Gift for mom on February 14: how to originally congratulate the closest person

For parents

With the approach of one of the most charming holidays of the year - Valentine's Day - the issue of gifts becomes relevant. On this holiday, it is customary to give presents to those people who are not indifferent to us. And which person from childhood is dearer than all others? Of course, Mom! Therefore, she definitely needs to give at least a small souvenir that will warm the soul, or better - a full-fledged gift.

Of course, I want to pick up the best present for my mom. And to make the congratulation more heartfelt and sincere, supplement it with a beautiful congratulation. Such attention will definitely not go unnoticed and will move parents.

TOP-30 gifts for mom on Valentine's Day: the most popular options

There are a lot of ideas for a gift for mom on February 14. To please your mother, you need to select a present with special care and attention. Be sure to remember all her tastes, preferences, needs - every little thing is important in this matter! Here's a list of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts for mom:

  1. Collage frame or set of photo frames - it is advisable to fill them in yourself.
  2. The publication - it could be her favorite restaurant, cinema or theater. In any case, mom will have a pleasant time together.
  3. Perfume or eau de toilette - be sure to find out which scents she likes.
  4. Handmade soap - this gift can be supplemented with bath bombs, foam and sea salt.
  5. Subscription to some interesting courses - it can be dancing or sports. Of course, such a present is suitable for fairly young and active mothers who like to learn something new, although ...
  6. Handmade cake or cupcakes - they can be thematically decorated with hearts and congratulatory inscriptions.
  7. "Cozy" gifts - home slippers, terry robe, plaid, decorative pillow and so on.
  8. Bouquet - it is desirable to order a unique composition of your favorite flowers.
  9. Journey - if you want to make a gift simply unforgettable, give an adventure. For a trip, you should choose the country that your mother likes.
  10. Named dishes - a mug, thermos or plates with personalized and congratulatory inscriptions will be a good present for Valentine's Day.
  11. Confection - a box of good chocolate, sweets, honey or oriental sweets will do.
  12. Set of scented candles - choose beautiful products that can serve as interior decor. To make the gift fit more with the theme of the holiday, you can look for options in the form of hearts.
  13. Massage foot bath - such a product will completely replace spa treatments.
  14. Home textiles - curtains, bed linen, tablecloths, towels. For Valentine's Day, it is better to choose models decorated with a print of hearts.
  15. Night light, lamp, table lamp.
  16. Video greetings - such a gift can be made with your own hands, but it will take time. Collect family videos, photos, write down congratulations from yourself, the rest of the family and make a general movie out of it. This option will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.
  17. Thematic set of dishes - it can be a whole service or, for example, a set of plates. It is important that the product matches the theme of the holiday.
  18. Pillow in the form of soft valentines.
  19. Cosmetics - can be care or decorative. Care means different creams, masks, gels, scrubs and other skin or hair care products. Decorative is cosmetics in a more conventional sense, that is, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, and so on. It is better to donate care kits as they are easier to choose.
  20. Box for jewelry - such a product can be made of wood, metal or other material. The main thing is that it is practical and beautifully designed.
  21. Diary or notebook - not everyone is comfortable writing down their plans and thoughts on their phone or laptop, many need good old diaries for this. Moreover, a beautiful notebook, complemented by an unusual pen, is always a good gift.
  22. Personalized cosmetic bag - the issue of organizing a place is always relevant. A spacious cosmetic bag with a unique decoration will definitely help in solving this problem.
  23. New wallet - choose quality products from genuine leather, pay attention to seams and zippers. It is important that the product retains its presentable appearance as long as possible. Also, do not forget that an empty wallet is not given - put at least a small bill there.
  24. Massage Slippers - such slippers will not only warm your feet, but also relieve fatigue after a hard day.
  25. Smartphone holder - it is not always convenient to put the phone on the table while watching a video or while reading an article. This product will allow you to securely fix your smartphone and provide comfort during use.
  26. Kitchen Apron - choose beautiful models from high-quality fabrics that will really protect your clothes from grease or dirt.
  27. An exquisite vase or planter for home plants - will be a great decor for your home.
  28. Tea set - suitable if mom loves to have some tea.
  29. Stylish gloves and scarf - accessories will never be superfluous. It is better to choose light, spring models, since winter is already drawing to a close.
  30. Subscription for a massage course - helps to relieve fatigue, rejuvenates and gives vitality.
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And although many people stop at this thirty, it is not worth doing this, because good gifts are not over. Check out the rest of the presents that you may also like.

Expensive, but beautiful gifts for mom on February 14: jewelry

Jewelry - a great gift for all times. To really like the present, it is worth remembering what jewelry your mother prefers. Pay attention to the material of the frame (gold, silver, bronze), the color of the stones, the type of decoration. This will help you quickly navigate when buying a gift.

First, it is worth deciding what kind of jewelry you want to give. The options are as follows:

  • ring - a surprise with such a gift is unlikely to work, because you need to know the size, and you cannot always guess the preferences. To find out the size, you can take the ring that your mother constantly wears, but this can also cause some difficulties. It might be easier to go out and pick a present together;
  • earrings - a good option that is not so difficult to choose However, it is important that the mother has her ears pierced. Note if she wears such accessories at all;
  • brooch - a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry that can be presented to everyone, without exception;
  • podcast - another versatile option. Pendants can be very small or very large and noticeable - the choice again depends on preference;
  • braslet - can be voluminous or a very thin chain. Any woman will love this gift.
  • barrette - relevant for women with long hair. Stylish accessory decorated with stones will help to gather your hair neatly and beautifully.

The second question is what frame to choose, what material? It all depends on your mom's preferences and your financial capabilities. It is best to choose exquisite jewelry made from popular metals - gold and silver. And keep in mind that gold comes in different shades, the most famous of which are white, red and traditional yellow.

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Inset gems also depend on tastes and your budget. It is not at all necessary to buy jewelry with a diamond - the main thing is that the product is outwardly beautiful and the mother likes it.

When shopping for earrings, brooches, bracelets and pendants, pay attention to the locks. The lock should be comfortable so that you can fasten it yourself. It is important that the product does not open by itself, as in this case the jewelry will simply be lost. Bracelets and brooches must be secured with a safety lock.

Mom's Watch for Valentine's Day

Try to remember - does your mom wear a wristwatch? If so, then you simply cannot think of a better gift. Stylish watch - a great present that will not leave anyone indifferent. Even if not, maybe mom always wanted to buy this accessory?

To choose a successful watch, it is better to learn more about the features of this accessory.

According to the drive type, all wristwatches are divided into 2 types:

  • mechanical - the classic version, which, although you need to start, but even this brings pleasure.
  • quartz - battery operated. There are no springs here anymore, the arrows move due to an electrical impulse.

Mechanical watches are more than just watches. This is a special way of life. Such models are usually chosen by those people who value time-tested classic things. Quartz is the choice for those looking for clarity and a stylish accessory. Electronic watches are mainly chosen by young people, athletes and everyone who leads an active lifestyle.

It is also worth paying attention to what the watch case is made of:

  • Titanium - very light and practical metal, which is highly durable. The material does not cause allergies and does not chill the hand in cold winter;
  • gold - a symbol of prestige and timeless classics. Nevertheless, this material is practically not suitable for daily wear: it is too heavy and soft;
  • stainless steel - a budget watch is quite suitable for daily wear. The stainless steel body is highly durable. The main disadvantage of the material is that nickel in the composition can cause irritation, so choose surgical steel;
  • brass - another inexpensive option that definitely requires a decorative coating. Otherwise, dirty streaks will remain on the skin;
  • plastic - a popular material in the production of electronic watches. The plastic is lightweight, does not cause allergies. Of the minuses - fragile in the cold and afraid of scratches. Although expensive watches use better quality plastic, they are devoid of these drawbacks.

As an addition, you can donate a replacement bracelet or strap. The choice depends on personal preference and financial capabilities.

Useful gifts for mom on Valentine's Day

Since mom is the keeper of the family hearth, you can give her a useful present that will free her time for rest and favorite things. As such a gift for St. Valentine can choose the following:

  • bread maker;
  • new a vacuum cleaner - you can choose a robot vacuum cleaner or a vertical model on a handle, which is also called an electric broom;
  • coffee maker;
  • powerful microwave oven with defrost function;
  • stylish organizer;
  • large tissue shopping bag - it is best to choose those options that can be compactly folded;
  • Electric kettle - the ideal option would be a model on a remote control;
  • set for quick preparation of homemade dumplings, dumplings, manti and so on;
  • new fridge with display;
  • multivariate;
  • new oven;
  • electric shoe dryer;
  • new plate - you can choose gas with electric ignition or fully electric with a sensor;
  • powerful exhaust;
  • electric meat grinder;
  • food processor;
  • mini fridge for drinks;
  • Washer with dryer function;
  • iron - you can give a familiar model, an iron with a special stand or steam;
  • mixer и blender.
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For the health and beauty of the mother, you can choose one of the following gifts:

  • voucher to the sanatorium;
  • subscription to the course yoga;
  • gift certificate for the trip to cosmetologist;
  • set massage sponges for Bath;
  • jar of hydrogel eye patches;
  • fitness equipment or a subscription to the hall;
  • warming belt for the back;
  • subscription to fitness;
  • auto humidifier;
  • electric back massager;
  • vibro-face massager;
  • new acrylic ванна with hydromassage.

Also, when choosing a gift, consider the interests of your mother. If you want to give something for her hobbies, choose something from this list:

  • book of recipes - choose books with unusual dishes that will be interesting to cook for the first time;
  • set cutting boards in the shape of a heart;
  • set of kitchen knives with stand;
  • Libra for kitchen;
  • set silicone molds for baking;
  • books favorite authors;
  • collection of poetry favorite poet;
  • set for embroidery;
  • knitting needles or yarn;
  • casket for storing accessories for needlework;
  • picture by numbers;
  • альбом with the creations of your favorite artist;
  • player with your favorite songs;
  • camera with instant photo printing;
  • homemade plant;
  • miniature watering can for flower care;
  • fitness bracelet.

The choice depends on what your mom is passionate about. Of course, such a gift requires some preparation - you must clearly know her favorite writer and poet, what exactly mom likes to draw or cook, and so on. However, this will also tell about your attention, which is also important.

What to give mom of goodies

A tasty present, with proper design, can become an original gift for mom on Valentine's Day. To pamper your mom with something delicious, choose the following present for her:

  1. Bouquet made of chocolate flowers.
  2. Chocolate figurine.
  3. Cheese assorted and bottle wine.
  4. Set exotic fruits - chocolate covered fruits are also suitable.
  5. Valentines from handmade marshmallows.
  6. Bouquet from candies, sausages or fruits.
  7. Pizza in the shape of a heart.
  8. Cakes handmade in the shape of a heart.
  9. Set chocolates.
  10. Cartfilled with mom's favorite sweets - it can also be decorated with flowers and fruits, supplemented with a bottle of good wine.
  11. Box with cupcakes.
  12. My mother's favorite pie with themed design.

You can also order a whole dinner with the cuisine that mom likes.

By choosing one of the presented presents, you can really please your mother and organize a wonderful holiday for her. You can also get inspired by these gifts and come up with something of your own - there are no strict frames and boundaries. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to choose only one gift - any present can be supplemented with a gorgeous bouquet or an original congratulation. Choose and give what you like the most, because giving presents is so nice!