having bought one, you can safely give it to your father, the main thing is not to make a mistake with the size. Sneakers, by the way, also perfectly fit.
  • Some even in old age retain their addictions, laid down by the Soviet education system. Cross-country skiing for many older men will be a great gift option.

Gifts for a forest lover

Many older men sincerely love to walk and get out into the woods. The reasons can be very different, and depending on them, you can pick up a present for your father if he is one of these men.

  • Some dads really love mushrooms accordingly, they are mushroom pickers.

Special bag for picking mushrooms with a volume of twenty-five liters and with divisions for sorting boletus from boletus - ideal. good knifeand GPS-locator in case the mushroom picker gets lost, they are also suitable as a present.

  • Others prefer a different kind of quiet hunting - fishing.

Good fishing rod or spinner - a great way to please the father of the fisherman, and even more he will like the convenient camping chairon which you can sit while waiting for the fish to bite.

Good rod and bait

A good fishing rod and bait is the key to success

  • There are also outright hunters.

Buying a hunting rifle is a good idea. As well as a great skinning knife or high-quality camouflage.

  • Some men go to the forest just because they love the silence of nature.

Hikers usually gather in small groups and live among the trees, looking for and finding a special amount of romance in this. For a father hiker, ideal presents will be a new high-quality tent (the main thing is not to buy tarpaulin, fashionable among the new generation of hikers: it is completely unsuitable for truly harsh hiking conditions and is only suitable for picnics) and sleeping bag. But a backpack is a thing that it is better for a hiker to buy himself, since it must be ideally comfortable and fit a specific person, it will be extremely difficult for any witness from the outside to find a good, high-quality and comfortable backpack. A good option would also be set of quality dishes for camping conditions: it is better to take a set of heat-resistant and stainless materials.


A traveling dad needs a tent

Gifts for a cheerful father

The most ordinary people also need gifts, and, as a rule, it is the townsfolk who have the best sense of humor. Be that as it may, if there are a few win-win options that will suit the vast majority of fathers as an answer to the question of what to give a father for his 65th birthday:

  • If the father favors alcohol, then good cognac, rum or ale fit perfectly. Vodka and beer are too vulgar options, they should be abandoned. Wine will definitely appreciate the father - a lover of Italian cuisine.
  • Also a very interesting present in this case may be globe, in which it will be possible to store booze: now there are a lot of similar ones sold where.
  • Accessories for alcohol will not be superfluous: beer mugs (ideally - carved wooden), beautiful cognac decanters.
  • New TV, most likely, will be able to please the father, especially at that age. If the father is an adherent of modern technology, it is worth looking for options to which you can connect phones and YouTube.

TV and remote control

Enjoy watching TV

  • Concert tickets favorite rock band will surely please dad.
  • A more cultured man with refined taste may well like opera ticket or conservatory.
  • Good and warm plaids are also often not superfluous, like new linens. Not only the father, but also the mother will be happy to receive such gifts.
  • Finally, some men have a strong weakness for animals, so a gift in the form of a kitten or puppy sure to delight such fathers. The main thing is that along with the animal it is necessary to give all kinds of care products, food and leashes with collars.

Well, the most important thing to give your father for such an overage anniversary is your love. With love, even the most budgetary and inappropriate gift will become much better.

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